What Is The Esoteric Meaning Of The Number 7? 35

What Is The Esoteric Meaning Of The Number 7?

Numerology and our human consciousness go hand in hand interwoven together.

Each number contains hidden mystical significance.

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Numerology of 7Back to numerology and its hidden powers.

Before I rant out your mind, let me list where numerology of 7 pops up!

  • 7 seals of the Apocalypse(christian bible)
  • 7 archangels, 7 days of the week
  • 7 sins and 7 virtues
  • 7 levels of reality(Buddhism)
  • 7 Gates of dreaming (Shamanism)
  • 7 Heavens of Islam, Zoroastrian, Judaism
  • 7 musical major octave chords
  • 7 primary colors
  • 7 continents
  • 7 senses(touch, sight,taste,hearing.smell,thoughts,emotions) – WE sense thoughts and emotions too or we wouldn’t know of their existence, duh! :P

The list goes further, which we’ll get into.  Major religions (Hinduism,Judaism,Islam etc.) contain allegorical truths symbolizing human consciousness/physiology.

Not only human consciousness but universal principles underlying our universe

We are nature’s expression of patterns.(as above so below meme)

We extend from large planetary objects micro atoms which form them. 

The principles yet seemingly paradoxical, tie in intimately

What Is The Esoteric Meaning Of The Number 7? 37

Numerology of 7: 7 Solar Planetary Bodies & 7 Human Nerve Plexus

What Is The Esoteric Meaning Of The Number 7? 39The universe constantly shouts out the numerology of 7.  You got to remember physical matter IS energy!

1000 quantum scientists can’t be wrong!

Every object contains an energetic signature. Because energy is everything.

The ancients included our sun as “Sunday” as moon as “Monday” of the planetary bodies.

You’ll notice 5 planetary bodies completing a 7-day week. What Is The Esoteric Meaning Of The Number 7? 41

Ancient truths reveal the human biological nerve plexuses correlate with inner solar planets.

7 energy centers contribute to every aspect of human consciousness (physical,mental,emotional etc.).

The 7 nerve plexus contain the subtle energies veiled behind them.

Numerology of 7:  7  Rays of light Of Human Consciousness

“we came from stardust” the old saying never been further from the truth.

What Is The Esoteric Meaning Of The Number 7? 43We contain 7 bodies of existence, multidimensional connected like the layers of an onion. (chakra bodies meme)

The source is is the energetic center of consciousness.  Some of us call it  “God” energy or pure consciousness.

Consciousness and energy are one and the same.  That’s the root basis of esoteric theology.  More on esoteric theology here, Tarot & Tarot: Religious Secrets of the Tarot 

It is energy, we already discussed that everything is made out of energy right?

Consciousness IS energy. Thoughts, emotions, the mind is PURE energy.

I stress this fact over and over again because our programmed mind, perceives differently. (meme energy consciousness).

A brilliant theoretical physicist among loads of others who agree on this one fact. Consciousness is energy and energy is matter.

The degrees of the same energetic essence! The 7 rays radiate one source of energy vibrating at different frequencies.

Numerology of 7: 7 Primary Colors & Major Chords, 7 Planes Of Existence, 7 Human Body Parts

Sounds, Colors are nature’s language. What Is The Esoteric Meaning Of The Number 7? 45

Each color is a slice of the whole pie of reality.  Each color is energy vibrating again at different frequencies.

Different sacred geometrical shapes associate with color along with sound.  Red for example, associates with C major chord on the musical scale.

Do you see how everything interconnects? Pieces to the puzzle.

The Seven DNA Polymerase Families that can be further subdivided into seven different families: A, B, C, D, X, Y, and RT.

Numerology of 7: 7 Found In Religion 

I, among most others, see religious passages as an esoteric interpretation.

Nothing literal about it.  Esoteric views portray theology symbolizes human physiology and psyche (mental & emotional aspects).

Numerology of 7 In Old Testament (Judiasm) And Christianity

7 days of the week in Genesis symbolize the 7 rays of light and everything I’ve mentioned above.

In book of numbers,  7 altars of Baalam; rams and oxen as sacrifices.  The circuits of Jericho; 7 times Naaman bathed in the Jordan.

The New Testament Bible: 

7 seals of the Apocalypse in Revelations.

Revelation 7 Is an esoteric physiological interpretation of the DNA genome.  The DNA genome is 144,000 strands.  Over 100 references to numerology 7. What Is The Esoteric Meaning Of The Number 7? 47

Seven priests with seven trumpets march around Jericho seven times in (Joshua 6:3-16,20-2) with much repetition), and this causes its walls to fall down, so they could kill everyone inside (Joshua 6:21) and loot the gold and silver (Joshua 6:19).

Revelation 7: 4 Then I heard the number of those who were sealed: 144,000 from all the tribes of Israel.

Numerology of 7 Cosmic Planes Of Islam And Esoteric Sufism

Sufism contains 7 cosmic plans:

Zat, the not-expressed; Ahadiat, the conscience; Vahdat, the self interior; Vahdamiat, the internal light; Arwah, the spiritual plan; Ajsam, the astral plan; Insaam, the physical plan.

What Is The Esoteric Meaning Of The Number 7? 49It recognizes also seven aspects of the manifestation: the stars, the moon, the sun, the reign mineral, vegetable, animal and human.  Theology and science are one in the same.  

Koran references to 7 Heavens:

Koran mentions number seven 20 times!  Here’s a few references that caught me eye.

Verse 29: It is He who created for you all that is in the earth, then He lifted Himself to heaven and leveled them seven heavens; and He has knowledge of everything.

Sura 71 (Surah-Nuh)

Verse 15: Have you not regarded how God created seven heavens one upon another

7 Gates Of Hell (Referring to the dark side of our mind/soul)

Surah 15 (Al-Hajir)

Verse 43: Surely Hell is the promised place for all of them.

Verse 44: There are seven gates in it, and to each gate a portion of them has been allotted.


Numerology of 7 In Zoroastrians

Zoroastrians valued the numerology of 7.  

An endless stream of occult symbolism throughout theology.

7 is Regarded as the union of the material and spiritual, masculine-feminine.

3 references the trinity of being:thoughts,emotions and Will or desire of intent). ( 7 level meme)

Masculine tri-part spiritual-soul, body, mind. 4 represents the feminine material elements–earth, air, fire and water.  Completing the 7. What Is The Esoteric Meaning Of The Number 7? 51

7 Heavens In Zoroastrianism

Ahura Mazda is the creator God of the universe, like monotheistic religions like Christianity, Islam or Judaism.  This Godly being is 3 fold in nature.  3 being another big part in numerology as all numbers do.

7 levels of reality named Amesha Spentas or Holy or Bountiful Immortals, the Highest Intelligences. Sometimes regarded as archangels or aspects of Ahura Mazda himself. The 7 mighty intelligences  guard kingdom levels of nature.

  • Ahura Mazda → Middle Persian Ohrmazd (NP Hōrmuzd) is the highest spirit.
  • Vohu Manah → MP: Wahman (NP Bahman) of cattle (and all animal creation)
  • Aša Vahišta → MP: Ardwahišt (NP Urdībihišt) of fire (and all other luminaries)
  • Xšaθra Vairya → MP: Šahrewar, of metals (and minerals)
  • Spənta Ārmaiti → MP: Spandarmad, of earth
  • Haurvatāt → MP: Hordād (NP Xurdād) of water
  • Amərətāt → MP: Amurdād (NP Murdād) of plants

Numerology of 7 In Shamanism

Toltec dreaming is the ascension to real realms of experience we enter.

In fact the 2nd gate according to the shamans is dreaming!

Lucid dreaming is when we KNOW we are dreaming, which happens at the third gate of dreaming.

What Is The Esoteric Meaning Of The Number 7? 53Shamanism isn’t interested in parables or cryptic junk.  Not like other religious beliefs which take a literal dogmatic view.

  • The first gate of dreaming is gaining control of your dreaming attention.  The easiest way of doing this is through finding the hands in dreaming, this anchors your dream body in the second attention.
  • The second gate is known as lucid dream.  Knowing you’re dreaming while IN your dream!  This gate takes time because not only do you need to know you’re dreaming, but able to control your dreams and able to change them.
  • The 3rd gate prepares the dream body, literally separating from the physical body. There are two stages to this gate. The first stage, is to arrive at the gate; the second is to cross it. By dreaming that you see yourself asleep, you arrive at the third gate. The second phase is to move around once you’ve seen yourself asleep.
  • The fourth gate of dreaming involves learning to use the energy body as a means of travel. This then be used to travel to “firstly concrete places in this world; two, to travel to concrete places out of this world; and, three, to travel to places that exist only in the intent of others.” 
  • The Fifth gate of dreaming is to be able to bring out your dreaming body in everyday life.
  • The sixth gate gives the dreamer to power to transport the physical body
  • And the seventh is to be able to transcend the world entirely and to step beyond this world with the totality of oneself.

Numerology 7 in In Egyptian Mythology

The Seven Hathors, Musicians Of Fate:

She’s depicted as the personification of the milky way galaxy known as the great sky goddess. What Is The Esoteric Meaning Of The Number 7? 55

She goes by Nut, Bat, Isis(most popular depiction). While Abrahamic religions view God as a male figure, the eastern seen her as a more feminine type.  Both are right.  A hermaphrodite God(Dess).

Her name refers to her position as the celestial cow which encircles the sky and hawk god, Horus. She was also a goddess of royalty and since the pharaohs were seen as related to Horus, she was seen as the divine mother of the reigning pharaoh. Her cult was centered in Dendera and was led by priests who were also dancers, singers or other artists, for she was a goddess of art as well.  Hathor | Thelemapedia

They appear either cows or as beautiful women. The cows are usually seen in a funerary context, where they are accompanied by the sky-bull, the “Bull of the West.” In Queen Nefertari’s beautifully decorated tomb, they have the following names: Lady of the Universe, Sky-Storm.

7 Hathors:

  1. Mansion of Kas
  2. Silent One
  3. She of Chemnis
  4. Much Beloved
  5. She Who Protects
  6. She Whose Name has Power
  7. Storm in the Sky

7 Hathors appear as cows or attractive women.  Accompanied by a sky bull with the 2 horns extending out like antennas in the sky.  She is known as the goddess who births the universe.  She is God of the Abrahamic religions like Judiasm and post-Judiasm.

List of Other Theological Or Esoteric References To Numerology of 7.

  • Seven Heavens
  • Seven Thrones
  • Seven Churches
  • Seven Thrones
  • 7 Rainbow Colors
  • 7 Vowels
  • Seven Fires of Hell
  • 7 Gods Of Greek Mythology: Zeus, Poseidon, Ares, Aphrodite, Helios, Hermes, Selene
  • 7 Gods Of Roman Mythology: Saturn, Jupiter, Venus, Luna (Moon), Sol (Sun), Mercury, Mars
  •  Jericho were encompassed seven days, by seven priests, bearing seven rams’ horns
  •  Seven Angels with Trumpets
  • Seven Doors to Heaven
  • 7 internal  organs, stomach, liver, heart, lungs, spleen and two kidneys.