Richat Structure Atlantis

10 Evidences Proving The Eye Of The Sahara Was Atlantis

Richat Structure Atlantis: 10 Best Cases Proving The “Eye of The Sahara” Was The Ancient City Of Atlantis

The Richat Structure is a winner winner chicken dinner as the most likely place of Atlantis.

The TONS of coincidences are SO massive that they’re no longer coincidences, but patterns which tell a historical campfire tale.

Solon spent 10 years in Egypt learning their ways and stories.

The Egyptian high priests told the mystery history of Atlantis to Solon, which then Plato’s ears received the tales.

His first stop was Egypt. There, according to Herodotus, he visited the Pharaoh of Egypt, Amasis II. According to Plutarch, he spent some time and discussed philosophy with two Egyptian priests, Psenophis of Heliopolis and Sonchis of Sais. A character in two of Plato’s dialogues, Timaeus and Critias, claims Solon visited Neith’s temple at Sais and received from the priests there an account of the history of Atlantis.

1) Richat Structure Atlantis: Plato’s Describes Circular Islands Of Atlantis Stadia Which Matches The Diameter Of The Richat Structure

The entire Richat Structure is 40-50 km wide, yet the outermost concentric ring just grazes nearly at 23.5 km in diameter.  Richat Structure Atlantis Diameter Size Rings

It has been suggested that the concentric rings of the Richat Structure match the dimensions given by Plato for Atlantis. The YouTube video by Bright Insight says that Plato gave the diameter of Atlantis as 127 stadia, or 23.5 km (38 miles). The entire Richat Structure is 40-50 km wide, yet the outermost raised concentric ring is not far off 23.5 km in diameter. Perhaps this could indeed have been the location of Plato’s Atlantis?


2) Richat Structure Atlantis: Concentric Rings 3 Zones Of Land, 2 Zones Of Water

One of the only of the few places which has that concentric look.

Although it’s believed that this was a natural formation and not some man-made zones.  Richat Structure Atlantis 3 zones concentric rings

Poseidon fell in love with her, and had intercourse with her; and, breaking the ground, enclosed the hill in which she dwelt all round, making alternate zones of sea and land, larger and smaller, encircling one another; there were two of land and three of water, which he turned as with a lathe out of the center of the island.


3) Richat Structure Atlantis: Plato Describes Atlantis As An OBLONG Oval Shape.

Is it just another coincidence?

Another game show prize giveaway.  Richat Structure Atlantis Oblong shape

To be honest, there aren’t many structures like that on Earth.

The Richat structure is one of the few locations that can compete in the ring with Plato’s description.

The whole country was described as being very lofty and precipitous on the side of the sea, but the country immediately about and surrounding the city was a level plain, itself surrounded by mountains which descended toward the sea; it was smooth and even, but of an oblong shape.


4) Richat Structure Atlantis: Contains Mountains From The North And A Canal In The South Corner 

Just above the north border of the Richat Structure is a row of vast mountains.

There’s a small canal type of opening right in the south-west corner of the Richat.  Richat Structure Atlantis \Mountains from the north sea from the south

What’s the chances of these pile of coincidences happening?

Extremely slim to none.

The whole country was described as being very lofty and precipitous on the side of the sea, but the country immediately about and surrounding the city was a level plain, itself surrounded by mountains which descended toward the sea; it was smooth and even, but of an oblong shape, extending in one direction three thousand stadia, and going up the country from the sea through the centre of the island two thousand stadia; the whole region of the island lies toward the south, and is sheltered from the north.


5) Plato Clearly Points Out the neighboring Nations and Colonies of Altantis 

Plato talks about the nations involved with Atlantis. Richat Structure Atlantis turkey libya egypt

It’s not the Americas, Antarctica, or other locations.

It’s straight from the African continent (Turkey, Libya, Egypt).

And the surrounding nations associated with the Atlanteans?

Of the combatants on the one side the city of Athens was reported to have been the ruler, and to have directed the contest; the combatants on the other side were led by the kings of the islands of Atlantis, which, as I was saying, once had an extent greater than that of Libya and Asia (Turkey)

6) Solon’s Story Of Atlantis Matches Up With The Younger Dryas Era Hypothesis Aka The Big Freeze

The younger Dryas theory states that a massive comet smashed into earth 12,000 years ago.  Richat Structure Atlantis ice age

The story of the floods, destruction, tsunamis from all the myths might be this apocalyptic event seen at one time in our history told by the world in their own myths.

We all know that Solon visited Ancient Egypt and received the tales of Atlantis from the Egyptian priest.

Solon told Plato the destruction took place about 10,000 years ago. 

The story of Atlantis was told to Plato around 2,000 years ago.

If add those 2 then you get something around 12,000 years ago.

That’s the same time of of the younger dryas theory.

According to the diagram above, the phenomenon associated with the Younger Dryas seem to have began at around 12900BC and ended at around 11600BC. Plato’s given chronology on Atlantis, at 9600BC, and all other archaeological discoveries found so far (e.g. Gobekli Tepe, the submerged city off the coast of west India in the Gulf of Cambay, and others) all indicate that known human growth started at around 11500BC and immediately after the Younger Dryas period (in other words, the Younger Dryas phenomenon itself could not have disrupted this particular period of human development, especially the one Plato refer to as Atlantis).

7) Eye Of Sahara Contains The Same Precious Stones As Told In Atlantis

The color of the stones of Atlantis were white, black, red of Atlantis.

We find the same black and red, some white stones at the Richat Structure.Richat Structure Atlantis rock stones

More coincidences, or just more bricks of evidence?

One kind of stone was white, another black, and a third red; and, as they quarried, they at the same time hollowed out docks double within, having roofs formed out of the native rock. Some of their buildings were simple, but in others they put together different stones, which they intermingled for the sake of ornament, to be a natural source of delight.


8) Atlantis Was Destroyed In one night And The Richat Looks Like A Overnight Destroyed Location

Plato said that the destruction of Atlantis happened over night.

The Richat structure itself looks like it got hit by a tsunami caused by some massive meteorite.Richat Structure Atlantis destroyed overnight

You can tell by the striations that looked brushed off from left to right.

But afterward there occurred violent earthquakes and floods, and in a single day and night of rain all your warlike men in a body sunk into the earth, and the island of Atlantis in like manner disappeared, and was sunk beneath the sea.

9) Plato Blatantly States The Atlantic Ocean Got It’s Name From Atlantis

This is probably the most obvious game show prize giveaway.

HE just shouts it out.  Richat Structure Atlantis locations

Again, we have the Atlantic connecting to only a few surrounding continents.

None of them even remotely fit the lineup of the usual suspects.

The only culprit is the Richat Structure.

And he named them all: the eldest, who was king, he named Atlas, and from him the whole island and the ocean received the name of Atlantic.

10) Association With Atlas

Atlas is specifically relates to Greece which lies close to Altantis.  Richat Structure Atlantis atlas mountains

All these structures and locations in Plato’s tales are all near the Richat structure.

These locations are in close proximity of The Richat Structure.

The Richat Stucture is 700 KM below the Atlas mountains.

The pile of coincidences keep on stacking like pancakes.

Like their ancestors, they were to deliberate in common about war and other matters, giving the supremacy to the family of Atlas; and the king was not to have the power of life and death over any of his kinsmen, unless he had the assent of the majority of the ten kings.

And he named them all: the eldest, who was king, he named Atlas, and from him the whole island and the ocean received the name of Atlantic. To his twin-brother, who was born after him, and obtained as his lot the extremity of the island toward the Pillars of Heracles, as far as the country which is still called the region of Gades in that part of the world.


What About The Sea Levels In Plato’s Description?

Abrupt shifting of plates can happen.

Brightinsight talks about an earthquake that shifted Japan’s fault line by 8 feet!


This happened under all in ONE hour!

Other Myths that were thought to be “fairy tales” turned about the be true

Heracleion was thought to be a myth until that was discovered by Franck Goddio.

We thought Troy was all bunch jargon but that was proven to be false, which turned out the place DID exist!



  1. I no longer have any doubts, though, one must remember, Plato’s story has gone through thousands of years of misrepresentations. The Center Island, may have been advanced, but the rest is “ghettos”. The common man was nothing more than slaves, and treated as such. 4 structures have been found in the second ring.
    21° 7’4.04″N 11°16’26.18″W
    21° 7’12.62″N 11°16’34.51″W
    21° 7’15.42″N 11°16’48.78″W
    21° 7’22.90″N 11°16’41.08″W

    The ramifications of proving the Ringed City are serious. Once the Ringed City is claimed to exist, we will have to deal with the reality of the “Alien gods”. The Bible makes reference to them.

    Exodus 20 2-3-4

    These ancient “gods” never went anywhere, and have been exactly where Exodus tells us. The U.S. Government now admits the UFO’s are real, but remain silent as to who they are. Now, you know.

  2. The first two coordinates do show something indeed! Quite intriguing. But with the latter two, I don’t see anything resembling any kind of structure…

  3. Bright insight says Atlantis is 127 stadia, but Plato says 27. That is 5 km, the size of the Semsiyat dome, and the center of it is 900 meters which matches Plato’s 5 stadia. Semsiyat is the right size in almost the same place; Richat is too big. Everything else that fits Richat also matches Semsiyat. Richat is not Atantis, Semsiyat or the Azores plateau might be.

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