6 No-Boring BullS#!T Meditation Tips! 35

6 No-Boring BullS#!T Meditation Tips!

How to meditate For beginners:

How to meditate cow holy man memeMeditation is not a one size fits all mall shopping routine!

It depends on which meditation cake you’re baking for your hungry soul.

Different orthodox/non-orthodox methods exist, each with their unique taste.

There are basic ground works we’ll cover.

I’ll cover my practices I’ve learned, modified and add some additional resources.

MOST POWERFUL Tips on how to meditate to keep in mind: 

1. Time Span: How Long Should You Meditate? 

how to meditate dog stay meme

Why is this step importantly on RED alert?

Because if you push much, you’ll be discouraged.

Keep it short and sweet when starting your path!

Otherwise you’ll become an unfocused lazy turtle.

But if you want to keep meditating consistently a year down the road,

then it’s important to start as small bread crumbs.

Its been about 2 years for me, everyday.

I’ve meditated on and off switch for 15 years.

This was one step which helped me build the practice to get in the habitual cyclone of meditating.

Now my soul feels boook naked without it!

Increase YOUR REPS and feel the burn baby!

  • Go for 2-3 minutes when starting out 2 to 3x a day.
  • Gradually increase 5-10 minutes.  2x to 3x a day.
  • Gradually Increase to 40 minutes to an hour (Advance level).

Best time to meditate? WHEN you have the most energy!


2. Lightly stretch a bit to relax – Gumby Your Muscles.meditation gumby

Loosen and soften your muscles (Arms, legs, body) until they turn into gum.

Meditation works effectively when the body relaxes, allowing all that energy to flow.

More focus = Better relaxation.

Stretch like stretch Armstrong until your muscles become jello.

3. Keeping eyes half closed – Antidote Against Falling Asleep

Keep them HALF closed so we don’t drift into a dreamy la la land. how to meditate keep eyes half closed

We don’t want to fall unconscious during meditation.

We want 1000% awareness of our surroundings, in sync with the waves of power orbiting around you.


3. Breath NATURALLY –  The Cycle Of The Universe 

Take deeper breaths when reciting the mantra.

Breath + Mantra = Anchors your focus.

  • Your breath should be relaxed and fully chill.
  • Don’t try hammer yourself to breath slow or fast.
  • Focus more on relaxing muscle cell in your body.

4. Use A Mantra To Spank The Monkey Mind Into Focus

Mantra (devanāgarī: मन्त्र) is a Sanskrit word coming from the root man- (manas, “to think” or “mind”) and the suffix -tra, (“tool” or “instrument”), meaning the “instrument of thought”. A mantram can be a sound, syllable, word, or group of words used as a prayer, incantations, song of praise, or seed of meditation.

According to Blavatsky, “A mantram is a collection of words which, when sounded in speech, induce certain vibrations not only in the air, but also in the finer ether, thereby producing certain effects.


how to meditate homer simpson monkey mindOur mind is constantly surfing through the channels.

We start bunny hopping from one thought to another.

Our mind gets wild like the jungle when we TRY to sit alone with our thoughts.

Beginners need an anchor to silence the monkey mind.

The AUM:

The auuuuuuuuuummm is VERY effective.

A mantra’s power elevates when accompanied by the vibration of your voice.

  • You must elongate the AUM while breathing out relaxing.
  • Take 4-5 regular breaths and then repeat the AUM!
  • Make sure you notice the vibration of the AUM while you’re in the HUM.

AUM is a third eye chakra meditation.

Take it easy, because it opens latent psychic senses an untamed mind isn’t ready for. how to meditate rama practice egyptian

RAMA: The Egyptian Mantra 

Rama is an ancient, powerful mantra. This helps create laser sharp focus.  Here’s the method.

Upon rising in the morning, repeat this tone five times, do it also at noon and at sunset, or before you retire for the night. Intone this sound long enough to feel the vibratory flux in your body. To just quickly say, “RAMA, RAMA, RAMA, RAMA, RAMA”, will not do anything for you. Feel the tone as it vibrates inside you. Elongate the pronunciation of it to achieve this effect. This will prepare your astral body to become active and properly prepared for the stimulation you are about to subject it to.

Unless your astral body is built up and strengthened, its centers will not open. These centers correspond to the centers of physical activity such as the heart, thyroid, solar plexus, and the brain. The energetic functions of these organs are beyond your present imagining. They do not just pump blood, they are connected to the astral world on the energy level. Those that have gotten a “gut feeling” about something have had their solar plexus center giving them vital information gathered on the energy plane. Athena523.com/buildingastralbridge.html

Some More Info On Mantras

The power of the mantra also functions to facilitate altered states of consciousness: “Humming how to meditate lost my mantra mememantras… lead to a kind of intoxication which results in trance. Such mantras are ideal for magical purposes.” Consider the following description of witchcraft and other neopagan practices in Margo Adler’s Drawing Down the Moon:

Chants, spells, dancing around a fire, burning candles, the smoke and smell of incense, are all means to awaken the “deep mind”… and facilitate entry into an altered state…. “Mandalas,” “sigils,” “pentacles,” and “yantras” are all pictures to stimulate the sense of sight; “mudras” or “gestures” stimulate the kinetic sense; “mantras” or “incantations” stimulate the sense of hearing. Jashow.org//mantras-and-mandalas-in-occult-practices/

Once you anchor then you go SILENT!

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5. Silence Is Golden: The TRUE treasure Of Meditation

how to meditate silence is goldenTHE true golden gem of meditation.

Silence ignites your soul’s dormant Buddha-hood, shaman-hood,God-hood, whateva you want to call it.

A mean-green SOUL ascending machine!

Focus on Your senses: 

  • Sight –  Eyes half closed.  Keep your eyes straight and NOT centered to the third eye.
  • Sound- Listen to all the sounds around you.  Feel you ears.
  • Touch – Feel the pressure or notice any wind pressure changes around the room on your face and skin.
  • Taste –  Feel the tip of your tongue as you breath IN air.
  • Smell – Feel the air of the room rushing in.  Notice any scents by your nose lids.


6Energy Sensing 

Any energy raising meditation meditation involves the building blocks of your energy bodies.  We have to mentally/emotionally condition our being and our Will (Your intent).

Here’s one of THE best on the energy sensing.  It’s a 10 minute video which feels like a roller-coaster of energies.

  • They tell you start sensing energy surrounding your outside body.
  • Then take you deeper down the rabbit hole into the skin, muscles, bones etc..and then reverse the process.
  • It’s such a FUN meditation for beginners.  It helps people who find it hard to focus and easily get bored.

Egyptian Visualizing Energy Meditation To Stimulate The Energy Bodies

The same article has a third method for visualization and focusing.  If you notice, these are stepping stones to polish your mind-energy-bodies.

  • Start your meditation exercises by visualizing a great white orb, like the sun, above your head. It should be as bright as you can make it and about five feet across. See it as pure white, without color or markings. Work on this until it becomes clear in your mind. Your mind will attempt to change this, but you must resist the urge and control your mind and thoughts. Practice this for one month at every opportunity – in the morning, at midday, and before retiring for the evening.

  • After practicing this exercise for 30 days, try to slowly move yourself up into the white orb during your meditation. At the same time, let it move slowly downward until you are standing in the center of this brilliant sphere. Hold this impression for three long breaths, at least, before dismissing it from your mind. Do this several times each day, along with the other exercises for one more month.

  • You must complete the preparatory exercises before you try to enter the sphere of light, which is the most important step in building the bridge between your active and subjective consciousness. You need to properly condition your mind to develop psychic talents. Athena523.com/buildingastralbridge.html


How To Meditate: Esoteric Yoga – For More Advanced Meditators 

Mystical Kundalini – The Sleeping Dormant Fire Serpent

Warning! – Trying too much too fast can feel like you got struck by a thunderbolt from Zeus, which can cause body seizures.  I speak from experience.  Take it eassyyyyy eh?

The chakras are vortexes of toric energy.  Kundalini is just a word of the act of raising that energy.

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how to meditate kundalini yogaBasics Of Kundalini Meditation Power Of The Chakras

  • Each chakra associates with a color and sound note.  The root chakra is red associates with the note C on the musical scale.
  • Each chakra associates with a positive or negative mental/emotional archetype(Fear, love, hate, sexual, anger, willpower, logical, wisdom etc).
  • Each chakra associates with one of the nerve plexus and ties in physiologically with human anatomy.
  • Chakra meditation takes color visualization, sound imagination (AUM, RAM, HAM).
  • Chakra uses mudras (hand signs ) to represent each one.

There are different schools of thought practices on kundalini practices.

The metaphysical anatomy are more or less on the same playing field on the schools of thought.

Samael Aun Weor is one of the few occultists which indulged hardcore in kundalini practice.

We are approaching the Ethereal world. The human being has to conquer the fifth element of nature, the ether. This has to be the conquest of the Aryan Race. Gross materialism must fall wounded before the majesty of the ether. This book is for those who indeed want to convert themselves into Angels. Every planet gives birth to seven root races; thereafter it dies. Our planet Earth gave birth already to five root races; two more root races are needed. Seven elements of nature exist.  The first root race lived in the polar cap of the north and conquered the firehttp://www.metaphysicspirit.com/Mysteries-Of-The-Fire.pdf

These 2 are MIND-Blowing reads on kundalini/chakras.

1 – https://avaniyogaacademy.com/wp-content/chakra-ebook.pdf

2-  https://reikipr.files.wordpress.com/2016/-wheels-of-life.pdf

Other Sources

Here’s a detailed practical source of kundalini: Sheshnaag.com/kundalini-pdf

Samael Aun Weor The Yellow Book: Gnosis-samael-lakhsmi.org/the_yellow book.pdf

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Raja Yoga (All About Mental/Emotional Focus)  Simplified Kundalini  Yoga (Beginner & Advanced) 

Raja yoga falls in the line with more of my methods.

how to meditate raja yogaYou’ll get variations of Raja yoga and either adapt it to your own style.

Or blend it like a fruit juice by mixing meditations that salsa dance well together.

Before going on, we ask the students to stop a few moments, and mentally run over these sensations of the body. Form a mental image of them, and realize that they are merely incidents to the present stage of growth and experience of the “I,” and that they form no real part of it. They may, and will be, left behind in the Ego’s higher planes of advancement. You may have attained this mental conception perfectly, long since, but we ask that to give yourself the mental drill at this time, in order to fasten upon your mind this first step.  



How To Meditate: Ceremonial Magick – Meditation in Motion how to meditate ceremonial magick

  • Uses movement with words to help induce focus into alter states.
  • Uses of sigils, incantations, drawing of geometrical figures to alter states of consciousness.
  • Uses chanting, altars to help induce the affects on the subconscious mind.


Ceremonial magic enables man to become an engine capable of harnessing and directing the enormous power that lies within.  A multitude of basic principles are utilized to this end. Adoration, which is essential to attaining a sense of unity with godhead, concentration, development of will and the use of it to accomplish a given purpose, achievement of self-awareness, and the ability to breathe properly, these are but a few of the benefits to be derived from persistent application to the basic practices herein discussed.  – Pdfs.MiddlePillar-The Balance Between-Mind and Magic

How To Meditate: Is There A Wrong Meditation? Unconscious meditation

This is the escape-from-reality-drone meditation.  I personally never found use for this type.

Only a way to escape the island of higher awareness.

Ya YOU might hide from your “mind” and all by how is that going to solve the problem once you snap back to it?

A lot of new age gurus preach this meditation jargon.how to meditate falling asleep

I remember chunks of time during this practice.

An hour would seem like 1 minute.

BUT, what does that really do?  Nothing.

Just more mental monkeying.

We’re going the opposite path of what we’re achieving.

We’re trying to heighten that energetic awareness, not limit it!

so OPEN your minnddddd quaaaiidd!