The Dark Crystal Esoteric Secrets 35

The Dark Crystal Esoteric Secrets

The Dark Crystals Hidden Esoteric Secrets

Was Jimmy Henson an occultist? (Warning: LIGHT Spoiler Alerts).

I’m sure as hell he DEF was!

What’s the first hidden symbolic trait of the Dark Crystal?

1. Did You Know The Root Concept For Skesis Stems From The 7 Deadly Sins?

This is more exoteric theology.  Nonetheless, the sins  & virtues do have their rightful throne in esotericism.

Dark Crystals Esoteric Secrets Sins & Virtues

The 7 human deadly sins are wrath, gluttony, greed, sloth, envy, pride and lust.

Their counterpart is the Uru which identifies as the 7 human virtues.

The virtues are chastity, charity, diligence, patience, temperance, humility, kindness.

Jim says some Skesis reference the same sin.  In total there are 18 skeksis and 18 Uru’s.

2. The Dark Crystal CopyCats The Hermetic Principles Of Tree Of Life!

I don’t need to give you the esoteric definition of the Kabbalah’s Tree of Life.
Dark Crystals Esoteric Secrets Tree Of Life Symbolism

Why?  Because Dark Crystal Wiki does a sparkling job for us.

It spills the beans straight from can itself!

The Tree of Life was a geometric pattern devised by Aughra before the arrival of the Fallen urSkeks to charter the course of the Three Suns.[1] The urRu used the Tree as the basis for the design of their coats.  The Tree was made up of eleven stations which formed a microcosm of seven aspects of the life of the spirit, which was itself placed in a macrocosm of four elements of the physical world.  The macrocosm consisted of earthmoonword and love, while the microcosm was made up of sunwarriorgatewayforceformself and source –  Famdom Dark Crystal Wikipedia

You notice the hermetic principle “As Above So Below” role?

The macro connects the micro between all levels of reality.  Matter to energy.  Proton to electron.  Ying to yang.  Positive to negative.

Dark Crystals Esoteric Secrets As Above So Below

The list of polarity is evidently endless.

It’s no wonder why occult based TV series/movies attract a huge wave of audience.

They’re projecting images and sounds to brainwash your subconscious!

This is one form of magick.


Aughra – In Greek myth, Gaia embodies the Earth.  Aughra plays a similar act, embodying the planet Thra.  I think its clear-cut that Jimbo sprinkled Greek mythology over his film.

Dark Crystals Esoteric Secrets Aughra Gaia

What’s interesting is her one eye.  why?

The story of Odin comes to mind with his one eye.  It’s the occult knowledge of the spiritual pineal gland known as the third eye.

Occult gnosis say its a physical and a psychic conduit of astral energies.

3. The Name “Uru” Of The Mystics Resembles The Hindu “OM”

dark crystals esoteric secrets OMMMMThe Uru’s are the positive half of the Skesis.  The Uru mystics hum a sound.

It’s the same sound as the hindu “AUUUUMM”.The Uru’s are the positive half of the Skesis.  The Uru mystics hum a sound.

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According to hinduism, OM is the universal or primordial sound of the universe.

I’ve found this one youtuber(deleted his channel now) telekinesis use the OM meditation as the basis of their psychic foundation.

Trevor Seven is still around though on youtube(telekinesis practitioner).

If you meditate, don’t say it and spray it, but humm until your whole body/being vibrates.


4. The Sigil of great power Is A Symbolic Reference To Chakras

The dark crystal esoteric secrets sigil of great powerThe Aureyal is a symbol representing the unity of the seven Gelfling Clans. The Aureyal presents itself in the visions of various gelfling characters who are initially uncertain about its meaning until it is formally identified as “the sigil of great power” by skekGra the Heretic. – Famdom Wikipedia

The word Sigil itself is a magickal term.  A sigil symbolizes a person’s wishful desires.

Most of the symbolic images of the chakras are triangle shaped.

5. Jim Henson wanted the planet Thra To Be Originally Mithra based off the ancient zoroastrian religion.

dark crystals esoteric secrets mithra legend

Jimmy flips the script, avoiding the pitfall of revealing the obvious ties between his story and the ancient Persian God, Mithra.

This draft contained elements in the final product, including the three races, the two funerals, the quest, a female secondary character, the Crystal, and the reunification of the two races during the Great Conjunction. “Mithra” was later abbreviated to “Thra”, due to similarities the original name had with an ancient Persian deityThe character Kira was also at that point called Dee. – Wikipedia

dark crystal esoteric symbolism mithra the persian godMithra is a sun god in ancient Persian mythology.

But there’s dispute on who the sun is.

There are theories about Earth orbiting another planet, worshipped as our sun in the ancient past.

Some sound theories about Saturn being worshipped in the past has historical and esoteric truths to them.

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6. The Conjunction Or Alignments Of The Planets:

The first conjunction is about planetary alignments seen in the sky on planet Thra.  I’m guessing Jim read a few of Immanuel Velikovsky’s books.

dark crystals esoteric secrets planetary conjunction

Who the hell is Velikovsky?

A medical psychiatrist who’s obsessed with our cosmological ghostly past.  Albert Einstein contributed physics and mathematics to some of Velikovsky’s work!

David Talbot elaborates on Immanuel’s work.

David claims Earth orbited Saturn in the early formation of our solar system.  It was the primary sun before the rule of our yellow golden sun.  Here’s an amazon link, The Saturn Myth.

the dark crystals esoteric secrets saturn myth

So the story goes, electric lightning storms between the planets caused Earth to go through cosmological migration of thousands to hundreds of thousands of years.

It’s no secret that religious tales in the esoteric sector are purely astrotheological.

the dark crystal esoteric secrets astrotheologyThe Old Testament is the stellar story of the 7 planets as Saturn being the father planet.

Opposite of Saturn, we have our yellow sun representing Christian theology.

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In the beginning Jehovah Elohim created the heaven and the earth.
And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Ruach of Jehovah Elohim moved upon the face of the waters.
And Jehovah Elohim said, Let there be light: and there was light. – Genesis

dark crystal esoteric secrets saturnian god

Is the Dark Crystal speaking non fictional stories to us through fictional film filters?

Occult myths and symbolism are consistently portrayed throughout mainstream media(Tv, Music, Films etc).  For example, Matrix and Conan contain occult symbolism.

But that’s a tale for another time….