Artifacts On Mars Points To Signs Of An Ancient Advanced Civilization 35

Artifacts On Mars Points To Signs Of An Ancient Advanced Civilization

Artifacts On Mars

Get ready for a cosmic thrill because we’re about to embark on an interplanetary journey to the red planet: Mars!

But hold onto your spacesuits because we’re not just talking about barren landscapes and dusty rocks.Artifacts On Mars

Mars has a secret stash of mind-boggling alien structures that’ll make your brain do the moonwalk!

Picture yourself cruising through the Martian terrain, and out of the corner of your eye, you spot structures that make your eyeballs pop out like a jack-in-the-box.

Remember the infamous “Face of Mars” in Cydonia?

These alien structures take that mystery and crank it up to eleven.

It’s like Mars is playing a cosmic game of “Hide and Seek” with us.

Are we looking at remnants of an ancient Martian civilization?

Artifacts On Mars: Keyhole GeoGlyph

Although not as infamous as the face of mars, this geoglyph still has a star role to play.

This keyhole structure is not your average run-of-the-mill erosion.  Artifacts On Mars keyhole geoglyph

This glyph is shouting from the rooftops, revealing multiple geometric consistencies that just scream “artificial design!”

The images reveal an anomalous structure composed of a triangular and circular component, resembling a keyhole-shape formation that exhibits a unique set of geometric measurements.

The claim of intelligent design is offered and a geologist and geoscientist examine natural mechanisms that could contribute to the formation of these combined features. A terrestrial comparison of aesthetic and iconographic motifs is investigated.

These ridges are all about that perfect bilateral symmetry.

Take a peek at figure 12.b, and you’ll see examples of this awesome symmetry with a and c.

Now, let’s focus on the middle layers (a, c, b, d) and the top layers (e, f, g, h) of this structure.Artifacts On Mars geoglyph diagram

There is really no visual evidence that this wedge and dome were thrust upwards by faulting. In fact, if the extended line running across the terrain (Figure. 9) is a fault line, it runs between the wedge and the dome. If one side is thrust up the other side must be down. This is not the case nor is there evidence of thrusting anywhere else along this line.

It does not seem logical to have two structures totally isolated on an open plain side by side and exposed to the same erosional forces to exhibit such dramatic, geometrically opposing shapes.\

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It’s a wild and wacky tale of intersecting lines, symmetry, and a trapezoid.

The line right smack in the middle of good old i and j decides to crash the party and intersects with the top, middle, and bottom layers of those ridges.

This monstrous beast of a geoglyph isn’t exclusive just to the planet Mars.

We find this fascinating bad boy of a structure in ancient Japan.

Even people who specialize in the field of geomorphology (study of how rocks, rivers, are formed) are completely dumbfounded.

William sanders who specializes in the field of geomorphology, states it’s very unlikely this was caused natural erosion.

Artifacts On Mars ancient japan keyhole geoglyph

The next problem is the formations opposing surfaces. Each of these rock formations would have to be of a different composition or were acted upon by separate forces to produce such radically opposing shapes. The circular dome-shape is highly degraded, while the sharp, linear edges of the wedge structure indicate it has undergone very little alteration.

This leaves a third explanation, which suggests that it was intentionally transported and positioned by intelligent forces. –William  Saunders, Geomorphologist From Calgary Canada

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Artifacts On Mars: Pharaoh’s Head And A Piece Of CrownArtifacts On Mars pharaohs head

It’s possible that the Gale crater harbored a city built by some ancient civilization resided.

Not much is known about this site other than some eye-popping looking artifacts that lie there.

This image known is known as SOL (Martian Day) 528, which is near the dingo gap at the massive Gale crater.

Link for a better resolution:

There’s an image in what appears to be an Egyptian like pharaoh’s head, with the eyes and lips and some type of crown on top.

This splendid statue, boasts eyes and lips that bear an uncanny resemblance to none other than theArtifacts On Mars Egyptian Pharaohs illustrious Egyptian pharaoh (1300 B.C) Akhenaten himself.

What’s even stranger is what appears to be a piece of crown molding directly behind the statue.

The level of detail in the carving and those incredibly straight and narrow lines within the crown molding is just mind-boggling

There are a few more statue pieces as that have the same oval shaped head as the statue.

Artifacts On Mars: Perfectly Cubed Cut Sandstones

The rover captured a few additional images on sol 618.

What caught my attention and made it quite intriguing was the appearance of these rocks with sandstone-like cut edges.

Artifacts On Mars perfect cut sandstone

I mean, seriously, take a look at some of these pieces.

They have these clearly defined squared carvings on them.

But if you pay close attention, you’ll notice a few more pieces highlighted by these red circles in the Artifacts On Mars sol 618 image

One in the corner and there are a more pieces you’ll notice which are pointed out by the red circles within the image.

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Artifacts On Mars: The Mini Pyramid Sol 978

Right smack in the middle of the Martian sand dunes, there’s this isolated pyramidal structure.

It’s a perfect triangle, and the fact that it’s standing out all by itself in the middle of nowhere.

There’s a sub-zero chance, that this thing formed naturally in such an isolated location.

Links for a better resolution:

Let’s say, hypothetically, there’s some weird natural phenomenon where pyramids naturally form.

Even then, why is there just this one tiny pyramid sticking out in the middle of nowhere?  Artifacts On Mars sol 978

They defy all odds and expectations of natural formation.

Some of these straw-reaching skeptics chalk it up to “natural erosion”.

If they somehow exist naturally, then they’ve managed to magically beat the impossible odds.