7 New Age Myths 35

7 New Age Myths

Sup Enigmaticans?  MysticSeeker here.   Here we FREAKIN Gooo again!

It’s time to torch the new age trash.  That’s right.

Let’s cut through the horse crap, because my nose can’t take the smell anymore.

Before I roll with my rant… New age is NOT ancient.  New “age” is exactly what it is.New Age myth ancient path is not new age

It’s just some abstract notion of people coming up with their own crazy irrational theories with no regard of logic or understanding of natural law.  It might be perfect for the realm of Looney Tune cartoons.

I Repeat, NEW age is not ancient!

Drill that in yo head.  I’ve fallen victim myself for such bear-traps.

I’ve learned some of these new age myths from Mark Passio.

I’ve picked up the other new age myths just through observing over my years of studies.

#1 New Age Myth: Ignore The Negative, Never Engage In Action And Free Love!

It’s hard to pinpoint when the new age myth started.  This is also a neo-buddhist or neo-advaita vedanta way of living, which is more horse poo.

No offense, but I think most sectors of Buddhism is just mental masturbation. new age myths ignore the negative

Vajrayāna Buddhism or esoteric Buddhism is the only one I with some mystical teachings which cut out the clutter..

(The most ancient form of Gautama Buddha’s teachings from the Pāli Canon which esoteric teachings.) or esoteric Buddhism which is focused on the practical aspects.

If someone is imposing physical will on you , then it’s your freaking RIGHT to take action!

This new age cookies “ignore the negative” is putting all your unconscious aspects.

This obviously leads to self-destruction through unconscious acts.

You might as well shine their shoes too if you’re one of these hippy free love Buddhists.

I like to call these people welcome-matts of the new age.

#2 New Age Myth: You Are God!

7 New Age Myths 37

Here’s a popular one spreading like a forest fire.

How many of you heard this one?

You are “God”?  You’re the almighty powerful and the sustainer of reality?

Let me ask these people something  “IF you’re “‘God” then how come your life is so shitty?

How come your life isn’t in perfect order?  You know why?  Because you’re God.

You’re not the TOTALITY of everything which sustains the entire cosmos on all levels of reality!

You’re just a speck in this everlasting ocean.

But, don’t they say that God is “within”?  Ya they do!  They don’t say you are God itself.

Apostle Johnny boy from the new Testament is my dude and all, but even I think sometimes he got a little of ahead of himself…

New age myth - You Are God

John 10:34: “Jesus replied, Is it not written in your Law: I have said you are gods’? “ 

Notice he says “gods” not “God”.  But we’re not EVEN that!  We can be that, but you’re too busy playing games :(.

What in all honestly I think he meant is that YOU possess that Godly principle/powers within your being. 

BUT it’s your choice to dig hard and help find your soul’s treasure chest.

Even Psalm gets a little wild for the party.

Psalm 82:6 I have said, “You are gods; you are all sons of the Most High.” https://biblehub.com/john/10-34.htm

Here’s what You and I are, summarized by the great William Walker Atkinson

And yet, while the “I” is not God, the Absolute, it is infinitely greater than we have imagined it to be before the light dawned upon us. It extends itself far beyond what we had conceived to be its limits. It touches the Universe at all its points, and is in the closest union with all of Life. It is in the closest touch with all that has emanated from the Absolute—all the world of Relativity.

And while it faces the Relative Universe, it has its roots in the Absolute, and draws nourishment therefrom, just as does the babe in the womb obtain nourishment from the mother. It is verily a manifestation of God, and God’s very essence is in it. Surely this is almost as “high” a statement as the “I Am God” of the teachers just mentioned,—and yet how different. Let us consider the teaching in detail in this lesson, and in portions of others to follow.

Listen to what he says “sons of the most high”.  Which brings me to the next one on the list…

#3 New Age Myth: You Are Already Enlightened

New Age Myth - You Are Already Enlightened!There is no room for growth or anything.  You already ARE!  How wonderful!

You’re already a powerful beacon of enlightenment who still suffers mentally and emotionally every day…..Let’s reflect on that for a second.

If we’re already enlightened, then why aren’t we manifesting our true will/dreams on this plane or any of existence?  We’d all be F’in magicians now wouldn’t we?

Or we’d be doing crazy shit like astral traveling to a  higher plane of existence?

Surely a fully realized enlightened being should be able to leave his/her body with their dream body at will, entering the astral realms and beyond and do other things beyond the human imagination.

How many of us can do that?  I can go as far as practicing lucid dreams for now and had a few premonitions before.

I know others who can do WAY more.  I’m talking about shit that would make you fart out your nose.

New Age crap you are an enlightened being.

You see the great Gautama Buddha was just that.  A true mystic, shaman whatever you want to call it.

He reached his highest point of consciousness through a degree of spiritual and metaphysical changes.    He spoke of other worlds where he astral traveled.

Enlightenment is not an intellectual CONCEPT but it starts with intellectual studies.  Yes a paradox of sorts.

But many fall pray making it just that.  And secondly, they’re stages to enlightenment.  There are multiple battles we go through to get there.

We’re talking episodes of self realization, season 1!  And with those realizations come practical action or you can say “a way of life”.

But guess what happens when you become this new age enlightenment?  Ask #4 on the list.

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#4 New Age Myth:There Is No “I” 

New Age Myth - There Is No IHere’s a good one.  There is no “I”.   Are we that freaking gullible??  Some of us buy into this horse manure.

That’s fine and all because there’s a home depot where you can pick yourself up a shovel.

There is an I.  For one, we wouldn’t be having this conversation.  I know right, common sense!  Because if there wasn’t there would be no “I”ndividual to exist.  Then we can say there is truly no “I’.

So what’s all the fuss about “there is no I”.  Words can have a very subjective meaning.  The “I” will always be there.

Now your “I” might differ from 10 years ago.  Maybe there is no “I” past of you anymore.

Or maybe the “I” lower ego has gone through some metamorphosis like a butterfly.  You exist and DON’T you freaking forget it or anyone tells you any different.

#5 New Age Myth:You’re Immortal!

Shoot me now!  OH lawwdddy lawdd.  But Myzticseeker! “GURU said”  F#@$ What guru said.

Are you going to play around with your freaking life?

You’ll see this a lot on social media, especially facebook.

People think they’re already buddha’s and godheads.  They’re deluding themselves and the sheeples around them.

Even the exoteric buddhists say your ass can get reincarnated into something else which really isn’t being immortal.  Immortality is breaking the chains of reincarnation or even death and keeping your full awareness.

Think about this……What if you don’t COME BACK!?  What if your awareness goes for good!

What then?  Is it possible?  Of course it is.

New Age Myth - You Are Immortal

The Yaqui shamans concerned themselves with  what’s practical.

They care little for theory.  What they claim is you lose your conscious being once and for all.

Yes, meaning you won’t ever come back.

To them reincarnation is just a person’s clairvoyant abilities picking up the deceased.

Do you think reality needs our “consciousness” to exist for the world to go on?  Really think about it… HELL freakin no!

So are they Yaqui shamans right?  Do you never come back and truly die as in losing your consciousness forever?

I’ll have to ask one of my loosely-based shamanic mentors (to be back with this one).

I think it’s possible your past consciousness gets completely wiped out and born as a new consciousness.

Meaning the “other” you will cease to exist and a “new” you will be born.

You can think of it like a factory reset on your phone.

Or a new operating system for your computer.  It’s a completely new rebooted operating system.

This is a different concept than a Buddhist’s view on reincarnation.

They see a ‘transference of your soul.

My beliefs fall in more of the Yaqui shamans which only care about practical applications and less about mental masturbations of pure theoretical concepts and philosophy

Practices like lucid dreaming and other meditation practices are key ingredients.

Ultimately, you BUILD your dream body or your higher astral body to break the shackles of reincarnation or death.

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#6 New Age Myth: God Forgot Itself And Is Remembering/Experiencing Through Us

New Age Myth - god in amnesia

If that were true, the what’s holding all the universal laws of nature together in this dimension?

OH I see, God forget itself, BUT somehow perfectly operating the laws of nature.

You see this with a lot of new age neo Advaita guru’s like Mooji.

They give you a plate of abstract theories of reality with barely a whiff of practical knowledge.

And this new age myth “you are god who forgot itself” is the perfect example.

James Schwartz is another one.

How the hell do I know these people?  I use to take their bullshit (not anymore).

Do I think they’re fake?  Some yes and some delude themselves.

You know who I’m quoting once again, right?

My boy Willy Walker Atkinson smack the red out the nose of these new-age clowns.

Can you imagine the Absolute, possessed of all possible Knowledge and Wisdom, feeling the need of such petty “experience,” and living the life of the lowly forms (including Man) in order “to gain experience?” To what depths do these vain theories of Man drive us? Another leading Western teacher, who has absorbed the teaching of certain branches of the Oriental Philosophy, and who possesses the courage of his convictions, boldly announces that “You, yourself, are the totality of being, and with your mind alone create, preserve and destroy the universe, which is your owl, mental product.”

And again the last mentioned teacher states: “the entire universe is a bagatelle illustration of your own creative power, which you are now exhibiting fo your own inspection.”

You notice how this new age bologna has been getting sliced for ages?

It’s been happening for a long time now.  He goes on by saying.

The philosophy that teaches that the Universe is an illusion perpetrated by you (God) to amuse, entertain or fool yourself (God), can have but one result, and that is the conclusion that “everything is nothing,” and all that is necessary to do is to sit down, fold your hands and enjoy the Divine exhibition of legerdemain that you are performing for your own entertainment, and then, when the show is over, return to your state of conscious Godhood and recall with smiles the pleasant memories of the “conjure show” that you created to fool yourself with during several billions of ages.

That is what it amounts to, and the result is that those accepting this philosophy thrust upon them by forceful teachers, and knowing in their hearts that they are not God, but absorbing the suggestions of “nothingness,” are driven into a state of mental apathy and negativeness, the soul sinking into a stupor from which it may not be roused for a long period of time.  We wish you to avoid confounding our teaching with this just mentioned

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#7 New Age Myth: There Is No Right And Wrong, Good Or Evil, That’s The Realm Of “Duality”.   

New Age Myth There is no good or evil

Here’s another one of Mark Passio, which I totally agree with.

They’ll say that “duality” exists on just this plane and right and wrong don’t exist in the ultimate sense.

This is dangerous thinking.

I assure you there are BEINGS that are very powerful and malevolent beings on different dimensional planes.

Secondly, we need DUALITY!  There has to be a choice given to an individual.  How the hell can you go left, if there is no right to go to?

If you can only go left, then you’re left with “no choice”.

Because a choice must imply another option, hence the word “choice”.


Hot and cold might be on the same scale but there are NOT the same thing!

They are polar opposites!  This follows again the law of the hermetic principles.

It’s your choice the path you want to take.  You’re not obligated to do anything,  You can do great evil or good etc.. It’s your free will.

Otherwise if it wasn’t, then we’d be in bigger trouble.

They may influence your choices even against your true desire then kick yourself later.

People do this all the time and with their subconscious running the whole show filled with those crappy habits.

What would happen if you had no choice, without your say?

You got some new age bullshit you want to spill?  Let’s hear it!

  1. I loved the way you debunked these false ideologies in your own funny and playful way! 🙂
    I think that these people mainly forget the inner sensation of purpose in life and they mainly absorb information only from one side of the spectrum. Like if you would like to go deep you must have many backup informations about different subjects to see a clear picture but all of their sources are theories whiches are not even productive for the individuals development. The universe’s nature is evolution and the desire to become better not to lose yourself in a madness, there are much better things to do with such amount of power that existence carries.

    Yet I’m a bit uneasy with one statement you called out. Do you think that our former selves can be completely erased from our consciousness? Isn’t that important to carry on our mistakes so we can work on those to chisel our flaws and become better and more self-aware? And you know forging a “new” you (even if that’s from the same substance) is not equal to the same sense of “I”-ness. Like without the memories and identification you won’t be able to see from where you came. Also do you think if such things happen do this go against our free will?

    1. Myztic Seeker, just so you know, we are all moving into a very new age. We are witnessing the long awaited ascension of our our world. And it’s all about repenting and reconciling the original sin of knowing evil or negativity into being. In a Universe made of nothing but Etheric Plasma, which is the perfect Love that we feel from our Sun, anything that is not Love is a delusion we make real. Simply by knowing it into being.

      That said, all is definitely God, just as the law of God and physics confirms. God is the Greatest Good. And there is nothing greater than the Unconditional Love that we feel from our Suns. Etheric Plasma is what consciousness is made of. And all spirit and matter is manifested by the subconscious and conscious mind of the Universe and all that it is. In physics we know that everything is conscious and sentient.

      The Good News, is that the moment Humanity chooses to be the Unconditional Love that we are made of, we will enlighten and ascend to divine dimensions of immortal and unlimited Godhood. And we have all the science to confirm what was revealed to me by The Holy Spirit in 2011. The reason why we have the covid chaos taking place, has been due to the 1% watching the 99% not believing in and accepting the fact that you all have been gifted the science of real eternal life and unlimited Godhood. I had the families who started the Federal Reserve and the UN tell me that I fulfilled Babylon’s Bible and I have been leading a “Global Love Revolution on Facebook.”

      Physicist that will be publishing this science this year: youtube.com/watch?v=l3xX82mh0KE&t=2026s
      Biology of eternal life: http://www.brucelipton.com/books/honeymoon-effect/
      Physics of ascension:www.youtube.com/watch?v=bIvILcCqSaA&t=1133s

      So if you want to know more about how to fulfill your role as the 3rd Adam Sun God Savior that we’re all called to be, you can check out my facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/photo?fbid=10158222909615894&set=a.79568030893

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