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Tarot Card Readers: 7 Occult Secrets Unveiled

After years of hardcore research along with some practice, I’ve discovered the tarot is more than a mere card game of silly mundane fortunes.

The tarot references mystical elements fueled with spiritual applications.  This is especially true for the Rider-Waite tarot(And other tarot decks).  Do you realize the electrifying symbolism of the tarot cards?

Tarot Card Readers tarot cards

#1  The Famous Rider-Waite Contains Religious Symbolism!

Glue your eyes at the High Priestess tarot card.

Do you notice the letters engraved in the Tarot Card Readers high priestessscroll concealed partly on her lap?

The scroll reveals the letters “T O R A“.

Her dress conceals one letter to complete the puzzle.  The letter “H”!

My logic says “no coincidence”.  What do you think?

It’s a crystal-clear reference at the biblical Torah.



How else do I know this?  Waite himself makes this very statement!

tarot card readers waite quote

Still not convinced?

How about the fact ancient civilizations like Egypt and Sumeria contain tarot pictoglyphs?

Do you know where Waite got his ideas from?


#2 Waite’s Tarot Symbolism Comes From Ancient Relics

Early versions of tarot cover ancient Sumerian relics over 10,000 years old.

Do you notice the similarities between these 2 images of the world tarot #22 major arcanum card?  Look at the cylinder seal with the bull.  The Rider-Waite tarot ripped off elements from this ancient seal.

tarot card readers sumerian cylinder sealSome glyphs can draw back to caveman times.

Other old-school civilizations like India or china had their own version of tarot.

You think that’s where it stops?

No freakin’ way.  It’s even in mainstream hollywood!

#3 Hollywood Conceals Tarot Within Movies

The Matrix

In Greek mythology, Morpheus is the dream God.

The God who awakens others still sleeping in the dream(matrix)….

The 2nd tarot card (The magician has number 1 given to it) the “The Magician” positioning his hands in the same manner as Morpheus. Tarot Card Readers

Maybe I’m over-analyzing and he happens to mimic the magician tarot.  Maybe not as obvious in The Matrix.  But the next film is TOO obvious!

9 the movie

The popular anime sci-fi film number 9 is another film portraying tarot symbolically.  The film cover references the “9” tarot card.

Look at both cards…Do you see the obvious plot?  A movie named “9”.

No tarot out of the 72 Tarot Card Readerscard deck, contains obvious similarities.

What if they called the movie “18”?  Then we can say it could be mere coincidence.  But that’s not the case here is it?

  1. The film cover of 9 resembles the image of the hermit tarot
  2. They BOTH refer to number 9

Knight Of Cups 

Knight of Cups is a drama filled film starring Christian Bale who plays a screenwriter.

He’s a wild outgoing bad-boy womanizer with cash-flowing pockets.

Can the title be any more obvious? “The Knight Of Cups” Tarot Card Readers 37

The movie has NOTHING to do with tarot cards in a literal sense.  But everything related to tarot card symbolism.

The main character is a depressed screenwriter, representing the knight of cups itself.

Cups is the element of water which symbolizes our emotions.  Cups also refers to natural artistic elements as we see here in the film.

It makes sense that the main character is a screenwriter.

#4.  52 Card Playing Deck Comes From Tarot cards

The dealer shuffles at the poker table unaware of the decks origin.

The 52 playing cards and 56 minor arcanum contain shocking similarities.

The Major Arcana (greater secrets), or trump cards, consists of 22 cards containing no suits.  The Major Arcanum signify major psychological/life changing events.

The Minor Arcana (lesser secrets) is where the 52 card playing deck originated from.  The minor consist of 56 cards with 4 court cards for each suit.  Kings, Queens, Knights, Pages.

The minors reveal more day to day mundane events of your life.

Each tarot suit signifies the playing cards suits.

  • Diamonds = Pentacle – Element Earth
  • Hearts = Cups – Element Water
  • Clubs = Wands – Element Fire
  • Spades = Sword – Element Air

The joker card contains the numerical value of zero.   We don’t see frequent jokers in card games unless its presented as a “wild” card.    Tarot Card Readers 39

The joker card is the fools equivalent.  Isn’t odd some card games exclude the joker card?

Remember, “The Fool” isn’t a minor arcanum tarot card member, but from the greater 22 major arcanum.

Maybe that’s why jokers aren’t in poker card games?

#5 secret: Tarot Has Its Root Origin From Subconscious Dreams

Dreams are the tarot imagery we experience every night.  Dreams drench in symbolism, just like the tarot cards.

Dreams speak through symbolism which relate to our waking life.

Most psychic visions occur in dream. Tarot Card Readers You remember Calpurnia’s dream of Julius Caesar’s death?

She dreamt of a Caesar statue gashed in blood.  A few weeks later Brutus murdered him falling in betrayal.

Brilliant Swiss psychologist Carl Jung states dreams symbolize the human psyche.

This is ONLY one form of how dreams give future visions.

Did you know certain dreams are advice from your subconscious?  The subconscious nature is 100% psychic!

Dreams contain tons of tarot card symbolize meanings.  Multiple dreams meanings depend on a person’s character type.

For example, let’s take the shy stay at home quiet type vs the wild speed demon party goer.  Both men dream about riding a horse swiftly along a puddle-filled path.

The same dream can give different messages!

  • The message for the shy quiet type “You need speed up and take charge, get aggressive with life!”
  • The message for the wild crazy boy type “You need to slow down, you’re moving too fast!”

This is just the tip of the iceberg.

#6 The Tarot Contains Universal Concepts Of Reality

The tarot ties in with numerology, astrology, geometry as well.

The universe reflects universal consciousness, creating our surrounding reality! Tarot Card Readers

RC Henry, A physics/astronomy professor at Johns Hopkins University states:

“Mind no longer appears to be an accidental intruder into the realm of matter, we ought rather hail it as the creator and governor of the realm of matter. Get over it, and accept the inarguable conclusion. The universe is immaterial-mental and spiritual.”

Think of it as a future Life GPS road map.

Laws of reality consist of 7 Main hermetic principles.

The 2nd hermetic law “As above So Below” is an ancient proverb known by our ancient ancestors who were powerful mystics.

tarot card readers as above so belowHere’s the 2nd hermetic law in action.

Remember, thee magician is the 2nd tarot card as the numerical value of 1.

The Fool takes the numerical value of 0.

The one hand up and one hand down symbolizes the 2nd hermetic law of reality!

#7. Tarot Cards Are Spiritual Therapy Which Alter Your Being

Tarot Card Readers 41

The tarot IS a temporary therapeutic tool for spiritual ascension.

People go to mental therapy to work out psychological problems.

You reach a stage of understanding your own psychological kinks.

Stuff like love and success and happiness come through INTERNAL change.  We had it ALL wrong.  Once you change your attitude, you change your world.

YOU become your own spiritual therapist.  You gain new insights from tarot spreads you perform on yourself.

Carl Jung states:

“Archetypal images, as universal patterns or motifs come from the collective unconscious, are the basic content of religions, mythologies, legends and fairy tales. ”

Tarot Card Readers spiritual therapypeople are usually enslaved by their stars.  .  The tarot helps you RULE your stars.

Tarot deeply affects your subconscious mind which effects your conscious mind.