Did The Celestial Planetary Gods Rule Our Ancient Skies? 35

Did The Celestial Planetary Gods Rule Our Ancient Skies?

Planetary Gods: The Giant Powers Of Celestial Sky Wielders

Do you think the solar planets were always specks of dust from Earth’s field of view?

What if Earth was closer to a gas giant back in the old-school days?

They’d be as BIG as the Sun from our view, if not bigger!

This would explain the anomalies we hear and find of giant human races and megaliths because of low gravitation.

It’s highly possible Earth slowly migrated from Saturn’s Orbit and towards the yellow Sun.

More moons orbit Saturn than any other planet, so it’s no surprise this is a plausible theory. Did The Celestial Planetary Gods Rule Our Ancient Skies? 37

So did human civilization witness a cosmic event of planetary alignments?

In the imagination of the ancient myth-makers, the planets were alive: they were the gods, the ruling powers of the sky awe inspiring, often capricious, and at times wildly destructivase. Cosmic lightning evolved violently from one discharge configuration to another, following patterns observed in high-energy plasma experiments and only recently revealed in deep space as well.


Almost every ancient civilization gossips about sky-lit celestial events recorded by scriptures, paintings, and mythical tales.

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This compelling evidence reveals ancient world-wide motifs with unbelievable parallels.  (Tale of dragons, angry Planetary Gods Saturn Venus Mars Configuration archetypes angry goddesss gods/goddess, thunder gods etc.).

But were it possible for us to stand alongside our early ancestors, to witness the events that provoked the age of myth-making and the birth of the archaic religions, the celestial dramas would exceed anything conceivable in our own time.

The sky was electric, filled with luminous clouds, threads of light, and undulating rivers of fire. To today’s observer the events could only appear too vast, too improbable for anything but a dream.


Planetary Gods:  Immanuel Velikovsky Worlds In Collision (Battle Of The Gods)

Planetary Gods Worlds in collision Velikovsky shook the science community with his infamous book, Worlds In Collision.

You know what’s nuts?

Famous physicist Albert Einstein lends a hand by contributing his vault of knowledge to Velikovsky’s work!

Worlds In Collision theorizes Mars, Venus, Saturn and Earth were old-school neighbors in alignment.

The solar neighbors fought a cosmic scale battle with flaming swords and weapons of lightning!

Immanuel Velikovsky in Worlds in Collision proposed that many myths and traditions of ancient peoples and cultures are based on actual events: worldwide global catastrophes of a celestial origin actually had profound effects on the lives, beliefs and writings of early mankind.


The asteroid belt indicate planets wore cosmic boxing gloves, got in the solar ring, and smashed materials to cookie crumbs (Royal rumble style).

Why do we ear the same recycled myths of lighting, fire, brimstone and destruction?

Planetary Gods: Saturn Mythology & Thunder Bolts Of The Gods The Conjunction Of Saturn Venus And Mars

David Talbott’s books The Saturn myth and Thunderbolts of the Gods digs deeper in details, elaborating further on Velikovsky’s work.

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Planetary Gods The saturn myth polar configuration

The alignment of Saturn, Mars, Venus, and Earth ceased before the golden age of Saturn worship during Roman times.

Jupiter overthrows Saturn and becomes the new 5th planet from the Sun, just as the myth goes.

A 1980 non-fiction book written by David N Talbott which speculates that early humanity witnessed a much different celestial alignment.

According to the book, Earth was a former satellite of Saturn before a hypothesized cataclysm, which caused the earth, Saturn, Mars, and Venus to lose their previous orbits. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Saturn_Myth

The Sumerian tales of Ishtar is a symbolic reference to Venus.

The planet Jupiter imprisoned Venus within his orbit until one day she escaped his gravitational fortress.

Immanuel Velikovsky sought proof of the unstable Solar System from many sources,Planetary Gods Egyptian glyph saturn mars venus configuration since his discovery that mythology had bones of truth! Hesiod the ancient Greek philosopher portrayed this in his book, Theogony where, for instance, he cites Venus being ejected from Jupiter.


The ancient idea appears to have affected all of the major cultures. Thus Robert Schilling, a leading authority on the Roman Venus (right), wondered by what “conspiracy” the image of a comet had attached itself to the planet Venus: in Latin traditions, the 8-pointed “star of Venus” also signified a comet.

The Greek Aphrodite Comaetho, the long-haired or fiery haired Venus, preserves the same association in the astronomer’s lexicon— “the comet Venus.” Altaic traditions declared that Venus “once had a tail.


Planetary Gods saturn venus mars In Roman myths, Venus and Mars play the lover’s role, but how’d that puppy love start?

Venus had another love named Adonis who’s a mortal which suspiciously resembles Mars.

The Saturn theory states the planet Mars gravitated back and forth (Like a yo-yo) from the heavens back to Earth.

Was Adonis a myth born from the celestial events of Mars gravitating back and forth to Venus (While Venus is centered in the center of Saturn)?

The Saturn myth reveals these 2 trouble makers conjoined tightly at the center.

Thunderbolt Of The GodsPlanetary Gods thunderbolt myths Zeus Indra

Notice the Greek God Zeus wields a thunderbolt staff and the Norse God Thor swings his hammer of thunder.

Or how about the Hindu God of lightning Indra?

Judaism’s Yahweh is a thunder God of fire and brimstone!

The Babylonian Gods Marduk, Haded wield thunderbolt weapons.

And let’s not forget the God of Thunder Raiden of Mortal Kombat.

Is it bonkers to think ancient civilizations witnessed lightning on a cosmic scale world wide?

Ninurta with his thunderbolts pursues Anzû, who has stolen the Tablet of Destinies from Enlil’s sanctuary (Austen Henry Layard Monuments of Nineveh, 2nd Series, 1853)


For every warrior God/hero there’s a dragon-like adversary.

The dragon from the abyss is another motif echoing through the mythical ages.

Ancient Dragon Motifs:

  • Book Of Revelation Red Dragon
  • Sea monster Tannin Of Judaism
  • Anzu lion headed eagle(Archetype variation)
  • Naga India 
  • Druk – Buddhism Thunder Dragon
  • Azi – Persian Mythology
  • Typon – Greek Mythology
  • Hydra – Greek Mythology
  • Amaru – Ancient Mesopotamian


Our oldest source for the Typhon story is Hesiod, whose account is tentatively dated to the eighth century B.C. In his Theogony, “The Origins of the Gods,”

Then “the earth groaned beneath him, and the heat and blaze from both of them were on the dark-faced sea, from the thunder and lightning of Zeus and from the flame of the monster, from his blazing bolts and from the scorch and breath of his stormwinds.


Planetary Gods: Abrahamic Religions – Saturn Mythology Of Judaism

The Abrahamic (Abraham) religions aren’t exempt from history class, as cosmology plays an important star role!

And the Hindu/Buddha religions sit next to Abraham in history class, which also contains cosmological references.

Rabbi Roy A. Rosenberg’s recent article on Jewish astrology and messianicPlanetary Gods yahweh Judaism expectations (Rosenberg 1972) reveals some fascinating facts about near-eastern beliefs concerning the planets Saturn and Jupiter.  For example, in “late Babylonian times they were called ‘the Great Twins’, Jupiter being associated with the color white, and Saturn with black” (1972:107).

The antiquity of this notion is evidenced by the phonetical (possibly etymological) similarity of Saturn to shachor and schwarlz. Rabbi Rosenberg goes on to make the very same point as Dr. Patai: “Yahweh, the God of Israel, was from a very early period identified with El, the high father-god of Canaan and Phoenicia”


Remember, the ancient Hebrews Yahweh was a God of lightning, fire and brimstone.

The Hebrews, too, preserved an enduring memory of Yahweh’s battle against a dragon of the deep, marked by lightning on a cosmic scale. “The voice of thy thunder was in the heaven: the lightnings lightened the world: the earth trembled and shook.”

Here the adversary was alternately named Rahab, Leviathan, Tannin, or Behemoth—dragon-like forms representing both the waters of chaos and the rebellion of the “evil land” vanquished by Yahweh in primeval times.


All monotheistic religions pay a tribute to cosmology.Planetary Gods Yahweh saturn thunder god

As noted by Mircea Eliade, the Hebrew Yahweh “displayed his power by means of storms; thunder is his voice and lightning is called Yahweh’s ‘fire,’ or his ‘arrows.’” 25 The connection is deeply embedded in the language.

The Hebrew baraq, “lightning,” is also used in the sense of “flashing arrow-head.” 26 Similarly, the feared “sword of God,” according to Louis Ginzberg, is the flashing lighting.



Planetary Gods: Electric Discharge Of Celestial Balls Of Batteries

When 2 or 3 planets get close, rays of electric discharge ignites and flare up.

Take a battery with one positive + end and a negative – end.  The river of electric current flows between the 2.

Planetary Gods charged planets electric discharge

Now apply that concept to 2 planets with a water surface or atmosphere with opposite charges.

What happens next?

To see the connection between plasma experiments and plasma formations in space, it is essential to understand the scalability of plasma phenomena. Under similar conditions, plasma discharge will produce the same formations irrespective of the size of the event. The same basic patterns will be seen at laboratory, planetary, stellar, and galactic levels. Duration is proportional to size as well. A spark that lasts for microseconds in the laboratory may continue for years at planetary or stellar scales, or for millions of years at galactic or intergalactic scale


We’re talking about a heated exchange of cosmic thunderbolts!

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Planetary Gods aurora

Similar to the northern lights which contain ionized charged electron and proton particles.

The atmosphere contains particles emitting light, because of the Sun’s solar winds in the magnetospheric plasma.

The plasma discharges create variant formations of a torus.

In laboratory experiments and in computer simulations, Peratt demonstrated how electric forces in a plasma discharge generate rapidly changing configurations. One of the most common and fascinating patterns is a stack of disks or toruses (donut-like rings) around a central axis, a configuration that evolves through many variations.

This dynamic sequence culminates in a highly energetic collapse. But according to Peratt, the prior phases of the stacked toruses are relatively stable and numerous variations were inscribed on stone everywhere in the world.


Nuclear physicist Anthony Perrat did ground-breaking work on plasma electrical discharge.Planetary Gods Anthony Peratt plasma discharge

His experiment of plasma formation coincidentally matches the ancient glyphs.

During Talbott’s digging days of research, he stumbled on Peratt’s work on plasma discharge.

A plasma instability found globally in rock art is a stick figure with a circle or dot on each side of its torso. In plasma experiments, this “squatter man” configuration appears when a disk or donut-like torus is bent by magnetic fields induced by the current flow.

From the viewpoint of the observer, the edges of the upper disk may appear to point up (forming “arms”) and those of the lower torus may appear to point down (forming “legs”). The underlying “hour glass” pattern, with many subtle variations, occurs around the world.


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Some think the glyphs refer to aliens, interdimensional entities, shamanic dreams.

Maybe so, maybe no, BUT for sho, some are cosmo.

One of first archetypal glyphs is the squatter/stickman!

Planetary Gods: The Squatter/Stick Man Aka The Pillar Gods 

The squatter/stickman first appears in Paleolithic times before human language existed.

Before the work of Peratt, many of the petroglyphs appeared to be little more than “stick figures” with preposterous attributes, all easily dismissed as random “hallucination” or “doodling.” Peratt’s work assures us that the basic forms have a direct explanation in plasma science.

There is also a provable connection to the evolution of mythical archetypes. Archaic rock art depictions came first, but were followed by an outpouring of conceptual elaborations, as ancient artists gave imaginative expression to the celestial forms and events that inspired the myth-making epoch.


Over a 100,000 years, the evolution of plasma material forms new shapes and mythical tales.Planetary Gods squatter man

The Sumerians, Babylonians, Egyptians, Greek etc. carried tales of stickman by their stories.

In the warping of the disk below, the downward curvature is interrupted at the extremity, which bends outward to create a “squashed bell” appearance. The rock art images given on page 21 include other variations as well. Often, the “arms” and “legs” of the “squatter man” are more squared than in our graphic representation here (examples on right), but this variation too is characteristic of laboratory discharge.


The pillar tales are symbolic references to the planet Mars.

The Egyptian pillar God Shu and the Pillars Of Hercules are primo examples of pillar motifs.

The language indicates that the creator, originally alone, “uttered” or poured out from his “heart” the watery mass (khu, khut ) in which the primordial foundation was laid. That this foundation is identified with the gods Maa or Shu is crucial: for Maa and Shu signify the cosmic pillar holding aloft the central sun.


The ancients revered the pillars as “Mountains reaching the heavens”.

The role of pillar gods hold the celestial wheel of heaven, Aka Saturn.

Symbolic Pillar Motifs: Planetary Gods pillar gods

  • Mount Olympus
  • Jacobs Ladder (Although this is also symbolic of a dream)
  • Axis Mundi
  • Atlas holding the “heavens” upon his shoulders

One of those to perceive the Greek sacred mountain as the copy of the cosmic mount was Warren, who concluded: “Olympus was simply the Atlantean pillar [the “pillar of heaven”] pictured as a lofty mountain, and supporting the sky at its northern Pole. In fact, many writers now affirm that the Olympus of Greek mythology was simply the north polar ‘World- mountain’ of the Asiatic nations .”


Some Cosmological Evidence Of Earth’s In Saturn’s Orbit 

Major consensus confirms Saturn was a sub-brown dwarf (mini dwarf) WITHOUT rings.

brown dwarfs are NOT like rock planets, they’re like sun stars.

Saturn and Jupiter contain helium and hydrogen.

They are gas giants without a rocky surface, making them mini suns or STARS!

Was Saturn a star failed brown dwarf?

It’s a complicated calculus, but Fuller’s results suggest the presence of a calm, stable layer of gas near Saturn’s rocky core – an arrangement that doesn’t fit with classical theories describing planet innards and instead aligns more closely with what’s going on inside stars like the sun. In Saturn’s Rings, a Portal to the Planet’s Interior | National Geographic

Sub-brown dwarf or planetary-mass brown dwarf is an astronomical object that formed in the same manner as stars and brown dwarfs (i.e. through the collapse of a gas cloud) but that has a mass below the limiting mass for thermonuclear fusion of deuteriumwiki brown dwarf

1. Saturn’s Moon Titan Aka Baby Earth

Saturn’s moon Titan is Earth when it was just a baby.

It’s baby Earth because Earth use to have the same atmosphere.

It’s the closest planetary body resembling our Earth!

Saturn has the most moons. Titan is known as baby Earth due to its strong atmospheres which resembles earth in the earlier days. Earth was just like Titan The atmosphere of Titan is largely nitrogen; minor components lead to the formation of methane and ethane clouds and heavy organonitrogen haze. The climate—including wind and rain—creates surface features similar to those of Earth, such as dunes, rivers, lakes, seas (probably of liquid methane and ethane), and deltas, and is dominated by seasonal weather patterns as on Earth. -wiki

2. Axial Tilt Of The Planets Earth, Mars, Saturn

Axial tilts of Saturn, Earth, Mars are nearly the same!

The Earth at 23.5, Saturn at 26.5, and with Mars at 25 degrees.

How can that be possible?

And how come other planetary giants, inner and outer solar system aren’t in the same axial tilt?

Are these coincidences?

One generally finds by the analysis of the probabilities that there basically are pretty much more than four thousand billion chances to one that this arrangement is not the result of chance; this probability kind of is considerably pretty much higher than that of the reality. Immanuel velikovsky


Did The “Gods” Give Us Their Language Through Plasma Formation?

Language barely made a dent in human history, which ONLY started 5,000 years ago?

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Humans have existed for over 100,000’s of years!

Why the sudden change?  What broke the seal of the treasure chest of language?Planetary Gods saturn venus mars geometrical configurations

I believe it’s possible the geometrical formations gave the ancients insight to discovering languages/numbers.

Other Theories Of Language’s Mysterious Origin

  • Language was learned form the constellations in the skies
  • Taught in dreams by entities etc.
  • All of the Above?

Is every myth solely astrothelogical?

Some are literal, magickal, metaphysical, geological etc.

The Gods are more mysterious than we’d ever imagine.

What do you think the Gods symbolize?