Astrotheology: When The Gods Were Sky-Wielding Planets 35

Astrotheology: When The Gods Were Sky-Wielding Planets

AstroTheology: What Is Astrotheology?

astrotheology 12 church windows 12 zodiac 12 One thing I’ve magically learned in history class was the Egyptians were star worshippers.

The Egyptian glyphs tell campfire tales of celestial events and planets.

The Babylonians and other ancient civilizations also base their myths in the celestial skies.

Cosmic  + Religion = Astrotheology.  That’s ALL folks!

Religious stories based on celestial events in the twilight night.

The exoteric side is the popular football player (Quarterback) every cheer leader wants to date.

The astrotheological/esoteric was a pocket protecting nerd, stuffed in the lockers by the jocks, completely hidden.

But remember, he got the most success out of life 😛.

Astrotheology is only one role in theology.

There’s the esoteric path, pertaining to the metaphysical phenomena and astral realms/dimensions.

The term astro-theology is used in the context of 18th- to 19th-century scholarship aiming at the discovery of the original religion, particularly primitive monotheism. Unlike astrolatry, which usually implies polytheism, frowned upon as idolatrous by Christian authors since Eusebius, astrotheology is any “religious system founded upon the observation of the heavens“, and in particular, may be monotheistic.

Gods, goddesses, and demons may also be considered personifications of astronomical phenomena such as lunar eclipses, planetary alignments, and apparent interactions of planetary bodies with stars. Astro-theology is used by Jan Irvin, Jordan Maxwell and Andrew Rutajit (2006) in reference to “the earliest known forms of religion and nature worship”, advocating the entheogen theory of the origin of religion.

Nature’s energy physically manifests her creation of animals, humans, plants etc.

Astrotheology In The Bible

astrotheology 12 apostles 12 zodiac 12 constellationsThe 12 apostles, 12 Imams and the 12 tribes of Israel is an example of astrotheological allegories.

What do you think 12 signifies?

Yep, you freaking GUESSED it!

The zodiac!  The sun/son rides its celestial path to complete the yearly solar cycle of Earth.

We use 12 degrees like a clock of a circle, that’s why numero 12.

The division here [is] in twelve parts, the twelve signs of the Zodiac, twelve tribes of Israel, twelve gates of heaven mentioned in Revelation, and twelve entrances or portals to particularly be passed through in the actually Great Pyramid, before finally reaching the highest degree, and twelve Apostles in the Christian doctrines, and the twelve very original and perfect points in Masonry.

Biblical verses or scripts are a mesh of literal, symbolic, but MULTISYMBOLIC tales.

A verse might reference a geological location, but also mean a constellation, gods/goddesses names etc.

Or an esoteric meaning pertaining to metaphysical aspects of reality and the human being…..I know, it’s a mind-boggling bobble head.

 These twelve forces mostly are the fabricators of the world, and from them emanate the microcosm, or the mystery of the twelve sacred animalsrepresenting in the universe the twelve parts of the world and in man the twelve parts of the actually human body in a major way. Anatomically, the twelve figures in the sort of upper panel may well symbolize the twelve convolutions of the brain and the twelve figures in the lower panel the twelve zodiacal members and organs of the really human body, for man for the most part is a creature formed of the twelve sacred animals with his members and organs under the actually direct control of the twelve governors or powers resident in the brain, contrary to popular belief.

Jordan Maxwell’s is one whom popularized astrotheology.

But me no trust him, since he gives a small piece of the pie.

Remember they don’t just have an astro meaning, but an ESOTERIC meaning.

Jordan Maxwell the sly dog won’t reveal that.

astrotheology 12 zodiac 12 cranial nerves He says the 12 apostles refer to the zodiac and Jesus as the sun, not son, making his passage through the solar 365 day cycle each year.

BUT he won’t tell you the 12 also refers to a human physical AND metaphysical anatomy.

This constantly makes you look for something OUTSIDE yourself, hence his little dirty trick.

The pagans essentially believed that the zodiac formed the body of the Grand Man of the Universe in a fairly big way. This body, which they called the Macrocosm (the particularly Great World), literally was divided into twelve actually major parts, one of which specifically was under the control of the celestial powers reposing in each of the zodiacal constellations, which for the most part is quite significant. Believing that the kind of entire universal system was epitomized in man’s body, which they called the Microcosm (the Little World), they evolved that now fairly familiar figure of “the cut-up man in the almanac” by allotting a sign of the zodiac to each of twelve major parts of the basically human body.

Astrotheology: The 7 Gods or Massive Planets?

Take a peek at the number 7 which pops out like a jack in box in mainstream religions.

The 7 heavens in Christianity represent the 7 MAJOR planets.

Esoterically they mean 7 chakra body system.

Chakras are metaphysical energy centers every being possesses.

Sometimes symbolic tales adopt a different story and lose their original meaning, becoming syncretic (Combined).

  • 7 seals of the Apocalypse(Christian bible)
  • 7 archangels, 7 days of the week
  • 7 sins and 7 virtues
  • 7 levels of reality(Buddhism)
  • 7 Gates of dreaming (Shamanism)
  • 7 Heavens of Islam, Zoroastrian, Judaism
  • 7 musical major octave chords (5 minor black)
  • 7 primary colors
  • 7 continents
  • 7 senses(touch, sight,taste,hearing.smell,thoughts,emotions)

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Almost all ancient civilization tells tales of angry gods, wars, floods and destruction.

Take your pick.

You got Ishtar of Babylon, Medusa of Greek mythos, Kali of Hindu mythology, Tonatiuh (Mexican God) with his tongue out just like Kali.

The gods (Planets) or battle of gods were awe aspiring events of electrical discharge battling in the ancient skies.

astrotheology saturn yahweh kronos elThe Saturn theory is one of the most profound theories with tons of proof.

Was earth a moon which use to orbit Saturn?  Was Saturn our primary sun?

Astrotheology: Saturn, Kronos, Atum-Ra, Yahweh (Elohim)

David Talbott and Wal Thornhill are leading authorities on astrotheology.

Many of others I know done extensive research and working on this theory to this day.

The Hebrews, too, preserved an enduring memory of Yahweh’s battle against a dragon of the deep, marked by lightning on a cosmic scale, which basically is fairly significant. “The voice of fairly thy thunder essentially was in the heaven: the lightnings lightened the world: the earth trembled and shook.  Here the adversary for all intents and purposes was alternately named Rahab, Leviathan, Tannin, or Behemoth—dragon-like forms representing both the waters of chaos and the rebellion of the “evil land” vanquished by Yahweh in primeval time.

Saturn’s moon Titan is a hidden clue to Earth’s past.

Titan is Baby Yoda earth to astrophysicist and cosmologists. Why Saturn?

Saturn and Jupiter are not ordinary planets.

They are like mini suns because they are GAS giants.  You could call them mini suns!

Let there be light is also a common theme. Those exact words are in the Popul Vuh of the Mayas. Two other examples are Brahma floating on the celestial sea who “showed himself” by the shedding of light and Saturnus in the primeval ocean organizing his cosmos out of chaos.

The Bible also says that the Spirit (Wind) of Elohim was moving over the face of the deep.  The Hebrew word Tehom is translated as the deep. Which means a surging mass of water. The idea of celestial waters is universal.  The Egyptian god Ra (Saturn) created the watery abyss.

Saturn was a faintly shining sub brown dwarf star enshrouded in darkness hovering above the Earth. As quoted in Genesis – Darkness was on the face of the deep (agitated waters).  And Elohim (Saturn) divided the light from the darkness.

astrotheology polar configuration saturn venus mars egyptian Take 2 planets with surfaces of opposite charges.  One negative (-) the other positive (+).

When they get intimately close, they start emit lightning/thunder on a COSMIC scale!

Did you know this electric-magnetic discharge of “gas” giants like our Sun right NOW?

Don’t start shaking in your Nike sandals yet.

They’re weak electrical discharges between the Sun and Earth and YOU already know about them…..

They’re the Aurora, like the Northern lights.

Those are electromagnetic discharges of ionization between the Sun and Earth.

Helios as Saturn; Helios as central sun, and Helios as axis of the celestial revolutions.
– Akkadian Shamash as Saturn, Shamash as central sun, Shamash at the polar,midst‟ andzenith.‟
Egyptian Atum-Ra as central sun, Atum-Ra as Saturn, Atum-Ra atop the world pole.
“According to Jastrow, Babylonian astrological texts could not have presented the
equation of Saturn and the sun more boldly: „THE PLANET SATURN IS SHAMASH‟….
“Who, then, is the great god–the god of terrifying radiance–whose coming out or coming forth
inaugurates the day?
“This god of the archaic day, beginning at sunset, is in fact called Shamash, Ra, Helios,
and Sol–the very god explicitly identified with the planet Saturn.”
“In the Persian BUNDAHISH, the planet Saturn was assigned as the guardian of Gah – “the great one of the middle of the sky” – who was the Pole Star.
“In China, the planet Saturn is called Tchou-niou-tchi-chin, a name that translates as, Genie [or spirit] of the Pivot.‟ This Pivot, however, which in Chinese is rendered as T’ien-Tchou, that is, pivot of the sky,‟ was their name for the Pole Star. Thus, when the Chinese refer to Saturn as the, Genie of the Pivot,‟ they are claiming that Saturn was the, soul of the Pole Star

The Saturn myth says Earth migrated from one celestial body to another in the early stages of the baby solar system.

Kronos, a counterpart of the Egyptian Atum-Ra and Sumerian An actually (primeval Unity of heaven), ruled for a time, then specifically fell from his dominating position in the sky.

Remember the roman lovers myths between Venus and Mars?astrotheology roman mars venus

Knowing your roman myths, you’d know the celestial Gods finally took on their planetary name from the Greeks.

Heracles was a Greek name for Mars definitely is not a small clue, which actually is fairly significant. But how strongly did the astronomical tradition influence Greek poetry, which is quite significant.

A Basque tradition depicts the goddess Mari riding in a celestial cart or on a “broomstick 44 in a ball of fire (a pointer to the medieval “witch”) in a subtle way. The myths essentially says that she “was the planet Venus .. in a fairly big way. Her son-lover essentially was Sugaar, the planet Mars.” In North America, the Pawnee knew Mars as a legendary warrior, and when Mars and Venus approached conjunction, they actually celebrated the warrior’s ancient “marriage to the daughter of a great chief’a perfect replica of the Old World marriage of goddess (princess) and warrior-hero.

Astrotheology: Mars, The Warrior God

Mars was in conjunction with Venus and Saturn.

Mars is a warrior god from all the wars he’s battled.  He’s the heroic archetype with lots of scars literally.

astrotheology pillar god mars archetypeThis Planet God wasn’t only a warrior God.

He’s also known as a pillar God holding up the wheel of Saturn in the celestial sky.

The electric discharge caused by the 3 planets creating create variety of forms giving different motif fairy tales.

Motif #1: Hero’s Weapon. Lightning takes the form of a frightful sword, arrow, axe, flail or other weapon in the hands of a great warrior or divine messenger—a god whose identity merges with the lightning-weapon itself. Surprisingly, the same “weapon” turns up as an instrument of healing or resurrection as well.

Motif #2: Winged Thunderbolt/Winged Disk. Lightning appears as a radiant disk or sphere in the sky, with astrotheology mars scarred planet thunderbolt godheaven-spanning wings. It is a great “thunderbird,” or it is launched from the wings of such a bird, or bursts forth as a flash of fire from its eye.

Motif #3: Axis Mundi. Lighting streaks along the world axis, acquiring the form of a towering column that is said to have “separated heaven and earth” in primeval times. This same pillar is the hero’s staff, rod, or scepter, and through metamorphosis it passes into other, more complex forms as well.

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Astrotheology: Venus The Beautiful Angry War Goddess.

astrotheology venus configuration aurora Venus was the sexy the center-fold wheel flashing her illumined rays.

She was a glorious flower in the center of the conjunction between Mars and Saturn.

Astronomers conclude Venus was a comet that was classified as a planet later on.

Remember the ancient Roman paintings of Mars and Venus?

In the Saturn myth, Mars would gravitate back and forth between Venus and Earth.

The Earth goes through destructive times when Mars would tip-toe closer to back Earth and haul ass back to Venus.

This reminds me of Adonis who was the mortal version archetype of Mars (In Greek mythos) who Venus had sexual affairs with.

The story of Venus and Adonis from Ovid’s Metamorphoses was tremendously influential during the Elizabethan era. In Edmund Spenser’s epic poem The Faerie Queene (1590), tapestries depicting the story of Adonis decorate the walls of Castle Joyous.

Adonis looks JUST like Mars!

Was this Mar’s Earth archetype when he was always near Earth?

A centerpiece of his reconstruction was the planet Venus, the subject of catastrophic images the world over. Velikovsky claimed that about 3500 years ago, Venus appeared in the sky as a spectacular comet, nearly colliding with the earth and bringing wholesale disaster. He also argued that several centuries after this disaster, a series of close encounters of Earth and Mars produced upheavals on a global scale. Less well known is his claim that ancient planetary catastrophes involved bolts of “lightning” or electrical arcing between planets in close approach.

During times of chaos Venus turns into an angry destructive goddess. 

She takes on a variety of aurora forming creatures like dragons or snake like creatures like Medusa like in Greek myths.

Different conjunctions between the planetary migration create different forms of electrical aurora discharges.

The SEA shell was one of them!

Sumerian astronomer priests invoked the goddess Inanna, the planet Venus, as the radiance or glory of the heavens, but also as a great dragon depositing fiery venom on the “rebel land.”— Like a dragon you have deposited venom on the foreign lands. When like Ishkur you roar at the earth, no vegetation can stand up to you. As a flood descending upon (?) those foreign lands

The comet-like attributes of Venus will bring us face to face with a mythical figure of vast influence on ancient imagination—the mother goddess. It is indeed an extraordinary fact that of the five visible planets, Venus is the only one that ancient cultures everywhere celebrated as the mother of gods and heroes. A clearly defined pattern of this sort cries out for an explanation, and an explanation is possible when we allow the ancient witnesses to speak for themselves.

astrotheology comet venus seashell bull of heaven archetype You know what’s crazy?

The GREAT comet of 1774 IS exactly the aurora discharge seashell the planets emitted!

Coincidence? A pretty freaking planetary one a billion chance coincidence.

The ancient seashell paintings are glittered throughout Roman times which symbolize Venus’s aurora archetype.

Venus was the “smoking star,” the very phrase employed for a “comet.” (Velikovsky did not know that the same equation occurs in Maya texts.) In both the Americas and the Near East, he found a recurring association of Venus with long flowing “hair” or a “beard,” two of the most common hieroglyphs for the comet in the ancient world. The same planet, among the Babylonians and other cultures, was called the great “flame,” or “torch of heaven,” a widespread hieroglyph for a comet among ancient peoples. Another popular symbol for the “comet” was the serpent or dragon, a form linked to Venus in cultural traditions around the world. According to Velikovsky, the history of the comet Venus inspired some of the most powerful themes of ancient myth and ritual

Ancient Archetypes of Venus

  • Medusa(Snake head)
  • Great dragon of The Christian Bible
  • Aphrodite
  • Ishtar (Innana) aka Star
  • Isis
  • Kali (Angry Hindu Goddess)

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The Squatter/Stick man (Pillar God)

astrotheology ancient glyph squatter man A very peculiar glyph found worldwide!

We see them in ancient California and ancient Egypt.

We see similar Babylonian glyphs!

The drawings in Paleolithic times weren’t that good.

It seems the further a society advances so does the art.

Notice how the drawings carry on from cavemen to more civilized group like the Egyptians from the image on the right.

This indicates a long ruling of the ancient planetary Gods that left.

The pillar god was an archetype of Mars holding up the wheels in the sky, Saturn and Venus.

A plasma instability found globally in rock art is a stick figure with a circle or dot on each side of its torso. In plasma experiments, this “squatter man” configuration appears when a disk or donut-like torus is bent by magnetic fields induced by the current flow. From the viewpoint of the observer, the edges of the upper disk may appear to point up (forming “arms”) and those of the lower torus may appear to point down (forming “legs”). The underlying “hour glass” pattern, with many subtle variations, occurs around the world.

astrotheology squatter man electric discharge experiment The astrotheological tales took a metaphysical(astral realms, entities) symbolic tone.

AND Saturn, Venus and Mars weren’t the ONLY giants in our skies.

I have a strong feeling, Jupiter and Neptune played important roles prior to the golden age of Saturn.

This where I believe language, math and geometry forms like it was given to us…

REST assure these mysterious planets have metaphysical entities inhabiting them on a different dimensional level.

But that’s a tale for another night, dun dun duuuuuuuunnnn(eerie music).