Are Crop Circles Real? Digging Through The Enigma 35

Are Crop Circles Real? Digging Through The Enigma

Are Crop Circles Real? Digging Through The Enigma

Crop circles are cosmic graffiti’s that leaves us scratching our heads and wondering if E.T. has been having a little too much fun in our fields.

While some skeptics dismiss these intricate designs as elaborate hoaxes cooked up by mischievous earthlings, a quirky bunch of enthusiasts firmly believe that UFOs are the real culprits.

These aren’t your run-of-the-mill stick-figure doodles in a cornfield.

Some of these designs are so intricate that they’d give a NASA scientist a run for their shuttle.

Are Crop Circles Real? Unexplainable Crop Circle Cases

PI 10 Digit Crop Circle Formation:

A phenomenal formation recently floored locals near Barbury Castle when an uncanny circle displaying the first 10 digits of pi appeared out of nowhere in a field of wheat.

Upon first look, most would see swirling smashed wheat and shrug it off as some artsy vandal’s idea of a joke.

But their home appears to be in southern England, around the ancient Druid ruins of Avebury, Silbury Hill, and Stonehenge, in the hills of Wiltshire, that many of the most intricate and complex designs were created. Already this year 32 crop circles have appeared in England, and some of them are extraordinary.

But what appeared to be just random runover corn turned out to be a mind-boggling mathematical code able to be decoded into the famous constant ratio pi.  Are Crop Circles Real Pi formation

While most civilized circles show up announcing their diameter comparisons as a simple 3.14, this Wiltshire wheat went full pi-thagorus on us to 10 digits.

“The most complex “mind-boggling” crop circle ever to be discovered in Britain has been found earlier this month in a barley field in Wiltshire with a perfectly coded representation of pi to the 10th significant figure for the first 10 digits, 3.141592654, baffling mathematicians.”

However as a letter writer to The Times explains when talking about the “life forces that created the formation”

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How the heck did this appear overnight without leaving tracks or traces?

While we can all marvel at the boggling nature of the design, authorities advise against trespassing on the property while investigations are ongoing.

There’s no rational explanation yet, but the perfect reasoning has yet to come.

Jaw Dropper:

The “Jaw-Dropper,” a behemoth of 409 circles that practically swallowed a whole field near Winchester, Hampshire.

Creating a circle every thirty seconds in the dark, with that many circles?  Are Crop Circles Real Milk Hill Wilthshire 2001

It’s practically a cosmic ballet.

Now, this was one…The hoaxers sometimes like to claim everything, sometimes as many as six different groups, all quite independent, will claim the same one when none of them have done it at all.

This was one that they actually wrote to me and said they couldn’t do. It was called the Jaw-Dropper because it was huge. It was 409 circles, and it almost covered the entire width of the field.

Now, let’s talk about the Pitt formation, born on a rainy night – talk about making things interesting!

Usually, tromping through fields after rain results in a mud-soled dance, but not these circles.

Not a speck of mud in sight.  Are Crop Circles Real Moon Phase Depiction Of The crop circle

There’s no traces of mud, just a mesmerizing fractal image.

The field turned into an electric circus with random electrical failures.

They said that, due to the hours of darkness at night at that particular time of year, the size and number of circles, and the fact they would have had to have created a circle every thirty seconds, “We can’t do it,” they said. So, in the book I’ve got there, I have actually included that because Ithought, well, that’s really honest.

Are Crop Circles Real? Evidence Of Crop Circles phenomenon

Unusual Crop Bending Caused By Radiation

Scientists W.C. Levengood and Pat Delgado discovered in the ’90s that plants within these mysterious formations boasted nodes as flexible as a circus contortionist, all thanks to some electromagnetic energy shenanigans.

Crop formations are comprised of organized regions with geometric patterns, ranging from 2 to 80 meters in diameter.

Scientific research in the field is based on the work of biophysicists, who in the 1990s discovered plants from crop circles had elongated and pliable plant nodes that allowed rigid plant stems to be bent without breaking.

These formations result in the flattening of plants, primarily grain crops, into a horizontal position.  Are Crop Circles Real Bent Nodes

The plants within crop formations exhibit anatomical changes that cannot be dismissed as hoaxes.

Close to the soil surface, the curved stems often create intricate swirls with vortex-like patterns.

This evidence is demonstrating that structural and cellular alterations occur in plants exposed within the confines of circle-type formations.

First, most authentic crop pictures show “bent nodes” or “expulsion cavities” in their patterned plants, not consistent with a mechanical means of flattening 

In other words, those plants have been subjected to highly localized, microwave-type heating that makes the water inside their stems either expand or explode, through neighbouring plant tissues nearby. By analogy, those plants have been patterned into some particular shape just as for heating a stiff iron bar until it melts locally, then bending it while hot and pliable into a sharp curve, and letting it cool again.

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These differences were found to be statistically significant when compared to control plants located outside the formations.

These transformations manifest at the macroscopic level as abnormal nodal swelling, gross malformations during embryogenesis, and charred epidermal tissue.

Noteworthy changes in seed germination and development were observed, and at the microscopic level, disparities were noted in cell wall pit structures.

Additionally, affected plants display characteristics suggesting the influence of transient high temperatures.  Are Crop Circles Real Figures showing cellular changes

Professor Taylor even tossed in the idea that artists might be microwaving crops to create these agro-artworks.

The researchers, W.C Levengood and Pat Delgado, concluded the plants had been exposed to a form of electromagnetic energy.

Professor Taylor suggested artists could be using microwave energy to manipulate crops.

The researchers, W.C Levengood and Pat Delgado, concluded the plants had been exposed to a form of electromagnetic energy.  Professor Taylor suggested artists could be using microwave energy to manipulate crops.

“Could you take out the microwave source, which is a little thing called a magnetron, then could you go into the crop field to deliver this super-heating?” he asked.  “At the moment no one has done it, but it should be possible.”

However, Australian nurse turned “independent crop circle researcher” Megan Heazlewood is having none of the scientific buzzkill.

For her, crop circle research is a rabbit hole so deep that even Alice would get dizzy.  Are Crop Circles Real unbroken bent nodes due to some radiation

Megan, who’s traded her nursing scrubs for crop field adventures, has explored over 20 formations in the UK and claims Australia has seen a whopping 71 crop circle incidents.

She’s on a mission to recruit farmers and plant experts to join her quirky crusade.

According to Megan, the real spectacle is in canola fields, where the plants defy agricultural physics by bending at a 90-degree angle, resembling a whimsical crop yoga session.

In canola fields the plants are bent at 90 degrees to an inch above the ground.”The whole stem lies parallel with the delicate flower heads intact.  If you stomped a crop of canola down you would get mush — the delicate flower head would be totally destroyed. But in crop circles eventually the plant will stand up again.”

For Ms Heazlewood, the crop circle art forms — which often appear in remote and hard to access locations, with designs layered with symbolism — are not the work of humans.

Robert Holts And David Caytons Investigate At The Spiral Crop At Pewsey White Horse England

So, you’ve got Robert and our speaker trying some quirky experiment in Cheshire’s oilseed rape fields.

Armed with a plank swiped from pranksters, they’re wrestling with these resilient oilseed rape plants.  Are Crop Circles Real Taking A reading radiation

While they’re at it, they’re tossing around theories like confetti.

“Now our good friend Francis has got the Geiger counter and he’s testing the reading outside the formation now what we’ve had some incredible readings here.

Has Francis was standing in the middle circle the readings went up from right through up till they reached a top reading of which is tremendously high and then in the space of just a few seconds.”

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Apparently, some mysterious force is behind it, maybe playing with a bit of heat.

Their adventure takes a turn to Wiltshire, where they’re checking out a legit oilseed rape formation.Are Crop Circles Real more unbent nodes from the stalks

Pewsey becomes the testing ground for our daring investigators and their Geiger counter.

Radiation levels shoot up, sending them into detective mode.

“The reading after being at for perhaps or seconds dropped right back down to again and now we cannot to get any readings above or in the formation yes.

So its a transient energy that is coming and going in this formation back to which is just the same as we got in the Nautilus it appears though that it is now beginning to build and slowly and its up to is it Francis in the moment in the green scale on the green scale and earlier was on the yellow one yeah that’s right amazing.”

Is this radiation just hanging out in the crops, or is there some otherworldly thing messing with the gadgets?Are Crop Circles Real unbent stalk nodes shown in pewsey england

Fast forward to Alton Barns in Wiltshire, where energy patterns are playing tricks on them.

In the midst of these cosmic antics, our duo sticks to their guns, thinking there are unexplained forces pulling the strings behind crop circles.

“In July, David took a Geiger counter into a large formation by Silbury Hill where the readings were completely normal. As he walked back down the field towards a syllabary hill car park, he noticed a small flattened circle of perhaps three feet in diameter.

David lowered the Geiger Mulla tube into this small circle expecting to find no change in the reading. He was taken completely by surprise as the slow audible clicking of the instrument changed to a high-pitched scream reaching meter saturation of counts per second in around seconds. The result was that the Geiger mullah tube was damaged beyond repair.”

Recent formations have exhibited unprecedented features simply unachievable by human hands.

These anomalies suggest forces beyond our current scientific understanding.