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Saturn Mythology: The God Of Time And The Lord Of the Rings

Mythological Origin Of Saturn (The Father Of The Gods)

saturn mythology lord of the ringsIn the beginning as we turn the pages of history, man/woman looks upon the stars since chapter 1.

Do you think our solar system/galaxy was always here without a beginning?

The cosmological events of the sky was the birth of our solar system as Saturn reigning king!

One theory blasts the idea that planets were massive GIANTS in our ancient skies.

Is it possible?

We’ve heard the stories of floods and wars from world mythology’s, including in the old Testament (Babylonian, Hindu, Persian, Greek, Roman, indigenous, etc.)

Saturn Mythology: The Saturn Myth & Thunderbolts of The Gods (David Talbot and Wallace Thornhill).

Right herraaaaa, we got an Olympic gold runner-up Saturn mythology theory.

And NOT just Saturn, but other planetary godly gas giants like Jupiter or Neptune!

Immanuel Velikovsky wrote “worlds in collision” which opened a new door to mythology.saturn mythology thunderbolts of the gods worlds in collision

Fun Fact: Albert Einstein helped him with (As far astrophysics) with his book “Worlds In Collision”.

Immanuel popularized the electric discharge theory between planetary Gods which cause monstrous disasters.

I give a super laser pointed detail about crater morphology caused by cosmic thunderbolts in this article, Massive Thunder Causing Mars Impact Craters

Electric discharge between 2 planetary charges creates a massive electrical by gas ionization through a planet’s atmosphere.

Just like the northern lights, but a weak electric discharge.

saturn mythology plasma dischargeIf you have a negatively charged planet in close range with a positively charged planet, then we’ll see WAR!

Battles of the Gods/Titans.

They even REPLICATED and tested this theory on a small scale.  We have the PROOF!

The heavenly Gods revealed foundations of the universe by showing the electromagnetic patterns which underline nature and her laws!

saturn mythology battle of the godsDavid and Wallace Thornhill correct some of Immanuel’s work and elaborate it even further!

Ever since, other people continue to this day to further the research on the Saturn theory.

David N. Talbott is an American, self-taught, comparative mythologist in the Velikovsky tradition.  His work offers a radical point of view on the origin of ancient cultural themes and symbols, in which the planets Jupiter, Saturn, Mars and Venus play prime roles.  In late 1971 they decided to produce a feature issue on Immanuel Velikovsky which, between 1972 and 1974, grew into ten special issues, Immanuel Velikovsky Reconsidered, after the May 1972 issue on Velikovsky was advertised nationally in scientific and general interest periodicals, such as Industrial Research, Psychology Today and Intellectual Digest. 

He is also the author of The Saturn Myth, co-author of a cosmological mystery, The Ecstasy of Sati-Ra, a video, “Mythscape: Remembering the End of the World” (1996), and co-author (with Wallace Thornhill) of Thunderbolts of the Gods (2005) and The Electric Universe (2007), and has contributed articles to Kronos, and Aeon journals..  https://www.velikovsky.info/david-talbott/

PDF Link to David Talbott’s Saturn Mythology https://archive.orgTalbottDavidTheSaturnMyth

Other links to his work. https://www.thunderbolts.info/

Saturn Mythology: Saturn Roman Mythology And Greek Mythology Linking The 2.

saturn mythology kronosKronos is the Greek equivalent.  Saturn was the father of Jupiter, aka Zeus!

Until Jupiter plays big time God king and overthrew Saturn, just as Saturn overthrew his father (The age of Uranus)!

The Saturn myth states it’s a reconfiguration of the planets of Jupiter taking the 5th orbital seat of our solar system!

KRONOS (Cronus) was the King of the Titans and the god of time, in particular time when viewed as a destructive, all-devouring force.

He ruled the cosmos during the Golden Age after castrating and deposing his father Ouranos (Uranus, Sky). In fear of a prophecy that he would in turn be overthrown by his own son, Kronos swallowed each of his children as they were born. https://www.theoi.com/Titan/TitanKronos.html

Saturn In Egyptian Mythology 

In myths we sometimes see syncretic Gods (2 or 3 different gods as one).

This happens because the symbols of the Gods are adopted by other constellations and moons of our solar system.

saturn mythology the eye of ra Saturn = Ra according to the Saturn Myth by Talbott and the rest of his J. Crew.

But how about Khnum?  He’s supposedly Ra’s father.  Sometimes Ra wears his father’s headgear, the RAM-head!

Another theory states he’s Knhum is Uranus of Greek mythology. Why?

Because he’s also the God of the Nile.

Neptune anyone? Aka the water planet?

Remember what I said about symbol adopting?

Later on, the names of the gods adopt to geological locations and the heavenly stars in the sky.

In Egypt, countless hymns to the god Ra extol him as the divine power opening the “day.” “The lords of all lands … praise Ra when he riseth at the beginning of each day.” Ra is the “great Light who shinest in the heavens … Thou art glorious by reason of thy splendours 

with the outermost planet, Saturn. Though the designation seems bizarre, the expression “star of Helios” or “star of Sol” was applied to Saturn! Of the Babylonian star-worshipers the chronicler Diodorus writes: “To the one we call Saturn they give a special name, ‘Sun-Star.'”

Similarly, the Greek historian Nonnus gives Kronos as the Arab name of the “sun,” though Kronos meant only Saturn and no other celestial body. Hyginus, in listing the planets, names first Jupiter, then the planet “of Sol, others say of Saturn.” A Greek ostrakon, cited by the eminent classicist, Franz Boll, identifies the Egyptian sun god Ra, not with our sun, but with the planet Saturn. This repeated confusion of the Sun and Saturn seems to make no sense at all . http://SaturnRaSol2ndparty.page

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Saturn In Babylon Mythology

BAAL is NOT Saturn but intimately ties in with Saturn! Baal is El’s son.

Some people get the 2 confused.  Moloch is the worshiped bull.

The bull is a polar configuration disaster for earth! saturn mythology el

If you read the Babylon text, the Bull of heaven floods the Earth! (show image of bull of heaven).

This configuration shows the chaotic alignment between Saturn, Venus, and Mars.

The central sun appears as a horned god (the Bull of Heaven), while his spouse, the cow-goddess, encloses the sun-god within two horns. Though extolled as the “sun,” all figures of the great father possess the crescent “moon” as two horns, reigning over the first age
as the generative Bull.

In Egypt, the “sun-godsRe, Horns, Osiris, Amen, and Ptah all take the form of a horned god—the mighty “bull.” Osiris is the “son of Nut, lord of the two horns.” The Litany of Re celebrates the god as the “supreme power, with attached head, with high horns.”  One of Re’s epithets is simply “Shining Horn.”

In the myths of several lands the celestial bull appears in the guise of Heaven Man, his body providing the  primeval matter of the Cosmos. https://archive.orgTalbottDavidTheSaturnMyth

Saturn In Hindu Mythology

Our Lord Vishnu = Another Saturnian archetype.

The bull of heaven associates with the trinity of the 3 planetary bodies of Venus, Saturn, and Mars.

saturn mythology vishnuThe same stories recycles/rebooted with minor kinks but the foundations have STRONG parallels.

A hymn of the Hindu Atharva Veda, titled “Extolling the Ox,” identifies the various. Hindu sources depict Vishnu, Brahma, Shiva, Agni, and Indra as bulls with luminous horns.  

In the myths of several lands the celestial bull appears in the guise of Heaven Man, his body providing the primeval matter of the Cosmos. A hymn of the Hindu Atharva Veda, titled “Extolling the Ox,” identifies the various gods with the limbs of the cosmic bull: “Prajapati and the most exalted one are his two horns, Indra his head, Agni his forehead, Yama his neck-joint. . etc.

In the same vein the Hindu Atharva Veda recalls “The mddy one, the sharp-homed bull, who encompassed Agni, the sun

Are gas giants low-level stars?  You bet your chocolate cake they are!

Planet Saturn Mythology: Was Earth One of Saturn’s Moons?   (Along  With The Other Planetary Gods, Venus And Mars, etc.)

We do have mythological cross cultural evidence world-wide in the ancient times!

Enough dibble dabble.  Time to get nitty gritty in this biz.

1. Saturn Was A Ring-less Sub-Dwarf Star Or A Bigger Dwarf Star In The Ancient Past

saturn mythology crescent mars venus saturn Major consensus confirms Saturn was a sub-brown dwarf (mini dwarf) WITHOUT rings.

There’s obvious evidence of cosmological catastrophe’s in our early nightly nebula sky!

Look asteroid belt of destroyed rock debris.

And brown dwarfs are NOT like planets, they’re like sun stars.

Saturn and Jupiter contain HELIUM and hydrogen.

They are gas giants without a rocky surface, making them mini suns or STARS!

Was Saturn a star failed brown dwarf. It’s a complicated calculus, but Fuller’s results suggest the presence of a calm, stable layer of gas near Saturn’s rocky core – an arrangement that doesn’t fit with classical theories describing planet innards and instead aligns more closely with what’s going on inside stars like the sun. In Saturn’s Rings, a Portal to the Planet’s Interior | National Geographic

Sub-brown dwarf or planetary-mass brown dwarf is an astronomical object that formed in the same manner as stars and brown dwarfs (i.e. through the collapse of a gas cloud) but that has a mass below the limiting mass for thermonuclear fusion of deuterium wikipedia.org/wiki/Sub-brown_dwarf

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2. Saturn’s Moon Titan Aka Baby Earth

Saturn’s moon Titan is Earth when it was just a baby.

It’s baby Earth because of similar atmospheres.

It’s the closest planetary body resembling our Earth! Was Earth part of Saturn’s orbit?saturn mythology titan saturns moon

Saturn has the most moons.  Titan is known as baby Earth due to its strong atmospheres which resembles earth in the earlier daysEarth was just like Titan The atmosphere of Titan is largely nitrogen; minor components lead to the formation of methane and ethane clouds and heavy organonitrogen haze. The climate—including wind and rain—creates surface features similar to those of Earth, such as dunes, rivers, lakes, seas (probably of liquid methane and ethane), and deltas, and is dominated by seasonal weather patterns as on Earth. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Titan_(moon)

3. Axial Tilt Of The Planets Earth, Mars, Saturn

Axial tilts  of Saturn, Earth, Mars are nearly the same!

The Earth at 23.5, Saturn at 26.5, and with Mars at 25 degrees.

saturn mythology axial tilt of planetsHow can that be possible?  And how come other planetary giants, inner and outer solar system aren’t in the same axial tilt?

Are these coincidences?

Laplace built his theory of the origin of the solar system on the assumption that all planets and satellites revolve in the same direction in a subtle way. He wrote that the axial rotation of the sun and the particularly orbital revolutions and axial rotations of the six planets, the moon, the satellites, and the rings of Saturn really present forty-three movements, all in the same direction, or so they thought.

One generally finds by the analysis of the probabilities that there basically are pretty much more than four thousand billion chances to one that this arrangement is not the result of chance; this probability kind of is considerably pretty much higher than that of the reality. http://robscholtemuseum.nl/wp-content/uploads/2017/12/Immanuel-Velikovsky-Worlds-in-Collision.pdf

4. Gravity would be less on Saturn which would affect the evolution of the Earth!

If earth was like Titan, then we’d expect MASSIVE plants, insects, huge reptiles aka the dinobots or just dinosaurs.

saturn mythology purple dawn of man With less gravity, cells would proliferate and we would see human giant’s back then.

Archaeologists discovered ancient massive human giant bones like the Madagascar giant standing at 17 feet tall.

Madagascar giant dylanus is one of the largest dylanus species and the largest bipedal animal on the planet of Earth since the extinct giant theropod dinosaurs, between 14-16 feet tall and weighing about 2,000-2,500 pounds, although it is dwarfed by the extinct Indian giant dylanus, which stood more than 19 feet tall and weighed more than 5 tons. www.fandom.com/wiki/Madagascar_Giant_Dylanus

Is that why there are NO more massive giant land mammals anymore?

Did the dinosaurs really die from a massive comet”.

Dinosaur bones would NOT stand the gravity on this planet.

Their bones are SO thin and brittle, they’d BREAK under that massive ton weight of meat.

There is no way the bone structure can harbor all that weight tissue of a dinosaur under our current gravitational forces of the YELLOW sun!

Buoyancy (/ˈbɔɪənsi,ˈbjənsi/) or upthrust, is an upward force exerted by a fluid that opposes the weight of a partially or fully immersed object. In a column of fluid, pressure increases with depth as a result of the weight of the overlying fluid. ” Wikipedia.org/wiki/Buoyancy

One of the most enduring mysteries about the dinosaurs is their massive size. The largest dinosaurs were several times the mass of the largest Elephant. It wasn’t just dinosaurs that were massive on the ancient Earth, there were giant insects and plants that were all much larger than we would expect. In this world of giants all life was shifted towards a larger size.

Calculations indicate that the dinosaurs’ bones, muscles and ligaments were too weak to support such massive animals, unless something dramatic had changed.

In 1987, I realized my engineering knowledge of scale effects on structures revealed a startling answer to this mystery of the dinosaurs’ massive size: an ancient reduced gravity.  A reduced gravity would make life lighter, so all land-based life could increase in scale with seemingly weak bones, muscles and ligaments. A reduced gravity explains life’s large size during the dinosaurs’ time.This theory allowed me to calculate that dinosaurs’ gravity would need to be about half the present force of gravity to explain their large size – a truly astonishing conclusion. www.dinox.org/dinogravity

Water mammals like the giant blue whale are different because their weight makes up for the net force from the water!

Buoyancy (/ˈbɔɪənsi, ˈbuːjənsi/) or upthrust, is an upward force exerted by a fluid that opposes the weight of a partially or fully immersed object. In a column of fluid, pressure increases with depth as a result of the weight of the overlying fluid. Wikipedia.org/wiki/Buoyancy

Wrapping The Rings Of Saturn Up.

The evidence is staggering.saturn mythology stargate cosmic pillar comet mars

When you read the books, you’ll see the detailed myths that have powerful cases and tons of worldwide cultural references.

Therefore, the evidence is hard to refute.

Every specific detail might not be right, but the foundations blueprint of this theory is undeniably compelling!


  1. “I never cared much for studying Human History until I realized it was all lies”
    QA Part 1: An Ancient History we can all agree on
    Q: How old is planet Earth, or our Sun, or the Universe according to NASA?

    The official answers are 4.543 Billion (Earth) 4.61 Billion (Sun) and 13.8 Billion (Universe).

    Q: How is the Age of a Star determined?

    The age of a star is primarily determined by profiling it’s mass, luminosity & temperature against a standard chart of other stars.

    Q: Okay, then how is the Mass of a Star determined?

    There is no single way to determine the mass of a star.

    Q: What?

    You heard me. There’s no way to know the mass of a star by looking at it. For example, we can’t tell how big something is, how far away it is, or of gravitational lensing is affecting the reading. One has to make assumptions about it’s gravitational pull.

    Q: Okay, so how is the Gravitational Pull of a Star determined?

    A star’s gravitational pull is determined by observing “slight variations” in the Star’s luminosity

    Q: Luminosity determines Mass, which paired with Luminosity & Temperature determines Age? This sounds like circular logic.

    Because it is.

    Q: Can’t we use Radio-Carbon-Dating?

    The critics of this method point out that carbon-dating relies on the same circular logic as star-dating: One already has to have a reliable record of actual ages to base new findings on, and nobody has been around that long. Additionally, it’s not difficult to find an article calling the entire field into question for various reasons.

    Q: So how old is the Universe?

    In all likelihood, the Universe was always there and always will be, much like the concept of ‘Time’.

    Q: So how old is the Sun?

    We can only guess because Suns don’t have tree-rings.

    Q: How did our Solar System form?

    In the beginning, our Sun and the planet Jupiter were alone as a binary system. Then, an L-type brown dwarf known as Saturn and it’s 200+ moons arrive. Saturn and Jupiter as well as the larger moons of Saturn then become entangled in a co-linear orbit. This co-linear configuration arrayed the planets in series connected like batteries by their north and south poles. In this period, the moons of Saturn (including Mars, Venus, and Earth) enjoyed a Golden Age while the co-linear planetary configuration showered them with a safe carbohydrate energy known as “Mana” that promoted life to form in abundance. This age and configuration are depicted in the Christian Bible as the “Garden of Eden”. A similar or identical story of a golden age can be found in every culture on earth. The mythical Island of Atlantis appeared at the very center of our North Pole, and fixed above it was our God and Creator: The planet Saturn. The Bible is a real story, just heavily redacted.

    Q: Humanity was then cast out of the Garden of Eden?

    Correct! It’s natural, and happens all the time. When Earth was cast out of Saturn’s Garden of Eden into cataclysm, Humanity was struck with a death and darkness that lasted decades. Without the co-linear configuration holding Atlantis in place, it vanishes into the Earth. Our ancestors did not understand why Saturn/El would punish them so. They didn’t know at the time but it wasn’t God’s punishment at all. Instead, being cast out of the Garden of Eden was like a bird being pushed out of a nest by it’s parent. It’s 100% natural. However, there were some humans (Nimrod etc) who suggested they could get past the darkness by building a tower that goes past the cloud layer.

    Q: The Tower of Babel was real??

    Back then, Earth’s gravity was 1/3rd what it is today but gradually increasing, and there were many Giants, so building the tower was easy. The project was successful at first, and allowed the new religious class called ‘scientists’ to peer through the cloud layer and spot their old God El/Saturn which they called Moloch. They noticed the Black Cube/Hexagon on Moloch’s North Pole and thus began to wear Yarmulke with the 6-sided Star of Moloch on their north poles (their heads). As a result of this discovery, the class system was created with those at the top holding secret knowledge, and with those at the bottom slaves to that knowledge. Eventually this project failed, as everyone knows, but it wasn’t by God’s hand. It was 100% natural. The tower created a circuit connection between the ground and the upper layer of the electromagnetic field of the earth. This connection brought down massive energies along the sides of the tower. All humans within the building or on the staircases were hit with this energy could no longer function, think, talk, or remember anything. The same effect can be achieved in a lab by applying electrodes to a human head. Therefore humans fled the tower in all directions feeling once again smitten by their Creator. Great Job there, Nimrod! This is the first reason the tower failed and the primary reason centralized language became splintered on Earth. The second reason the tower failed is that gravity increased on Earth, and the tower collapsed from within. The secret society cultivated at the top of the Tower of Babel also fled the tower taking their knowledge and culture with them.
    All Saturn-worshiping secret societies that exist today still attempt to impose upon the rest of the species (us) the class-system rules they created at the top of the Tower of Babel.

    Q: How do we know all this?

    Every civilization on Earth has made monuments to events that occurred in our shared history. The similarities between these monuments (built by independent civilizations that typically never met each-other) provides the strongest evidence of the actual age and history of the Earth.

    However, the age of the Earth cannot be determined in Sun-Years.

    Q: Why can’t the Earth’s age be determined in Sun-Years?

    Before 202X years ago, the Sun was not visible to the Earth yet. This is why our Gregorian calendars start on this date. Before this date, it was not possible to have a Sun Calendar.

    Q: The Sun was not visible to Earth? Pardon me?

    Proponents of the Electric Universe Theory challenge the ‘Gravity-Centric’ model of the universe. They hold that the true story of Earth’s origin is that it started out as a Moon of the planet Saturn at a time when Saturn was not yet part of our Sun’s orbit. This is why Solar deities and Sun worship can be found throughout most of recorded history in various forms.

    Here is a must-see documentary: Remembering the End of the World (Full Documentary)

    Q: So you’re saying the Earth’s Sun was first seen by humanity around the same time Jesus Christ was born?

    Remember I said earlier, the Gregorian (or Julian) calendar was not possible before 202X years ago? The story of Jesus Christ is an Astrological Allegory. Christ is the Sun. The name Jesus did not exist any version of the Bible until the 1611 KJV Bible (500 years ago). Until then, it was Yahusha. This is why ‘J’ is missing from the Greek Alpha-bet.

    Q: Why did the KJV Bible rename Yahusha to Jesus?

    This change converted existing colonial projects in the New World into a Religious Crusade that would be joined by church-affiliated mercenaries from England, France, Spain, and the Netherlands. This new version of the Bible endowed the colonialists with sense of justification known as Manifest Destiny as they slaughtered or converted all indigenous folk on the continent. Their new subjects were then reeducated and circumcised with the OT Covenant; their old Gods (Sun, Saturn, Jupiter etc) replaced by the One Invisible God.

    Q: How can a book do all that?

    The KJV Bible rewrite came with new orders: 1. Jesus is the new name of your Lord; a spanish name that colonists in America will be able to pronounce. 2. Jesus will return (soon). Therefore anyone who claimed to be Jesus, fitting all the qualifiers set out in the new text, would have the entire combined colonist population at his command. Evidence for this scheme actually working on people of the Americas can be found throughout the Book of Mormon.

    Q: Does the Book of Mormon have any truth in it?

    Of course it does! But, much like the KJV Bible, it exists as a redaction of many previous works that were destroyed at the same time as it’s creation. Decrypted, the Book of Mormon offers a legitimate account of a people named the Nephites who were first to inhabit the Americas and then ‘fell into wickedness’ and had to be destroyed by God (i.e. the central church authority).

    A popular online conspiracy theory suggests the Nephilim are the offspring of ‘fallen angels’ which gave rise to life on earth. While the Book of Mormon sets a denigrating tone when referring to the Nephilim, they were just an ordinary race, and not ‘fallen’ in any way. They were not ‘Aliens’, and yes, they could build massive megalithic structures much like we can build towers with legos.

    The real Nephilim were the Nephites; the Giants of Early America, and they could not be converted by the colonialists, and all had to be killed as the Book of Mormon describes: “Down to the last man, woman, and child”. Giants (large scale humans) are confirmed in all versions of the Christian Bible. Numbers 13:33 states “and there we saw the Nephilim (the sons of Anak), and we seemed to ourselves like grasshoppers, and so we seemed to them.”

    QA Part 2: A Modern History we can all agree on
    Q: Okay, what’s the ‘true’ story of Earth’s Origin?

    The ‘First’ Story, is the true Origin Story that humans on earth actually experienced, which is told through artifacts but is otherwise forgotten.

    The ‘Second’ Story is the redacted form of the Origin Story created by those who would control us (and each other).

    Therefore, The Third Story is whatever humanity eventually agrees is the actual truth, and we will.

    Q: Gotcha, so what part of Earth’s History were we taught that isn’t all lies?

    None of the good stuff! “According to the prevailing dogma, the Nebular Hypothesis, planets and stars accreted from the dust cloud after the Big Bang billions of years ago. In this dubious model it is assumed that these bodies have occupied more-or-less steady and unchanging orbits ever since. Anyone who challenges this ideological assumption is quickly reminded of the ‘fact’ that the only forces at work are gravity and inertia. Any contrary viewpoint thus requires ‘mysterious’ forces. But these mysterious forces, as it turns out, are not so mysterious after all.” – plasmacosmology.net

    Q: None of it? How do we determine the ‘True’ origin story?

    By cross-referencing ancient testimony by every civilization on Earth. Our ancestors weren’t liars, and they weren’t insane. They simply drew what they saw in the sky.

    Q: What about the existence of Dinosaurs?

    They existed, and probably still exist somewhere. *BUT* the earth isn’t 65 million+ years old any more than it’s 4.5 billion. At any rate, ‘The Dinosaurs roamed the Earth’ narrative was constructed deliberately to erase the real history of ‘The Giants’, our ancestors. This conspiracy is well-known as The Smithsonian Cover-up. Think about this line: “Giants roamed the Earth”

    Q: What about the history of Civil Wars and World Wars?

    Easy: All Wars are Banker Wars. The victors (bankers) write the official history. It really is that simple. Read my theory on World War 2 here.

    Q: What about the history of Plagues and Mass Famine?

    Every genocide was rewritten later as a plague or famine. The most obvious example is The Irish Potato Famine. Humans aren’t this bad at eating or staying healthy. Much like COVID-19, each famine/plague was planned in advance as a means to re-assert control over that population.

    Q: It sounds like you believe the real history of Earth is incredibly sad and evil.

    To me, it’s more of an epic battle between forces of Good and Evil. Sadness and Evil are part of life, but they don’t win.

    Q: Okay, who is this Great Evil that influenced Earth throughout history?

    Excellent question! I’ve been looking for the answer for a long time. I have concluded recently that the source of this evil has to be a break-away human civilization. I’ve ruled out the British, the Zionists, any Bug-like Aliens, and ‘The Devil’ as being the culprits. No, they were just the scape-goats. Instead, we’re talking about a distant society of human-beings that has needed to continuously leach Earth’s resources (and pretty women) over the last few milena. They are happy when we are obedient, but when we get too unruly, another 9/11 happens.

    Q: This conclusion still seems quite far-fetched.

    Truth may be stranger than fiction. Keep an open mind.

    Q: …and where does your phantom scary break-away human cult live?


    QA Part 3: Wait, What?
    Q: Huh? Why?

    Maritime. Martial Law. Marriage. Marching. All of the bad things we know of are named after the planet Mars. Therefore it’s possible that ‘all these bad things’ are actually systems of controls imposed upon us by humans who live on this planet.

    Q: How can humans survive on Mars?

    On the inside. All planets are hollow, remember that theory? Not Flat. Hollow.

    It’s nicer on the inside, however resources are limited. This is why they have to leach off of Earth’s resources.

    Q: How do they get supplies and people to and from Mars?

    CERN. The most mysterious human project ever constructed. Also the place where the Internet was invented in 1989. Coincidence? Nope.

    Q: CERN is a Star-Gate to Mars? How would that work?

    CERN colliders are essentially locations where an extremely high amount of energy is placed all at once. When this happens, a quantum entanglement is created between the source location, and wherever that energy ends up flowing towards. Therefore, so-called ‘quantum tunnels’ can be built between locations that have already experienced major inter-planetary electric discharge. The larger the CERN facility, the more stable the tunnel, and the more stuff can be brought through it. Obviously gates between planets are periodic, and depend entirely on the proximity of the planets to each-other. It shouldn’t be a surprise that CERN is right now building a facility 6 times larger than the current one. Oh, check out this amazing photo taken above CERN.

    QA Part 4: Conjecture
    Q: Do you have any other evidence that Martians have influenced Earth affairs?


    Why Mars?:
    Ancient testimony tells us the ‘true’ origin story of Earth, Mars, Venus, Saturn, Jupiter, and the Sun! (oh and the other planets were sorta involved too). The real history of our solar system is recent, not millions or billions of years long. Somebody is lying to us about the age of the Earth by a factor of a few hundred thousand.
    The reason it’s Mars and not other planets: we share an incubated safe space with Mercury, Venus, and Mars that allows for periodic quantum entanglement without interference. Occasionally, Birkeland currents will flow between these planets.
    We can’t travel to Venus (600 degree heat), and Mercury might have interference issues being too close to the Sun.
    The asteroid belt also causes interference with the outer planets.
    The most natural and safest periodic quantum gates exist between Earth and Mars. These gates were formed during inter-planetary discharges of electricity, the same kind of lightning scaring that carved the Grand Canyons.

    Pyramids are man-made structures enclosing naturally-forming periodic quantum tunnels:
    All pyramids were built around naturally occurring star-gates that no longer function today. The pyramid structure is built around the gate to make it stable and safe for passage.
    There are pyramid structures all over the Earth, not just in Egypt and South America.
    They are not tombs for Egyptian Pharaohs. There were never any insignia or skeletons next to any of the suspect ‘tombs’ found. They were not created by Ancient Aliens.
    The enduring mystery of the pyramids has spawned decades of debates and conspiracy theories with no consensus.

    Martians are Humans:
    It is well known that every genocide in history followed a propaganda campaign conscripting one ‘race’ against many others. Naturally, the victors of these genocides would fear the same tactic being used against them. If you follow this logic, this means that after every genocide the culprits are a more similar race to the survivors than they are to the targets. Therefore, it is very unlikely that any race or species other than humans (that look like you and me) inhabit Mars. If Martian humans actually had a different appearance from Earth humans, ‘Deep State’ style infiltration schemes would be impossible to pull off.
    Human females have been historically brought through the natural and man-made quantum gates that connect Earth and Mars for breeding purposes. Breeding is strictly controlled under (Mar)itial Wedlock. This system of control creates a top-down banker-owned family-driven loyalty structure on both planets.
    Martians speak Latin! This is the language of their last great Empire on Earth; the Roman Empire. Why else would a Dead Language still be taught in schools around the world? Why else would the official language of the Vatican City Holy See also be the same language all of our Laws and Science, Medicine, and Theology Books are written in? This language is still very much alive and taught to us so we can interface with our Latin-speaking masters both here and on Mars.
    Alien “Abductions” are Simulated. “I have secured a document confirming that the CIA simulated UFO abductions in Latin America (Brazil and Argentina) as psychological warfare experiments.” In his book, Vallee notes that Air Force Colonel Ron Blackburn told Vallee in May 1990 that he was “convinced the government is working on UFOs”. Blackburn said that the chances were “pretty good” that the US government was “fooling” UFO witnesses “by special effects developed by psychological warfare”
    Forbidden Science 4, Vallee, March 26, 1992

    Mars influence on Earth’s History:
    Exodus 1: The Classic
    The most well-known slavery story “The Exodus” was a real story about the first time Mars lost control of the Earth gate due to shifting conditions within the Solar System. The story was later redacted to exclude most of humanity and add divine intervention. The first Mars Gates were the Pyramids, which exist all over the world. The Egyptian slaves weren’t Jews, they were all humans on Earth, but mostly humans in Africa. This is why so many ‘Jewish’ stories are found in African indigenous tribes. The egyptian empire decayed into what we now call the ‘Deep State’. Today that same Deep State is using the US Army to destroy every pyramid except for those in SA and Egypt.
    Exodus 2: The Bloody Sequel
    The Roman Empire was another time when the Deep State (Mars) ruled Earth. Ever heard the saying: “Beware the Ides of March”? Bad things have happened on 3/11 throughout history. In this time, our Sun was growing brighter every year, and with every Spring the Sun-worshiping pagans expected some kind of Martial influence, be it war or infiltration. They were right! The Romans had attempted to appropriate the pagan Sun deity many times into a human ‘son of an invisible god’: Apollo, Alexandar the Great, Caesar (Julius, Octavius, Augustus), and eventually Yeshua (Jesus Christ). Rome crucified anyone who resisted. After a few hundred years, the empire fell into a 300 year long decay. The humans of Earth were apparently free once again. And once again, the Deep State buried itself, this time splitting into two new religions: Islam & Christianity
    Exodus 3: Recapture & Reeducation
    By the 5th Century, the Roman Empire had become so unpopular it was forced to escape Rome. Britain was enslaved by Christianity in the 6th century and is still enslaved by religion to this day via a series of underground prisons where pagans rot to death. “A terrible stinking dark and dismal place situated underground into which no daylight can come. It was paved with stone; the prisoners had no beds and lay on the pavement and whereby they endured great misery and hardship. —Inmate at Newgate Prison, London (1724) Regardless, CrusiFICTION Christianity was generally unconvincing to the world at large, and had to be reasserted through many bloody Christian Crusades. Again the local pagan Sun deity King Arther would be re-written as a human man. (Reminder: The stories of both King Arther and Jesus Christ are allegories for the Sun appearing to earth, creating the first Seasons).
    Publishing redacted pagan beliefs through mass media was the Deep State’s primary subterfuge for controlling humanity through religion..

    By the 7th Century, Arabia became engulfed in a slave-driven military crusade marking the successful world-wide inception of the new Slave Religion: Islam. Islam enjoyed a long period of Scientific Literacy known as the Islamic Golden Age which lasted at least 8 centuries. The belief systems of Islam was also unconvincing to the public, and had to be reasserted through many Islamic Crusades. This was the Deep State staging ground for controlling science through slavery.

    As a result of this successful campaign, all the truth sciences of this world are currently encrypted into the deepest levels of centralized religion.
    Exodus 4: The Empire Strikes Back
    By the 19th Century, the Deep State was beginning to re-emerge to the public. London had a huge Egyptian obelisk moved there from Alexandria in 1877. After the American Civil War, an Egyptian obelisk was constructed by slaves in Washington D.C. in 1884 to commemorate George Washington, the guy who fought a war against London, where the other obelisk stands. Even though the First Amendment of the US Constitution prohibits establishment of religious icons within the government, a pyramid with an ‘All-seeing eye’ appears throughout the federal government and on all United States $1 dollar bills.

    Q: Why would two countries at war both have the same Egyptian obelisk?
    A: Because Earth was being prepared for World War 1 & 2.
    Just look at the 20th century; They totally got us.

    Q: How’s that? What did the World Wars Accomplish?
    A: Targeting syncretism, both wars split the world along existing religious lines, segregating the mixed religions and once again slaughtering the pagans. Rare would become say a Jewish German (known as Yiddish), or a Christian Muslim (common in the East).

    20th Century genocides such as the Holodomors and Holocaust resulted segregation of earth populations into controllable religious sects:
    Christianity, Islam, Hinduism etc. For more on WW2, check out my other article.

    Differences between “The War of the Worlds” the book/movie/album and the real event:
    The story “The War of the Worlds” was a real event that occurred on earth many times, but heavily redacted by plagiarist H.G. Welles. Sounds familiar? That’s because this is precisely what Sir Francis Bacon did to the Christian Bible.
    Until Wells stepped in, nearly all fictitious and non-fiction accounts of “Men from Mars” regarded Martians as 1. Human men (and women) and 2. Benign.
    “H. G. Wells. His determination (utopianist though he was) to use Mars not for reassuring utopian fantasies but as a scourge to human complacency resulted in 1898 in a path-breaking novel of interplanetary invasion. The War of the Worlds, the first literary masterpiece in the tradition of Martian fiction, upends the sentimental icon of the man from Mars and replaces him with monstrous would-be conquerors who give British imperialists a taste of their own medi-cine.”
    – Imagining Mars: A Literary History
    The most obvious connection between this book and modern times is the U.S. Military’s Active Denial System. This crowd control vehicle has built upon it a heat ray device that looks precisely like the heat ray described in the book:
    “This intense heat they project in a parallel beam against any object they choose, by means of a polished parabolic mirror of unknown composition”
    If WotW was meant to be a (the first) science fiction book, why did Wells describe this futuristic device so precisely?
    Q: Why did the WotW album and all the movies cover this design up by switching the Heat Ray to a ‘tall funnel’?
    A: Heat-Ray technology became a classified military secret in the 20th century. Realist depictions of heat-ray technology would become forbidden.
    Martians are definitely human, like you and me. They aren’t giant brains with octopus arms!
    Martians live inside Mars, as all planets are Hollow, but life is difficult, food is scarce, and overpopulation is an actual problem (unlike on Earth).
    Martians are not smarter than Earthlings. Their early adoption of advanced technology was motivated by the scarcity in their environment and the need to control the flow of resources from Earth.
    Martians can only safely get to Earth via natural or man-made Quantum Gates (CERN) which only operate when the planets are in opposition (every 26 months).
    When Martians lose control over the gates, they lose control over Earth, and they must use other means to re-assert control remotely.
    Martians cannot travel between planets on cylinders, but they can send robots through space, and remote-control robots on Earth.
    Tripods are not enough! Martians must also maintain strict loyalty within entire generations of secret societies here on Earth.
    There is a statue of a Martian Tripod in Woking town center, Surry, UK, one of the locations of these events.
    In The States, we had the Orson Welles cover up of yet another event involving Tripods. “Once they start to move, no more news comes out of that area”.
    Also in the States, we have “Science Fiction” books depicting a history of Tripods in the Civil War Times. ““Night of the Cooters” 1987, Howard Waldrop describes “Sherriff Lindley organizes a resistance against a Martian cylinder that lands nearby.”
    No living creature could survive space travel in a small cylinder, nor can it survive a comet-like re-entry burn, nor can it survive for days inside scalding metal.
    But a remote-controlled machine can!
    The Tripod Walker exists because the Martians need to hide their technology from Earth while attacking it. Earthlings cannot build the Tripods themselves by observing them, as they lack the phenomenal battery power required. In early versions of the WotW story, the Tripods show up and route all the civilians into one location while attempting to avoid destruction of infrastructure. They then die of a disease, something they really should have seen coming, and the story ends. The real story ends when the Tripods accomplished their goal of disrupting a specific society, giving the insiders time to fill key positions of power before rebuilding it again. It’s important to note that in *ALL* versions of the WotW story, the Tripods are observed taking away the remains of their fallen comrades. Strategically, this is a bad idea as it leaves them open to a secondary strike. The only reason they would do this is to hide the technology after the war is won, leaving absolutely no trace of Tripods ever having been present. The survivors then get accused of Wartime PTSD.

    The Swiss-Mars Gate Connection:
    Swiss banks have historically behaved like Bond Villains. “For more than half a century the Alpine nation of Switzerland has built a reputation as the world´s centre for tax evasion, fraud accounting, money laundering, racketeering, and above all a staunch ally of corrupt third world leaders and a great beneficiary of third world corruption.”
    The mysterious CERN Project was built undemocratically in Switzerland using taxes from 21 EU member states.
    “As Wordsworth observed, the inhabitants of the Swiss Alps saw Satan as being ‘the principal agent’ at work in their homeland.”
    Q: “Welcoming Satan? Gotthard Tunnel opening ceremony in Switzerland”
    A: Nope! Not Satan. Just normal looking humans on the other side of the CERN gate.
    Many attempts were made by netizens to decode the ceremony. These videos have been erased from the internet, but their conclusion is simple. The point of the CERN Ceremony was to show (the humans on the other side of the quantum tunnel) that Earth is fully obedient and systematically under complete control. This system of control is demonstrated using a cavalcade of puppet presidents, popes, celebrities, all the way down to the multitude of working-class laborers, also appearing obedient. The usage of occult symbols also demonstrates obedience to various brands of control that existed throughout Earth’s history. The purveyors of this ceremony had one clear message for the other side: Humanity wants to be ruled. Ruled by whom?
    While many bloggers such as Bob Schlenker enjoy a high degree of freedom and no censorship when discussing these topics in detail, such autonomy and success usually indicates they are Controlled Opposition Agents. Controlled Opposition articles appear on the front-lines of any online conspiracy thread. Historically these agents are purposed with inoculating the general public against further speculation. As you can see in Bob’s writings, there is a great amount of detail with zero conclusions, and always spurious notion that the reader should just dismiss the topic entirely. Nothing to see here folks!

    Predictive programming in Science Fiction / Fantasy Genre:
    Since the great book-burning of the 20th century, there has since been a persistent trend in surviving published media that injects predictive programming about our reality into science fiction and fantasy movies. The idea behind this coordinated programming is that the audience is expected to understand that these two categories are strictly fiction. As a result of this trick, any information exchanged in a science-fiction novel or motion picture is automatically regarded by the viewer (and their entire peer network) as untrue. Any time dogma of a science establishment (like NASA) is challenged, the PP will kick in and the challenge will be categorically dismissed. In addition, horrific images are often associated with ‘SciFi’ and ‘Fantasy’ media, especially in the 80s. The same tactic is used by Catholics who show their young children images of crucified adults. Fear is the most effective educational tool.
    All 20th century novels and movies about Mars describe it as unlivable and unattractive to Humans, and generally hostile to life. This is a major shift from 19th century literature which describes Mars as inhabited by advanced humans living on the surface who occasionally visit Earth on friendly terms. Why the shift?
    The movie Star Gate (1994) attempts to categorically mithify the connection between real-life pyramids and periodic star-gates into the realm of ‘science fiction’ and highlights the persistent confusion among historians as to who built the pyramids and how and why they were built. The movie differs from real-life by suggesting ‘advanced technology’ is required to build star gates. In real life, the pyramids themselves were the star gates, and they did not function as depicted in the movie.
    In the very first scene of Star Gate, during Robert California’s lecture, a member of the audience laughingly suggests that The Atlanteans as well as The Martians built the Pyramids. Well, this happens to be the truth. However, This interaction is predictive programming meant to provoke the viewer into subconscious considering and then dismissing the possibility of pyramids being built recently for inter-planetary purposes by humans from this solar system .
    Spielberg’s “War of the Worlds” 2005 hinted that the machines are buried underground in the East Coast. Changing tradition, Spielberg altered the nature of the heat-ray removing both the invisibility and heat. Inexplicably, the red planet itself was removed from the traditional storyline. Why?
    Total Recall 1990 suggests there are pyramids on Mars built by ancient aliens. This PP negates the possibility that Martian pyramids were built recently by humans. TR also suggests humans explode when exposed to Martian atmosphere. This common PP gimmick associates ‘space exploration’ with horrific images. Total Recall 2012 is a remake of the original with the location and nearly all references to Mars removed. Did the Martians complain again?

    Predictive programming in other media:
    The infamous Mock human sacrifice at Cern video was (obviously) staged with amateur actors. The idea of this Predictive Programming was to end the debate in people’s minds as to whether or not CERN is a ‘sacrifice gateway’. In real life, chosen women stock are brought through the quantum tunnel like any valued Earth resource. Women are not sacrificed in the CERN lobby.

    Travel to Mars:
    A Human Mission to Mars was in the official NASA plans since the 1950s. Why then after 70 years are we no closer to an actual launch? The current most realistic earliest launch date is 2040 with an extra 10-30 years to get there. How old will you be when they land?
    Conspiracy Theorist Alex Jones was famously censored after a caller suggested there could be A child slave-colony on Mars. The high-profile censorship of Alex Jones ended the discussion, and a controlled opposition agent Robert David Steele was brought in to mis-represent the original claim. “We actually believe that there is a colony on Mars that is populated by children who were kidnapped and sent into space on a 20-year ride,”. The ’20 year ride’ version made it seem more like Star Trek Fiction, and caused readers to lend even less credibility to the story, while hiding any mention of the true method of travel: instantaneous quantum tunnels like CERN. In the original caller’s transcript, the caller described the children being born into slavery while on Mars. This makes more sense, and leads the reader to assume there may be a break-away civilizations of Humans living on Mars.

    Q: Neat. So how does this all end?

    This situation will continue indefinitely until two things happen. Firstly, the Humans of Earth need to get their act together and figure out what’s real and what’s not. That could take a while. The other thing that has to happen is World Peace on Earth. If either of these two conditions are not met, it is guaranteed that this situation will continue.

    So how does this end? History has shown us that the Deep State in any form cannot hold on to global control for more than a few hundred years before it’s empire falls.
    Mars has victimized Earth for thousands of years, but if peace is achieved on Earth then all is forgiven. Humans on Mars may fear retribution, much like the Zionists fear retribution by Palestinians.

    But there won’t be any. We will all learn to share our resources (we already know how). There will be no scarcity (Sorry, Thanos). They’ll keep getting lovely supplies shipped from Earth through the gates. They’ll finally allow us to use advanced technology. They’ll give up their war and peace will finally overcome our God of War: The Planet Mars.
    by Ari Asulin – 03/27/2020
    (updated Juneteenth/2020)

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