Dionysus - The Greek Jesus 1,300 YEARS before Christianity! 35

Dionysus – The Greek Jesus 1,300 YEARS before Christianity!

Fun FACT:  Christianity = A melting pot of Pagan myths stemming from all over zzzzz worrrld!

Jesus and Dionysus Parallel trinity Christianity contains roots that originate from Hinduism, some from Egypt, and more Christian theology ancient world of theology!

A good slice of Greek mythology has influenced Christianity.

Obviously the stories aren’t for word, but a few specifics details do cross!

Jesus & Dionysus have the MOST intriguing parallels! (Not even Prometheus – The Greek Light Bringer).

Who Da Heck Is Dionysus?  One of The GREEK 12 Olympians Gods! 

  • He’s the first to ride a donkey, and he also turned water into WINE!
  • Goes to the underworlds and resurrects the dead
  • The Triumphant return to the holy “land”

The Brief Tale Dionysus Riding a Jack-ASS 1,300 Years Before Jesus (Donkey)

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You can find tons of web images of Dionysus (And Hephaestus) riding the donkey.

Dionysus - The Greek Jesus 1,300 YEARS before Christianity! 37The Goddess Hera cursed Dionysus with never-ending insanity to roam the earth gathering while himself a MASSIVE fan-base following (Preaching and turning water into wine – Parallels to Jesus and his fan-base followers).

He made his journey to an Oracle At Dodona to get instruction (Almost reminds me of Neo going to the oracle in the Matrix film?)

He made his way to massive lake which was uncross-able and met 2 jack-asses.

Dionysus was made to travel to an oracle at Dodona to receive instructions as to the next step in his journey, but on his way there he came to a lake, so deep and wide that he was prevented from proceeding any further.

One of two asses (donkeys) he met there at the lake were willing to carry the god of wine across the water, and the grateful god placed both animals among the stars


Part of the mythology includes another God named Hephaestus (Hephaistos), where they both rode on the donks to Olympia. (This is where we get the story of him going to the underworld to retrieve the dead).

For three days Hera sat fuming, still trapped in Hephaistos’s chair; she could not sleep, she could not stretch, she could not eat. Zeus pleaded with Hephaistos to dislodge Hera, but he steadfastly refused. Dionysus at last brought Hephaistos back to Olympus by getting him drunk and carrying him on a donkey. Then, on the condition Aphrodite would be given to Hephaistos as his wife, Hera was freed.


Jesus And Dionysus

And here we have Jesus returning back to the HOLY land, just like Dionysus returning his holy land Olympus.

The next day the great crowd that had come for the festival heard that Jesus was on his way to Jerusalem. 13 They took palm branches and went out to meet him, shouting,“Hosanna![d]”“Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord!”[e]“Blessed is the king of Israel!”14Jesus found a young donkey and sat on it, as it is written:15 “Do not be afraid, Daughter Zion;see, your king is coming, seated ona donkey’s colt.”


This a hero’s tale of a triumphant return to their “Holy land”.  A BIG coincidence.

Dionysus turns water into Wine

Dionysus is the master of wine-making or maybe wine turning. He’s known as the God of wine + fertility.

jesus and dionysus the wine makers

He’s always associated with grapes because he’s constantly drunk on WINE!  We’re talking about a master wine maker 1,300 YEARS before Jebus’s time!

Dionysus is also the God of ritual madness, theater, and religious ecstasy. https://greekgodsandgoddesses.net/gods/dionysus/

Quote of Jesus riding the donkey from Johnny boy!

Then he told them, “Now draw some out and take it to the master of the banquet.” They did so, 9 and the master of the banquet tasted the water that had been turned into wine. He did not realize where it had come from, though the servants who had drawn the water knew. – John 2:8 

Dionysus Goes To The Underworld To Raise The Dead

Dionysus had to make one last journey before he’s allowed back into Olympia.

jesus and dionysus underworld saviorIn Orphic Greek mythology, he descends to the underworld where he retrieves Hephaestus and his Mother Semele.

This is the case of him resurrecting the dead.

Thyone’s mortal name was Semele. She was a Theban princess loved by the god Zeus. When his wife Hera learned of their affair, she tricked the girl into having Zeus swear an oath to appear before her in his full glory. Bound by his pledge the god did so and Semele was consumed by the fire of his lightning-bolts. Zeus recovered their son Dionysos from her womb and upon reaching adulthood he fetchedher from the underworld to join the gods on Olympus


Jesus and dionysus Jesus Raises Lazarus I know, it’s not as magical as Jesus point and shoot to resurrect Lazarus to rise above the ground.

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And here’s the quote of Jesus resurrecting Lazarus.

“Father, I thank you that you have heard me. 42 I knew that you always hear me, but I said this for the benefit of the people standing here, that they may believe that you sent me. 43 When he had said this, Jesus called in a loud voice, “Lazarus, come out! 44 The dead man came out, his hands and feet wrapped with strips of linen, and a cloth around his face. – John 11:38-44

Both of them raised the dead right before entering back to their divine land.  Was it their final mission?  The tale of the triumphant return arggghhh!

Dionysus Wasn’t The Only Solar Deity With References To Jesus

Other Figures Related To Jesus

  • Apollo
  • Helios
  • Babylonian Shamash
  • Egyptian Sun God Ra

The Mythologies And Their Allegorical Meanings

  • Geographical
  • Metaphysical
  • Prophetic
  • Magikcal
  • Cosmological event aka catastrophic
  • Astro-theological

Here’s a sample of astro-theology.  I won’t get crazy into this since there’s too much to get into when deciphering theology.

Astro – The sun’s or son’s passage through the zodiac (12 apostles,12 Tribes of Israel, 12 Imams,12 labors of Hercules, 12 Olympian Gods, etc..)

Jesus and dionysus sun's journey through the zodiacTheological12 cranial nerves, 12 gates of dreaming, 12 energy bodies.

A lot of theological myths rehash from ancient pagan myths of the past.

I always think of it like a film reboot.

You think you’ve watched an original movie, then someone comes down along and says, “Dude, the original was better!” 2 thumps down!


  1. Two Minds in Christianity :



    Christianity’s Role




    Roman, British and American Empires

    Was Jesus liberal or conservative?

    Does the Religious Left or Religious Right fairly claim
    Jesus’ condonation?

    Is there a common ground for the two churches:

    the Old-Testament Christian Church


    the New-Testament Christian Church?

    And do the fundamental tenets of the New Testament church
    undermine good civil society while the Old Testament church
    preserves it?

    Richmond Times-Dispatch Editor Ross Mackenzie invites those
    questions in his commentary, “Modern Schism: the Religious
    Left vs. the Religious Right,” [[Richmond Times Dispatch,
    Sept. 22]].

    “There’s a profound religious schism going on, and it is
    spilling over into the political arena . . . The schism that
    now even some mainline clergy are recognizing has been
    recognized by many parishioners for years,” Mackenzie
    correctly opines. But the schism isn’t just many years old
    or even many thousands of years old, but as old as Man–or
    as old as the age when Man fell into his two-brained dual
    nature and lost the Paradise his once-whole-brained
    condition afforded him.

    Each of us is a two-brained creature, and from the beginning
    of our self-consciousness ((our ego-self as opposed to the
    spiritual condition of God-Self, within which ego identity
    is impossible: Unity, Nirvana, At-onement, or Heaven)) we
    have been cursed by this duality; cursed by the internal
    conflict this dual personality engenders, as expressed by
    our two distinct natures found in the left and right
    hemispheres of the brain. [[For an excellent report on the
    nature of self-consciousness, read Julian Jaynes’ book,

    The battle between the Right’s Old Testament conservatism
    and the Left’s New Testament liberalism in Christian
    politics ((The secularists would deny it, but all politics
    spring from the search for authority, which has been from
    the beginning a spiritual quest)), is the battle each one
    of us fights; it’s an internal struggle between the right
    brain ((emotional, spatial, and musical)) and the left brain
    ((rational, algorithmic, and constructive)), where each side
    provides us with a distinct approach for relating to one
    another and to the world. This battle of the brains is the
    source of most personal and social conflict.

    This male/female dynamic in Christianity has its origins in

    the Father-Authoritarian/Old-Testament Jehovah
    represents the masculine/left-brained nature


    the Mother-Communitarian New-Testament God ((which
    Jesus presented)) represents the feminine/right-
    brained nature ((Physicality doesn’t necessarily
    reveal the psychological sex of an individual. It
    can’t be denied that Jesus displayed a feminine
    nature, albeit entirely heroic and worthy of
    absolute respect)).

    The Christian Old/New Testament Bible mirrors Man’s split
    brain ((as does America’s two-party political system, which
    is the best system for any democratic government. The rise
    of more than two political parties in democratic institu-
    tions reflects a shift towards social and political chaos)).

    The New Testament Jesus behaved and taught like a right-
    brained liberal, as we define the term “liberal” for the
    Religious Left today. Rather than teaching the hungry
    multitude how to fend for themselves, Jesus performed
    miracles of abundant giving ((Liberals’ present-day
    welfarism borders on the miraculous in its gargantuan
    capacity for taking from the productive and giving to the
    nonproductive)) and he chastised the self-reliant ((actually
    frightened them)) by pointing out the difficulty of getting
    a camel through the eye of a needle or a rich man into
    Heaven, just as present-day liberals use fear and guilt to
    wring money from the productive.

    Jesus also spent much time with sinners ((social deviants))
    without rebuking them for the harm they cause to themselves
    and to their communities. After all, he was interested in
    saving souls not in maintaining good civil society. And
    Jesus admonished those who would defend themselves or
    retaliate against their enemies, much like what today’s
    Religious Left does in advising the Religious Right to turn
    the other cheek whenever America suffers terrorism. Those
    conservatives who try citing New Testament passages to
    support self-defense or retaliation miss Jesus’ intention
    and purpose altogether.

    The Religious Right has a tremendous psychological conflict
    in reconciling its Old Testament approach to Christianity
    with what Jesus actually taught ((or what others reported
    that he taught)). The Religious Right’s mind-twisting,
    convoluted, left-brained irrationalities over Jesus’
    teachings are remarkable.

    The New Testament Jesus asks us to give up the world and
    follow him, not try to make the world a better place and
    remain attached to it ((Fearful Christians construct clever
    ideas like “live in the world but don’t be of it” to avoid
    Jesus’ true calling)). Jesus taught us to love our enemies,
    which means handing over our pants if a crook grabs our
    shirt; and if he should whack us before taking off with our
    clothes, we must invite him to whack us once again to
    display our faith in Jesus’ words.


    Jesus came to defeat the world ((Satan
    didn’t use the things of the world to
    tempt Jesus just because the world was
    handy, but because the manifest universe
    is Satan)), and he came to atone for
    Man’s fall into matter and to bring him
    back to his original state–to his
    spiritual At-Onement with the Father,
    which goal has nothing to do with the
    material universe, except in so far as it
    may be used for learning truth ((True
    Man is a spiritual creation not a material
    one. To understand and accept this, one
    must study the esoteric underpinnings of
    Christianity, which requires an examina-
    tion of Jewish mysticism and the occult)).

    If you’re conservative and religious, then my observations
    ought to make you very uncomfortable. While Ross Mackenzie
    accuses the mainstream churches of abandoning their
    parishioners for left-wing “political longings,” thus
    driving parishioners out the door, the whole of Christendom
    stands accused — old and new — of abandoning Jesus ((an
    old saying: “The nearer the Church the farther from God”)).

    Jesus still remains the only one, true Christian.


    Was Jesus the Old Testament’s prophesied
    messiah? If he was, then membership in
    Religious Left churches is the closest
    any would-be Christian can get to his

    Like today’s Religious Left, Jesus would have embraced
    homosexuals and prostitutes without judging them ((“Father
    forgive them, for they know not what they do”)). And Jesus
    would have ordained them since, upon asking it of him ((“Ask
    and you shall receive”)), he could not refuse them and
    remain faithful to the tenor of his own teachings. But if
    Jesus wasn’t the messiah, then both the Left- and Right-wing
    churches are temples of falsehood, and testaments to the
    gullibility of their parishioners.

    Whether or not Jesus was the messiah, the aftermath of his
    living in the world, of his teachings ((or, that is, Paul’s
    interpretation of his teachings)), had caused the decline of
    three grand civilizations: the Roman, the British and the
    American empires ((The latter two actually are resurrections
    of the first, so that the Roman empire hasn’t actually been
    wholly defeated–yet)).

    Christianity grew in strength while the Roman empire
    declined, as second-century Christian apostles fanned out
    over Rome’s domain to quietly win converts and teach them a
    passivity for worldly cares–and promising a glorious
    afterlife. And while few wholly abandoned the struggles of
    bettering their existence, those early believers carried
    with them the seeds for giving up on the world and
    surrendering to a deep longing for Paradise.

    Under the auspices of the first-century spiritual church,
    and after constructing in the fourth century the all-
    powerful temporal church through Constantine’s conversion,
    the die was cast:

    Rome’s progeny and the Western world careened
    toward the Dark Ages by surrendering to the
    spiritual pieties, the self-sacrifices, the
    long-sufferings, and the superstition-wielding
    authorities within the Catholic Church ((Before
    the forced conversion of Constantine’s charges,
    Christendom comprised only 10 percent of the
    pagan population)).

    Christians’ abandonment of concern for improving the world
    in exchange for the glories of a purported afterlife in
    Heaven, and their relinquishment of any interest in studying
    human nature and the physical world, ushered in an
    unparalleled Dark Age of human misery.

    The early Christian churches were split between Old
    Testament rules for living, which could maintain good civil
    society, and which gave hope for a better material future,
    and Jesus’ “give up the world and follow me” teachings. So
    the necessity of choosing one of the two paths — or
    compromising Jesus’ teachings to find a middle path — was
    present from the beginning.

    That dichotomy hasn’t changed. It infects today’s Christian

    Throughout subsequent generations, Jesus’ followers
    struggled with the same paradoxes that the apostles must
    have wrestled with after the crucifixion–in their giving to
    the poor what corrupted the rich; in having to work to
    sustain themselves while others lived by begging or deceit;
    in accepting an assault without retaliation and possibly
    inviting death blows; in forgiving an adulterer without
    punishment while she continued whoring; in rendering unto
    Caesar all his things and hoping that his domain —
    especially his criminal and civil laws — remained in good
    working order; and in suffering frustration for lack of
    sufficient faith to manifest abundant fishes and loaves
    ((out of thin air)) or to heal bodily afflictions while the
    truly faithful believers argued that such miracles would be
    forthcoming but for lack of sufficient faith–miracles they
    couldn’t perform themselves.

    What dragged Western civilization out of the Dark Ages?:


    Humans can stand just so much pain before they’re compelled
    to examine the cause and find remedy. Christians,
    especially the intellectually gifted within Church
    hierarchy, began questioning the “natural” order of things–
    questioning the authority of the Church and the need for
    long-suffering. In their questioning, the more rational
    minds ((left hemisphere)) began deep and prolonged study
    of “God’s” universe. And the scientific method eventually
    was born, the schism between science ((left hemisphere)) and
    religion ((right hemisphere)) was constructed, and confused
    and fearful Christians torturously plodded out of the Dark
    Ages’ cavernous depths to flee utter despair.

    Today’s “Roman” empire is under assault, again, by the
    emotionality of the right brain–by the emoting feminine
    mind of both the religious and secular Left ((Within the
    religious and secular Lefts’ shared right-brain perspective
    is found common ground, and only the facade of the Religious
    Left’s spirituality separates the two)); a coalition
    allowing wrong-doers to feel right about wrong by
    withholding judgment and punishment, supplanting science
    with the “intuitive” voices of feminism’s New Age
    “channelers,” and subjugating the rational masculine mind by
    plying it with entertainment: with promiscuous sex,
    recreational drugs, and something-for-nothing gambling and
    Lotto games.

    I believe that the biblical story of Eve’s temptation in the
    Garden is an allegorical warning for us–that evil comes to
    Man through the feminine side ((the right brain)), through
    emotion-based liberalism. Eve could be tempted because of
    her right-brained nature, her weakness for surrendering to an
    emotional argument. And Adam, being more rational, fell for
    Eve’s temptation only because of his weakness for her sexual
    seduction ((how rational conservatism has been emasculated
    by emoting liberals’ sexual revolution)). The serpent didn’t
    choose to tempt Eve by happenstance, but in the knowledge
    that Adam’s rational mind would have rebuffed the emotional

    Again, the brain’s male/female dynamic is the cause of most
    personal and social conflict. It is the presence of the
    feminine ((emotional)) and masculine ((rational)) natures
    within each one of us, along with the separation of those
    dominant natures into male and female bodies ((usually
    correspondent)), driving the conflicts.

    When pundits write about the political or religious “left”
    and “right” of any issue, be mindful that they’re addressing
    what are the most fundamental, intrinsic natures of the
    human mind–the RATIONAL left-brain nature and
    EMOTIONAL right-brain nature.

    The Christian churches, both Left and Right, are responsible
    for most of America’s social ills because they share a
    common thread–an emotionality of the bleeding heart and a
    lack of rational mindedness ((One of the symbols for Jesus’
    life is the bleeding heart, which represents better the
    Christian faith and life. Note that Toynbee referred to
    Christianity as “the way of gentleness”)). But compassion
    can destroy as well as heal, as the bad after-effects of
    Lyndon Johnson’s Great Society attest, proving that giving
    one a handout, rather than a hand up, can imprison both the
    giver and recipient to the recipient’s dependency.

    Ross Mackenzie writes of the Religious Left’s lie–of its
    claiming to hold moderate views while it charges the
    Religious Right with radicalism. But both sides are

    The Religious Right now tries to undo what they helped
    to foment in their silence at the pulpit and in their winking
    at their own and their peers’ immoral transgressions these
    past forty years. Those of the Religious Left are only
    being themselves in their radical assaults on common sense
    and good civil society, and they mirror much better than the
    Religious Right Jesus’ exoteric teachings ((an exact
    reflection would be for them to withdraw from worldly
    concerns altogether and follow Jesus)).

    The first question that would-be Christians must ask
    themselves, in trying to live what Jesus actually taught,
    is “How much pain can I stand?” And then ask a second
    one, “Am I really my brother’s keeper?”

    I’m not my brother’s keeper if by “keeper” is meant
    “jailer.” I’ll teach my brother how to fend for himself,
    but not imprison both of us to his dependency, which is what
    the Religious and the secular Left have done to America.

    Or should I sell everything I own, give the proceeds to the
    poor and follow Him?

    Such is the quandary Christians face in reconciling the two
    minds–in deciding whether to build a better world or suffer
    in giving up the world, in hope of winning Paradise.


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