How To Lucid Dream 35

How To Lucid Dream

What Is Lucid Dreaming?

A lot of us heard of it, some of us did it, and some never know it exists.   In a lucid dream, you know you’re dreaming, while dreaming.  Lucid itself means “clear”(clear dreaming).

How to lucid dream fast?  The key is the subconscious mind.  The subconscious mind is an iceberg we need to chip away to induce a powerful lucid dream quickly.

How To Lucid dream - subconscious mind

Think of a person that’s brainwashed through repetition.  For example, you ever binge watch a TV show?

You’ll start having dreams about the show, constantly in your head.  Your thoughts are emotionally charged and tied to an object/person, sending you down a cyclone of repeated thoughts.

Reading about lucid dreams all day and contemplating it will effect your mind.  Brainwash yourself all day thinking about lucid dreaming.

Repeat mantras all day long such as “I’m going to lucid dream”.  Go to more sites and read about lucid dreams. Find images about dreams.

If you spend all day reading about lucid dreams and doing some of the practices below, then it’s possible you can have one tonight.

How To Lucid Dream: Daily Techniques

1. Hand Reality Checks (Am I Dreaming Or Awake?)

From the VERY moment you wake up to the last hour right before sleep, do these checks.  Remember, chip away at your subconscious mind.

You need to program it.  Hand reality checks is one most effective method to lucid dreaming.  But I want you to stick out your hands first and ask yourself,

“Am I dreaming or awake?”.  While you do this I want you to FEEL the sensations of your hands physically.  How?  By putting your attention there.  How To Lucid dream - hand reality checks

It might be a strange feeling at first.  You’ve probably never put your attention to a specific body part as a means to train your consciousness.

Why does it work?  Because eventually you’ll be doing this in your dream.  Remember, you need to keep chipping away at the subconscious mind in order to create a habit.

You’ll be in a dream wandering around, then all of a suddenly you’ll ask yourself if you’re dreaming or awake.

Yaqui shamans call this getting in touch with your dreaming double, Aka Dream body.  The dream body is a very real thing which lies dormant, surrounding your body right now.

Like a super astral jet plane ready to fly, but you can’t.  Unfortunately you need to build a bridge between you and your dream body.


2. Keeping A Dream Journal (Total Dream Recall)

How To Lucid Dream 37Reflecting on dreams will help you build your dream memory.  Once you wake up, start jotting down your dreams.

Spend a few minutes because the more you wake up, the more you’ll remember.

So just quickly jotting down your dreams for a minute won’t do any good.  You’ll go back to you dream journal 2 minutes later “Oh ya I forgot about that”.


3. Wake Up, Then Go Back To Sleep

How To Lucid Dream 39Doing this boosts your chances of lucidity, especially if you just woke up from a dream.

Because you’re in that hazy state of realizing you’re not dreaming anymore, but feel drowsy enough.

Try this for a week straight by combining all 4 techniques mentioned above.

If you don’t have a lucid dream by then, consider yourself a robot.

How To Lucid Dream: Tricks And Tips

Timing: Best Time To Lucid Dream (Lunar Eclipses)

Sergio Magana (modern shaman) says the best time to lucid dream is during lunar eclipses. Why?

Shamans claim our sun represents our waking consciousness, while the moon represents dreaming tricks - lunar eclipse dreaming time.

The world is symbolic and literal at the same time.  It’s a paradox of sorts.

During a lunar eclipse the sun and moon align your waking conscious and subconscious states align with each other.

At this point your chances of lucid dreaming vastly increase.

Because now the dreaming body and your human conscious meet together.  The sun represents your “dream body”.  That energetic body takes over when you’re asleep.

The shamans refer to your waking state as the Tonal (physical human state).  You’re a multidimensional being existing in a multidimensional reality.


Internal Silence: spank the monkey mind shut (Mini Snack Meditations)

We’re bombarded with daily thoughts and worries.  The better we sharpen our senses in timeless presence, the higher the chances you’ll have a lucid dream.

lucid dreams tame mindFor internal silence, sit, clear your mind, and indulge in your sensations yours senses receive.  That’s it!  Simple enough?  Give it 2 seconds and an avalanche of thoughts and emotions come rolling down.

This is why in the beginning 5 minutes maximum is recommended.  As a beginner, I would start with 1-3 minutes.  Gradually build to 5 minutes etc.

Increase the time as you get more comfortable.  More practice = Effective and longer meditation sessions.

Try to do too much at one time, and you’ll neglect the practice all together by overwhelming yourself.

Here’s some helpful meditation tips:

Lucid dreaming morning meditation


  1. Keep your eyes half closed.  It’s important you have some control (Full control if possible).  When your eyes close you’ll naturally start to drift into a hazy sleepy state and make sure your eyes aren’t fully crossed.  Keep them straight.
  2. Focus on what you hear first.  Just listen to the sounds around you.  Put your attention there.  If your attention drifts, bring it back as many times needed.  Notice the sounds and the energetic sensations throughout your physical body( Inside & Out)
  3. Repeat a mantra – Repeating a word to yourself while elongating the word helps the mind focus in the beginning. Repeat the mantra every 10-20 seconds.  Whatever you feel comfortable and it doesn’t have to be the same seconds each time.  Keep it casual.  Drag the word out as you repeat it outloud.  For example,  “fooooooccuuuuussssss”.  Relax and breath deeply as you inhale/exhale while repeating the word.
  4.  Do a light stretch before the meditation which helps with relaxation and focus.



tips for lucid dreaming - healthy food

Your diet vastly effects your dreams as well.  Eating late or eating foods with high sugar content make it more difficult to lucid dream.


Foods high in tryptophan (amino acid building protein for muscle growth) increase hormones that help you sleep.

Foods high in entryphone affect the serotonin (The happy chemical the brain produces) and melatonin.  Melatonin plays a key factor for sleep.

They act as natural relaxers.  Certain foods contain high amounts of tryptophan.

Foods High In Tryptophan

  1. Fish
  2. Turkey
  3. Seaweed
  4. Spinach
  5. Dates
  6. Oats
  7. Eggs
  8. Sesame seeds

Vitamin B6

Vitamin B6 contributes to creating sleep hormones.  That’s why it’s so important to eat foods with vitamin B6.

The brain’s hormone serotonin and melatonin are created from vitamin B6.  The brain is a chemical factory which creates the hormones serotonin and melatonin from vitamin B6.

The best is to obtain this vitamin from fruits and veggies since they absorb so much better than meat.

Foods High In B6

  1.  Bananas (one of the best, also helps with nerve function)
  2.  Carrots
  3.  Spinach
  4.  Sweet potato
  5.  Milk
  6.  Salmon
  7.  Tuna (Albacore & Yellowfin)

What Not To Eat

Candy, Caffeine, Chocolate.  Anything heavy at night isn’t good for sleep.  Another thing to keep in mind is not to sleep on a full stomach.

Wait until you digest most of your food.  The emptier your stomach (not too empty), the higher chances of achieving lucidity.


How To Lucid Dream: Crystals And Devices

Crystals For Lucid Dreaming

Crystals to help with dreams

Crystals are always regarded as mysterious stones of energy.  For 1000’s of years, shamans use crystals as a medium between the spiritual and the physical dimensions.

These stones are part of the Earth’s nervous system containing electromagnetic properties.

All matter vibrates at a certain frequency, whether it comes from nature or man made.  And all matter has an electromagnetic frequency.

This is a quantum fact.  This is why the ancient shamans were obsessed with crystals or talismans with embedded crystals.

Crystals That Help With Lucid Dreaming

  • Azurite
  • Amethyst
  • Dream quartz
  • Hemimorphite
  • Herkimer diamond
  • Lepidolite

How To Lucid Dream: Electronic Devices

lucid dream device

A lot of products have been introduced to induce lucid dreaming.  I personally don’t even bother with these gimmicks, but I thought it might’ve been something you wanted to know about.

Upon researching this stuff, there isn’t much information about it.  How they “work” is beyond me.

There’s barely any bits of  information on the detail mechanics of a lucid dreaming devices.  It’s zero science with a lot of mumbo jumbo, trying to sell gimmicks.

Supposedly they work by sending electrical signals to your brain through electrodes.  This can also be a hazard issues.  Electrical signals sent to your brain?  A bit sketchy…

Some of these devices have light small flashes of light to supposedly help with lucid dreams.

Again, I personally believe that device isn’t going to induce your lucid dream and just your belief of it will.

Honestly I have no clue what the thing does.  Rely on your own power and strength from the practices I’ve listed above.



dreaming binaural beats

Music is literally magic that affects moods and emotions.  Soothing sounds help activate certain parts of the brain.

The shamans use drumming sounds to induce people into a trance state.

Binaural beats

Binaural sounds help with cognitive performance.  When your brain is awake all the functions of neuron signaling are detected and fall in the “beta” state.

The frequency of the waves changes, depending on your emotions/thoughts.  Brain frequency changes when you’re asleep or meditating.

The different frequencies match with each brain wave state.  The foundation of thoughts, emotions and moods lies an interconnecting work of neuron cells working together.

Listening music at different frequencies help induce your brain to fall into those “deeper” states of consciousness, while you’re fully awake.

Lucid dreaming becomes easily accessible at this point.


How To Lucid Dream: Mystical Reason For Dreams

reason for dreams

The ancient shamans didn’t recognize dreaming as a mere tool for fun and adventure.  Dreaming is a spiritual tool to lift your soul to higher realms of existence.

Esoteric theology states the “heavens” aren’t just states of consciousness, but real metaphysical manifestations.

Heaven is  as real place as it is a state of mind.  That state of mind is the key to unlock that reality.

The shamans believe we have a dreaming double or the astral body which is completely metaphysical.

The metaphysical astral body is mentally and emotionally dependent.  Each astral body is dormant lying inside and surrounding the physical body.

Practices like lucid dreaming and astral projection link your consciousness to your energetic dream body.

Meditation, chanting etc. also help aid in deepening the connection with the astral dream body, thus activating it.