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10 Best Don Juan quotes art of dreaming

art of dreaming bookOne of my ALL-time favorites.  Out of all the profound book I’ve journeyed through.

The Art of Dreaming talks discusses Carlo’s Castaneda’s lucid dreaming and astral projection experiences.

In a lucid (clear) dream you’re aware that you’re dreaming.

You believe you’re in the “real” world in a regular dream experience.

At least 20% of people world-wide lucid dreamed at least once in their lives.

The Art of Dreaming is a golden gem of esoteric/gnostic treasures.

Carlos embarks an a life journey when he met Yaqui shaman Don Juan Matus.

Don Juan puts ALL theories aside and goes into practical experiences of spiritual realms.

The Art of Dreaming discusses dreaming practices and stories not even science fiction can fathom.

The Art of dreaming was published in 1993 by Carlos Castaneda (An anthropologist from UCLA).

Carlos is clueless on the fact his shaman encounter will flip his world upside down.

Quote #1 : What Is True Dreaming Aka Lucid Dreaming/Astral Projection?

Through dreaming we can perceive other worlds, which we can certainly describe, but we can’t describe what makes us perceive them.

Quote #2 :  What Do Shamans (Nagual) Say About The Nature Of Reality?

The essence of the universe resembles incandescent threads stretched into infinity in every conceivable direction, luminous filaments that are conscious of themselves in ways impossible for the human mind to comprehend. The whole universe is energy.

Quote #3: What Is A Sorcerer’s Most Important Act

The most significant act for a sorcerer is to see.

Sorcerers go on to see the energy essence of human beings and depict human beings as bright shapes that resemble giant eggs and call them luminous eggs.

Quote #4:  What Are The Assemblage points (Chakras)?

The spot of intense brilliance is part of this ball of energy, and it is located on a place at the height of the shoulder blades, an arm’s length from a person’s back.

The old sorcerers named it the assemblage point after seeing what it does. It makes us perceive.

Quote #5: What Is The First Attention?

Sorcerers really have two complete areas for their endeavors: a small one, called the first attention or the awareness of our daily world or the fixation of the assemblage point on its habitual position.

Quote #6: What Is The Second Attention?

The second attention or the awareness of other worlds or the fixation of the assemblage point on each of an enormous number of new positions.

Quote #7: What Does The Bio-Electromagnetic Human Aura Look Like?

From seeing the essence of the universe, sorcerers go on to see the energy essence of human beings and depict human beings as bright shapes that resemble giant eggs and call them luminous eggs.

Quote #8:  What Are The Filaments Which Create The Luminous Egg Aura?

The is the energy filaments that pass through the entire luminous ball.

By contrast, movements of the assemblage point, since they are displacements to positions outside the luminous ball, engage filaments of energy that are beyond the human realm.

Quote #9 : What Are The 7 Gates Of Dreaming?

There are seven gates and dreamers have to open all seven of them, one at a time. There are entrances and exits in the energy flow of the universe.


Quote #10: What’s The Purpose Of The 7 Gates Of Dreaming?

You already understand that the gates of dreaming are specific obstacles, but you haven’t understood yet that whatever is given as the exercise to reach and cross a gate is not really what that gate is all about.