Who is God - Esoteric/Astrotheological/Metaphysical 35

Who is God – Esoteric/Astrotheological/Metaphysical

Who Is God?

Who Is God - Different Views On Godlets line up the usual suspects and see who’s the culprit of Gods identity, if we dare try.


1- Anthropomorphic (Exoteric) versions of God:  Gnostic, Hinduism(dvaita), Abrahamic (Judaism/Christianity/Islam)

2- Astrotheological: Cosmological aka Planets, Stars versions of God: (Pagan Myths)

3- Metaphysical: Esoteric, Hermetic, Qabalah

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Who Is God Of The Bible? The Babylonian Pagan Origins Of Judaism

Abraham was the founder of Judaism.  Abrahams root origin stems from a pagan background.

Did Abraham dig up some magical spiritual truth, or was he just rehashing some tale with a new lemon twist?

Abraham’s family members were outright pagans, as was Who Is God - Yahweh, ElAbraham before his conversion. We need to add Genesis 11:27-32 to the mix:

“This is the genealogy of Terah: Terah begot Abram, Nahor, and Haran. Haran begot Lot. And Haran died before his father Terah in his native land, Ur of the Chaldeans. Then Abram and Nahor took wives: the name of Abram’s wife was Sarai, and the name of Nahor’s wife, Milcah, the daughter of Haran the father of Milcah and the father of Iscah. But Sarai was barren; she had no child. And Terah took his son Abram, and his grandson Lot, the son of Haran, and his daughter-in-law Sarai, his son Abram’s wife, and they went out with them from Ur of the Chaldeans to go to the land of Canaan; https://www.bible.com/bible/114/GEN.11.27-32.NKJV

The pagan supreme overlord (God of Gods) is on equal footing as the supreme God of monotheism.

Both have deities, demigods, angels, djinns etc. which recognize an ultimate overlord ruling them all.

Think of religion like a film reboot or a sequel.

That’s what Judaism/Christianity/Islam are which we’ll discuss later.  Yahweh is a clear-cut reference to the Babylonian God El.

Regarding the origins of Yahweh, there is some debate over the two positions: either Yahweh hypostasized or grew out as an epithet for El, or Yahweh was a separate deity who merged with the deity El.  Both are possible. Yahweh could have grown out of an epithet for El and secondarily merged back into El. It is also likely that Yahweh originated in the South, somewhere around Edom south of what would constitute Israel and Judah.


3 Powerful Tales Rebooted By Judaism 

  • The Adam and Eve story is an obvious tale taking bits from Enkidu and the harlotWho Is God Babylonian Tales
  • The story of floods and an ark is first mentioned in Babylonian tales
  • The creation story of the Old Testament suspiciously resembles the Babylonian creation story
  • Share the same tale of man “becoming gods”

In the Epic, the gods create Enkidu, who runs wild with the animals in the open country, as a companion for Gilgamesh.  There are particularly interesting similarities between the Garden of Eden story in Genesis and the story of Enkidu’s movement from nature to culture and civilization.


The Adam and Eve story contains compelling parallels to the Epic of Gilgamesh (Enkidu and the harlot).

In both stories, a woman is responsible for the transition of a man who had once eaten and drunk with the animals to a state of estrangement from nature. Once Enkidu is rejected by the animal world, the woman Shamhat gives him clothing and teaches him to drink beer and eat bread—all technological developments that separate humans from animals.

In Genesis, once Adam has eaten the fruit of the tree of knowledge, he covers his nudity and is sentenced to a life of cultivating food by harsh labor. This is the cost of divine knowledge. In Gilgamesh, when Enkidu becomes estranged from the animals, Shamhat tells him that he has become “like a god.” 


Esoteric Aspect Of Judaism Kabbalah

Esoteric Judaism astrotheology and metaphysical aspects go hand-to-hand combat.  Think of it as 2 completely different sides of the same coin.

The seven Creators, or Fabricators, of the inferior spheres were called by the Jews the Elohim. By the Egyptians they were referred to as the Builders (sometimes as the Governors) and are depicted with great knives in their hands with which they carved the universe from its primordial substance. Worship of the planets is based upon their acceptation as the cosmic embodiments of the seven creative attributes of God. The Lords of the planets were described as dwelling within the body of the sun, for the true nature of the sun, being analogous to the white light, contains the seeds of all the tone and color potencies which it manifests.

– Manly P Hall, CIA.gov/Secret-Teaching-Ages

God’s Blue Print Aka The Tree Of Life

The tree of life are spheres that represent emanations of God.  Each sphere contains a personal who is god kabbalah tree of lifetraits/impersonal force of God.

The Kabbalists get into the nitty gritty details.

The tarot cards are representations of these God emanation archetypes.

It’s true purpose is to guide and change your perception, besides for its mundane gaming purposes.

Eliphas Levi declared that by arranging the Tarot cards according to a definite order man could discover all that is knowable concerning his God, his universe, and himself. When the ten numbers which pertain to the globes (Sephiroth) are combined with the 22 letters relating to the channels, the resultant sum is 32–the number peculiar to the Qabbalistic Paths of Wisdom.

Qabbalists also consider it extremely significant that in the original Hebrew Scriptures the name of God should occur 32 times in the first chapter of Genesis. (In the English translations of the Bible the name appears 33 times.) In the mystic analysis of the human body,according to the Rabbins, 32 spinal segments lead upward to the Temple of Wisdom–the skull.

– Manly P, Hall, CIA.gov/Secret-Teaching-Ages


Who Is God Of The Bible Of The New Testament? (Christianity) 

The campfire pagan tales recycle myths through the ancient Greek age and create a new myth savior, Jesus Christ.

This story, like others before, fills itself with a buffet full of pagan elements.

who is god astrothoelogy Christianity It serves a sampler dish of astrotheological/esoteric myths.

Among other allegories borrowed by Christianity from pagan antiquity is the story of the beautiful, blue eyed Sun God, with His golden hair falling upon His shoulders, robed from head to foot in spotless white and carrying in His arms the Lamb of God, symbolic of the vernal equinox. This handsome youth is a composite of Apollo, Osiris, Orpheus, Mithras, and Bacchus, for He has certain characteristics in common with each of these pagan deities.

– Manly P, Hall, CIA.gov/Secret-Teaching-Ages


Jesus was not only a reference to the sun, but the light within person.

The truth, the way, and the light has a practical value as your homie Manly Hall states in his next comment…

If Jesus revealed the nature and purpose of this solar power who is god christ consciousness under the name and personality of Christos, thereby giving to this abstract power the attributes of a god-man, He but followed a precedent set by all previous World-Teachers. This god-man, thus endowed with all the qualities of Deity, signifies the latent divinity in every man. Mortal man achieves deification only through at-one-ment with this divine Self. Union with the immortal Self constitutes immortality, and he who finds his true Self is therefore “saved.

– Manly P Hall, CIA.gov/Secret-Teaching-Ages

Who Is God? Pagan Origins Of Islam 

A man named Mohammad lived Babylonian times reveals Islam.

The pre-Islam era was a time of pagan worship and Mohammad’s parents were pagan worshippers.

At the gate of the first heaven stood Adam; at the gate of the second, John and who is god allah origins Jesus (sisters’ sons); at the third, Joseph; at the fourth, Enoch; at the fifth, Aaron; at the sixth, Moses; and at the seventh, Abraham. Another order of the Patriarchs and prophets is given which places Jesus at the gate of the seventh heaven, and upon reaching this Point Mohammed is said to have requested Jesus to intercede for him before the throne of God.

– Manly P Hall, CIA.gov/Secret-Teaching-Ages

The etymology of the world Allah originates from the Carthaginians society (An ancient Babylonian society).

Mecca circa 500 C.E. following in the wake of the recent Arab militarization they who is god pre islamic eraproclaimed Hubal, the tribal head god who was known to have subordinate to him his goddess daughters al-Lat (cognate to Allatu, the Carthaginian underworld goddess originating from Ereshkigal), al-Uzza, and al-Manat (the same goddesses who famously appear in the satanic verses of Sura 53), as lord of the temple city. 


The city might’ve crumbled, but the Babylonian people continue their lineage through Abraham.

So the pagan myths continue to echo and morph into a more monotheistic tone.

“The famous ‘Stone of Cabar,’ Kaaba, Cabir, or Kebir, at Mecca,” says Jennings, “which is so devoutly kissed by the Faithful, is a Talisman. It is said that the figure of Venus is seen to this day engraved upon it with a crescent. This very Caaba itself was at first an idolatrous temple, where the Arabians worshipped Al-Uzza (God and Issa), that is Venus.” (See Kenealy’s Enoch, The Second Messenger of God.)

-Manly P Hall, CIA.gov/Secret-Teaching-Ages

Who Is God? Sufism – Esoteric Aspects Of Islam

Sufi’s belief is a system on a direct connection to God Aka a covenant with God. who is god sufism rumi

These are metaphysical aspects which include meditation practices like spinning by Sufi dervishes.

It’s meditation in motion, which is ritualistic.

Sufi practices, including meditation and spiritual disciplines, are towards the understanding of the truth of Being as it truly is, as knowledge, or maarefat. Maarefat consist in that perfect self-understanding which leads to the understanding of the Divine; its philosophical foundation is found in the basic Muslim doctrine of shahadah: la illaha illa Allah, all there is is but the Divine, there is nothing but the Divine.



Hindu Version Of God Paganism & Monotheism & Atheism 

Hinduism is very interesting, because the different views on God who is god hinduism from different sects.

Dvaita vendetta is a section of Hinduism that believes in personal God or genuine type of entity.

This is where we have to realize something. We Hindus are the last standing major pagan culture in the world. Many centuries ago, a project began to bring all of humanity under the God of Abraham. One by one, the inheritors of the world’s great ancient civilizations: the Greeks, the Mesopotamians, the Egyptians, the Romans, fell under the swoop of this imperial project. They signed a truce with Communism, which mimics the structure of Abrahamic religions by replacing “one true god” with “one true state.”

We Hindus are still here, worshiping our land, the forces and bounties of nature, our ancestors. Our beliefs and practices are diverse and colorful.


Advaita Vedanta is a Hindu section that thinks God is an illusion literally.

These Indian text date back to 1500 B.C making it one of the oldest (Older than the Abrahamic religions).

The Rigveda contains the oldest account for a God (Anthropomorphize version)

Did you know thousands deities and gods existed, before the monotheistic Brahma took over the disco who is god vedicshow?

The Bhagavid Gita contributes its words to deities, gods, demigods, asuras.

In India certain of the gods–usually attributes of Vishnu–are depicted with blue skin to signify their divine and supermundane constitution. According to esoteric philosophy, blue is the true and sacred color of the sun. The apparent orange-yellow shade of this orb is the result of its rays being immersed in the substances of the illusionary world.

Vishnu, the Hindu Redeemer, who takes upon himself ten forms for the redemption of the universe, was expelled from the mouth of a fish in his first incarnation

-Manly P Hall, CIA.gov/Secret-Teaching-Ages

Upanishads – Metaphysical Esoteric Science And Creation Story

The Upanishads = allegorical and explanations of physical/metaphysical reality.

Some key points on God Aka Brahma depending on the sector of Hinduism.

who is god hinduism timeline

  • The supreme reality is Brahma(God) and the only thing that’s considered “real” and everything else and “illusion”
  • Is NOT a supreme being but an illusion(has no value really)
  • God and the individual are the same, there is literally no difference. You are God. (Advaita Vedenta)
  • God is a supreme being and there IS a difference between the totality and the individual.

Advaita Vedanta proclaims that the real nature of Ishvara (existence, consciousness and bliss) is non different from the real nature of an individual. This gives room in Advaita Vedanta to show the nature of Ishvara as both the material and instrumental cause of this universe and the individual who is limited in his own capacities as unreal and declare that there is oneness between the two having negated the qualities

The Dvaita (dualism) sub-school of Vedanta Hinduism, founded by 13th century Madhva, defines Ishvara as creator God that is distinct from Jiva (individual souls in living beings).  Narayana (Vishnu) is considered to be Ishvara, and the Vaishnavism movement arose on the foundation developed by Dvaita Vedanta sub-school.


Gnostics Claim The God of The Old Jewish Testament Is A False God (Nag Hammadi Texts)

The Gnostics claim God of the old testament is a trickster God, and the serpent was a redeemer of freedom!

There’s actually a big story behind the curtains. who is god nag hammadi

A Gnostic treatise, The Testimony of Truth, tells a different story. 

the Gnostic source states that “the serpent was wiser than all the animals that were in Paradise.” After extolling the wisdom of the serpent, the treatise casts serious aspersions on the creator: “What sort is he then, this God?” Then come some of the answers to the rhetorical question. The motive of the creator in punishing Adam was envy, for the creator envied Adam, who by eating the fruit would acquire knowledge (gnosis).

Neither did the creator seem quite omniscient when he asked of Adam: “Where are you?” The creator has shown himself repeatedly to be “an envious slanderer,” a jealous God, who inflicts cruel punishments on those who transgress his capricious orders and commandments. The treatise comments: “But these are the things he said (and did) to those who believe in him and serve him.” The implication clearly presents itself that with a God like this, one needs no enemies.


There are differences between the God of the Old Testament vs the New Testament.

God of the old bible is wrathful, but in the new bible he’s calm, yet still a bit insidious.

Another treatise, The Hypostasis of the Archons, informs us that not only was Eve the emissary of the divine Sophia, but the serpent was similarly inspired by the same supernal wisdom. Sophia mystically entered the serpent, who thereby acquired the title of instructor. The instructor then taught Adam and Eve about their source, informing them that they were of high and holy origin and not mere slaves of the creator deity.


Regardless, the myths are allegories, literal or sometimes both, but not confined to one symbolic allegory.

There are multiple allegories/symbolism just from one myth!

Astrothelological – Cosmological Planetary Gods Events In The Skies 

who is god worlds collision thunderbolts of the godsWere all these tales metaphysical, of course not doubt but a GOOD chunk of this material was astrotheological.

Nonetheless, myths adopt multiple meanings overtime.

If the pagan religions were star worshipping, then it’s safe to say the Abrahamic ones followed the same jazz tune.

Check out all our ancient ancestors glyphs which always tell a story about the ancient skies.

Our ancestors were crazy in love with our ancient night sky, but why?

Recent evidence came to light, claiming that Earth was ONCE part of Saturn’s orbit.

Once upon a time planetary giants were in proximity in the early baby formation of the universe.

who is god astrotheology ancient The planet Saturn today is recognizable only to those who know where to look for it. But a few thousand years ago Saturn dominated the earth as a sun, presiding over a universal Golden Age

Modern man considers it self-evident that our familiar heavens differ hardly at all from the heavens encountered by the earliest star worshippers. He assumes that the most distinctive bodies venerated in primitive times were the sun and moon, followed by the five visible planets and various constellations—all appearing as they do today, but for such ever-so-slight changes as the precession of the equinoxes


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Note* Just because there’s a astrotheological reference, doesn’t mean the existence of Gods, angels, etc,  aren’t true.  Remember, multi-SYMBOLIC meanings.

Almost every religion, including the Abrahamic ones, tell tales of floods and battles between gods.

There is hardly an ancient tale which fails to speak of world-destroying upheavals who is god saturn venus mars conjunctionand shifting cosmic orders. Indeed, we are so accustomed to the catastrophic character of the stories that we hardly give it a second thought. – David Talbott, Saturn Myth

We hear the Babylonian and the old testament stories of flood, destruction and brimstones

We have concrete evidence on a cosmological and historical level. 

When the myths tell of suns which have come and gone, or of planetary gods whose wars threatened to destroy mankind, we are likely to take them as amusing and absurdly exaggerated accounts of local floods, earthquakes, and eclipses—or write them off altogether as expressions of unconstrained fancy.

How many scholars, seeking to unravel the astronomical legends and symbols of antiquity, have questioned whether the heavenly bodies have always coursed on the same paths they follow today? In the past three hundred years barely a handful of writers have claimed any connection between myth and actual celestial catastrophe. – David Talbott, Saturn Myth


Babylonians, Egyptians, Greeks, Romans God Myths: When The Giants Ruled Our Sky

The Saturn myth states that Venus, Mars, and Saturn were in conjunction in our ancient time.

The pagan tales stem from the celestial planetary events which adopt the myths to the constellations. 


Saturn is placed at the centre, while Mercury, Venus, Mars, and Jupiter are spaced at the “four corners” around Saturn. Nothing in the present orbits of the planets would suggest Saturn’s location at the centre of this system. In fact, as the outermost visible planet, Saturn would seem the least worthy of such distinction.


Mayan/Aztec Astrotheological Versions Of God

Another pagan religion, but on the other side of the world.

You know what’s wild?

who is god planetary giants known as godsAncient world-wide pagan myths contain parallels which fit together like a jigsaw puzzle.

The same stories recycle to different mythological variations.

Xiuhtecuhtli was a very special deity. He was not only the Lord of Fire which burnt in front of every temple and in the middle of every hut in Mexico, but also Lord of the Pole Star. He was the pivot of the universe and one of the forms of the Supreme Deity.” An obvious counterpart of this central sun is the Mayan creator god Huracan, the “ Heart of Heaven” at the celestial pole.

Who Is God? Esoteric Metaphysical Version of God

Esoteric means inner and hidden and where most religions are in contradiction of each other, the opposite is true.

Who Is God?  The Corpus Hermeticum

This ancient text came from the Hellenistic time of the ancient Greeks. who is god the corpus hermeticum

The ancient corpus has a very anthropomorphic Abrahamic element to it.

When you read it you can get a sense of the a masculine father God.

Now were it manifest, it would not be. For all that is made manifest is subject to becoming, for it hath been made manifest. But the Unmanifest for ever is, for It doth not desire to be made manifest. It ever is, and maketh manifest all other things.

Being Himself unmanifest, as ever being and ever making-manifest, Himself is not made manifest. God is not made Himself; by thinking-manifest, He thinketh all things manifest.

For that the subtler part of matter is the air, of air the soul, of soul the mind, and of mind God.



The Corpus Hermeticum is the oldest hermetic text on the nature of God.

A: What say’st thou ever, then, God is?

H: God, therefore, is not Mind, but Cause that the Mind is; God is not Spirit, but Cause that Spirit is; God is not Light, but Cause that the Light is

Sacred-texts.com/Corpus-Hermeticum-To Asclepius

The Kybalion: God’s Blueprints Of The Hermetic Philosophy

I see the kybalion as God’s esoteric science of metaphysical principles of reality.

William Walker Atkinson (Three Initiates) wrote the Kybalion in 1912. who is god the kybalion

The sequel of the hermetic texts, but in a more detailed manner and not a creation story.

The Kybalion refers God to the “All” in this case because it means what it says.

It’s the “All” to everything and anything that exists.

I think of it like the All-father of Norse mythology.

In these lessons we have followed the example of some of the world’s greatest thinkers, both ancient and modern–the Hermetic. Masters–and have called this Underlying Power–this Substantial Reality–by the Hermetic name of “THE ALL,” which term we consider the most comprehensive of the many terms applied by Man to THAT which transcends names and terms. – Kybalion 

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Metaphysical Who Is God? Shamanic Versions Of God The Eagle 

The ancient shamans were seers that were profound men knowledge of the metaphysical world.

They literally saw the energy fibers of the everyday world emanating from the “Eagle”, as they call it.

The Indescribable Force bestows awareness by means of three giant bundles of emanations who is god eagle forcethat run through eight great bands. These bundles are quite peculiar, because they make seers feel a hue. –Don Juan Matus

The eagles emanations give off to every sentient being.

They’re luminous fibers that extend into infinity.

The shamans refer to the them as threads or strings of energy and so do the quantum physicists.

To say that the Indescribable Force bestows awareness through its emanations is like what a religious man would say about God, that God bestows life through love. However, the two statements are not made from the same point of view. And yet I think they mean the same thing. The difference is that seers see how the Indescribable Force bestows awareness through its emanations and religious men don’t see how God bestows life through his love. – Don Juan Matus

Quantum Physicist Version Of God (The Same As The Shamanic?)

String theory

How is it that a shaman came to the same conclusion as a modern physicist!

String theory states higher dimensional loops of energy create the foundations of our atomic reality.

“String theory is an attempt at a deeper description of nature by thinking of an elementary particle not as a little point but as a little loop of vibrating string.”― Edward Witten

who is god quantum string theory Strings, lines whatever you want to call them give “shape” to ALL things.

Think of them as strings of a guitar with each one a frequency of reality.

The piano is the scale of reality which harbors different dimensional frequencies.

An octave contains 7 major keys and 5 minor creating a 12 key octave.

Strings can interact by splitting and rejoining, thus creating the interactions we see among electrons and protons in atoms. In this way, through string theory, we can reproduce all the laws of atomic and nuclear physics. The “melodies” that can be written on strings correspond to the laws of chemistry. The universe can now be viewed as a vast symphony of strings.” -Michio Kaku

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