Steve Jackson Illuminati Game 35

Steve Jackson Illuminati Game

Steve Jackson Illuminati Game

Back in the ancient year of 1990, when computers were probably the size of elephants and the internet was like a mythical creature, something wild went down in Austin, Texas.  Steve Jackson Illuminati Game

Steve Jackson Games, a rad gaming company, got a surprise visit from the U.S. Secret Service, accompanied by a bunch of police folks and a mysterious phone company expert.

Armed to the teeth, they stormed the offices like it was a scene.

On the morning of March 1, without warning, a force of armed Secret Service agents – accompanied by Austin police and at least one civilian “expert” from the phone company – occupied the offices of Steve Jackson Games and began to search for computer equipment.

Steve Jackson Illuminati Game: The Raid

The reason for this unexpected raid was a man named Loyd Blankenship, aka The Mentor.

Loyd had been hacking away since the ’70s and was a member of the infamous hacker group, Legion of Doom.

So, what was he doing at Steve Jackson Games?  Steve Jackson Illuminati Game new world order

Well, they had hired him to write an RPG toolkit called GURPS Cyberpunk, which was all the rage in the gaming world.

Loyd had been involved with a zine called Phrack, which published some info swiped from BellSouth, a telecommunications provider.

Nothing too sinister, just some basic contact info for 911 system administrators.

But big brother government were like, “Oh no, this is a manual for hacking the emergency phone system!” Cue the panic button!

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They confiscated a bunch of stuff, including the manuscript for GURPS Steve Jackson Illuminati Game image 2 Cyberpunk.

I mean, come on, a “handbook for computer crime”? Seriously?

Why was SJ Games raided? That was a mystery until October 21, 1990, when the company finally received a copy of the Secret Service warrant affidavit – at their request, it had been sealed. And the answer was . . . guilt by remote association.

That’s like thinking Mario is a real plumber.

The whole company got caught in the crossfire, and they were all roped into a court case, SJ Games vs. The Secret Service.

Fast forward to 1993, and the trial was in full swing.

SJG won the day, scoring over $300,000 in damages and fees.

The Judge wasn’t horsing around either; he told the Secret Service they needed to do some serious homework on statutes and stop being so sloppy with their warrants.

Steve Jackson Illuminati Game: Predictive Programming

New World Order (INWO) seems to have freakishly predicted current events like the coronavirus pandemic, the civil unrest in Washington DC, and the rise of political correctness.

And individual cards are no joke either; the sought-after “Terrorist Nuke” card, eerily resembling the 9/11 attacks.  Steve Jackson Illuminati Game deck of cards

INWO, released by Steve Jackson Games back in 1994, was already a favorite among collectors.

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It’s like a Magic: The Gathering-style spin-off of the Illuminati board game, inspired by the 1975 Illuminatis!

I believe this is one of the real reason for the raid which seems to be the confiscation of the illuminati game.

I consider the Illuminati game a form of predictive programming of future things to come.

It’s the same concept of how the Simpsons predicted so many future events.

Steve Jackson Illuminati Game Steve Jackson Illuminati Game two towers

The infamous 2 tower card is a prime example of what future events have yet to come.

The 2 towers isn’t just exclusive to the Illuminati game but in a lot of media leading up to the 9/11 incident.

The Quarantine Card is another prime example of yet things to come.

Never ever before has the world fall under the quarantine due to an outbreak of covid.Steve Jackson Illuminati Game quarantine card

The March of Washington is another grand slam hitter when it comes to predicting future so called illuminati events.

This is the card which predicts the events that took place on Jan 6th March in 2022.

In a whirlwind of ’90s nostalgia, the raid on Steve Jackson Games had all the drama of an action-packed RPG.

Loyd Blankenship, aka The Mentor, added some hacker mystique to the mix.

The world is a chaotic playground, and predicting programming the future is like trying to tame a wild dragon.