7 new age gurus

7 New-Age Gurus Who Preach Spiritual Watered-Down Misinformation Jargon

New-age gurus talk a REAL good game.  They brainwash noobs just entering the spiritual game.

Why unveil the curtains?  SO you don’t fall for the same rat-trap like I did.

When you dig into REAL spiritualism, you start getting into occultism, magick, shadow work, astral work and so forth.

  • Hermetic Principles – These are universal principles nature which quantum physicists like Nikola Tesla and Einstein & modern physics support!  Contains multi symbolic theological parables (anatomical, astrotheological etc)
  • Energy Work – HUGE part of spirituality a must!  You got to work on lucid dreaming/astral energy body.
  • Shadow Work – Unconscious negative aspects we introspect to become conscious of to change!
  • Yoga –  At it’s core meaning this is unification.  Shamanic practices, Kundalini, ceremonial magick, methods to alter the consciousness/energy body

we call it a red FLAG🚩, when important pieces of the puzzle are missing!

Let’s get ready to ruuuuumbblleee!  The first opponent is Rajneesh Aka “OSHO”.

#1 New Age Guru: OSHO  “I Love Bitches, Many Of Them”

New Age Guru Osho The FraudIf you haven’t seen the cult documentary “Wild Country”, glue your eyeballs on Netflix now (Or go on Youtube)!

This guy started a HUGE cult movement back in the 1960’s.  He’s one of key ingredients of starting the “free love” hippy trend movement in the 60’s-70’s.

New Age Guru Osho ArrestedMa Anand Sheela was his right hand woman.  Rajneesh crowned her as his personal assistant, but they had a fight and a falling out.

She ends up on the Wild Country documentary calling him as a fraud!

Did you know they were both involved in a bio-terrorist attack?

“The 1984 Rajneeshee bioterror attack was the food poisoning of 751 individuals in The Dalles, Oregon, through the deliberate contamination of salad bars at ten local restaurants with Salmonella. A group of prominent followers of Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh (later known as Osho) led by Ma Anand Sheela had hoped to incapacitate the voting population of the city so that their own candidates would win the 1984 Wasco County elections.[2] 

At a press conference in September 1985, Rajneesh accused several of his followers of participation in this and other crimes, including an aborted plan in 1985 to assassinate a United States Attorney, and he asked state and federal authorities to investigate.[6] Oregon Attorney General David B. Frohnmayer set up an interagency task force, composed of Oregon State Police and the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and executed search warrants in Rajneeshpuram. wikipedia.org/Rajneeshee_bioterror_attack

New Age Guru The Great Buddha 7 snakes

Let’s say the allegations are false.  WHY are there allegations in the first place?

Ghandi, Tesla, Swami Vivekananda never had accusations.

There’s usually truth in a sea of allegations.  Another thing, Osho NEVER tackles questions on deep mysticism or true mystical experiences.

Look at the great Gautama Buddha himself.

He went through the suffering years of hell to master himself to open the gates of heaven.

Next up is Osho’s Clone!

#2 New Age Guru:  Sadhguru (Osho 2.0) “Isn’t it?”

New Age Guru - Sadhguru copies OshoJaggi Vasudev Aka Sadhguru.  He talks in abstract philosophies, spiritual contradictions, science misinfo, and speculative vague answers.

Here’s a prime example of chewing more than you can bite!  Someone on YouTube asks Sadhguru “ Do aliens Are Gods/Exist?”

He says 95% of all alien talks are fake and 5% is POSSIBLE. <<< To me that’s a speculative answer.  Here’s his youtube link channel> Are Our Gods Aliens,Sadhguru answers?

If someone asks me “Are unicorns real?” 

There’s a chance that unicorns are real.  They’ll pierce your ass and have rainbows shooting out your mouth”

I could be wrong but I gave solid concrete answer vs a speculative one.

When someone asks what’s 1+1?  And you say 2.  That’s an answer!  It’s not,  “It could equal 6, 3, 4 or green”.

A YouTube commentator points out the same thing I’ve noticed (He’s not the only one).

new age guru sadhguru doesn't answer questions

Sadhguru continues saying “I cannot deny it after having been to Manasarovar and Kailash it’s living confrontation”

He says ignore them because he lacks knowledge.  In occultism astral alien entities are a BIG part of spiritual/astral work.

Some people see entities of the astral realms normal people can’t see.  The Yaqui shamans call these people “seers”(See energy literally).

New age gurus don juan matus quoteSeers/adept occultists see energy directly and other crazy astral shit/entities that’d blow your F’in mind!

In one vid, someone asks him about the human aura.  He says the aura doesn’t relate to your core being.

Here’s the Youtube link >> Sadhguru – Aura is even more superficial than your skin, please ignore it!

He says the aura represents your mental, emotional, physical state in a “certain” way or visible through the Aura.  Keyword = Certain.

He continues, “The aura is the periphery of the person, but I would like you to look at the core.”

The aura is the CORE of your being. 

The aura is made of luminous threads of energy which surrounds the outside/inside every living cell and atom (Electro-magnetism)!

Ancient Ostrich Eggs Auric Egg Of Man

Your core being is energetic.  BIG contradiction!

“Ether ” sustains matter.  This is basic occult knowledge an occult noobs stumble upon.

“All perceptible matter comes from a primary substance, or tenuity beyond conception, filling all space, the akasha or luminiferous ether, which is acted upon by the life giving Prana or creative force, calling into existence, in never-ending cycles all things and phenomena.” – Nikola Tesla

Kirlian effect:  The kirlian effect of corona discharge is one of the most substantial proof of string theory.  We see this with our own earth aka the Northern lights!

String theory is a theory of everything which explains that vibrating strings of energy compose physical matter and other dimensions.

Think of it like strings on a guitar and also falls perfectly in line with the 2nd HERMETIC principle of vibration (Energy and matter) Tesla coil anyone?

New Age Gurus Kirlian Photography The Shamans saw energy which perfectly falls in line with string theory!  I doubt there were theoretical physicists.

Here’s an answer from Shaman Don Juan Matus matching-up with string theory.

The emanations are something indescribable. My personal comment would be to say that they are like filaments of light. What’s incomprehensible to normal awareness is that the filaments are aware. I can’t tell you what that means, because I don’t know what I am saying. All I can tell you with my personal comments is that the filaments are aware of themselves, alive and vibrating, that there are so many of them that numbers have no meaning and that each of them is an eternity in itself.”

Sadhguru tries to mix vague philosophies with misinformative science.

He’s doesn’t know anything about as this his remark shows here.  He claims the HIGGS boson “God particle” is mostly empty space. Sadhguru on the God Particle – Higgs Boson

According to present-day understanding of what is called the vacuum state or the quantum vacuum, it is “by no means a simple empty space”. According to quantum mechanics, the vacuum state is not truly empty but instead contains fleeting electromagnetic waves and particles that pop into and out of existence. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vacuum_state

Sadhguru Twists Truth Into False Stories About Swami Vivekananda. 

He claims Vivekananda read a book by touching it for 1 second with his eyes closed.

Here’s the video link Secret of Sadhguru and Swami Vivekananda’s Knowledge.  Vivekananda’s own words debunks Sadhguru.

”The librarian then examined the monk, and by doing so became fully satisfied, really contrary to popular belief. Great essentially was his astonishment in a subtle way. Later, Akhandananda for all intents and purposes asked Swamiji how he could generally do it. The Swami replied, “I never read a book word by word, contrary to popular belief. I for the most part read sentence by sentence, sometimes paragraph by paragraph, in a sort of kaleidoscopic for in a big way. Source: Vivekananda’s And The Art Of MemoryPDF

And here is numero 3!

#3 New Age Guru:  Mooji “God Is Our Own Self”

New Age Gurus Mooji The fraud Mooji use to be one my favorites!  I use to WORSHIP this guy.  I use watch all his vids.

He preaches this God in amnesia – (Big in Advaita Vedanta)

Here’s a video of him answering, Who Is God, 1st part: Who Is God?

The man asks “Who Is God”?  This is one of Mooji’s earlier videos before he went viral.

Mookie asks “Is it important on who GOD is?”

“In what respect is this important to see where it comes from?”

The man responds intelligently.  “It’s a search for truth”.  Mooji’s face sits in deep thought for a minute thinking of a clever answer.

After spouting jibberish for a while, Mooji finally says “You are the sourceAka You Are God.

Here’s another vid.  God Is the ‘You’ You Don’t Know Yet

William Atkinson (A true practical occult/gnostic adept) TALKS about this type of mis-informative teachings.

A quote from 1906 by Willy boy!

The keynote of this lesson will be “The Oneness of All,” and all of its teachings will be directed to awakening a realization in consciousness of that great truth. But we wish to impress upon the mind of the Candidate that we are NOT teaching him that he is the Absolute. We are not teaching the “I Am God” belief, which we consider to be erroneous and misleading, and a perversion of the original Yogi teachings. This false teaching has taken possession of many of the Hindu teachers and people, and with its accompanying teaching of “Maya” or the complete illusion or non-existence of the Universe, has reduced millions of people to a passive, negative mental condition which undoubtedly is retarding their progress – William Walker Atkinson – Raja Yoga 

Mooji Says You Are God Who Forgot Itself.   

He says God is manifesting as everyone playing a role play game.  The title sums it up, Consciousness(God) Plays Itself As A Person.

What does William say?

For the teaching inevitably leads to the accompanying teaching that all is Illusion or Maya, and that Life is but a dream—a false thing—a lie—a nightmare; that the journey along the Path is but an illusion; that everything is “nothing“; that there is no soul; that You are God in disguise, and that He is fooling Himself in making believe that He is You; that Life is but a Divine masquerade or sleight-of-hand performance; that You are God, but that You (God) are fooling Yourself (God) in order to amuse Yourself (God). Is it not this horrible? And yet it shows to what lengths the human mind will go before it will part with some pet theory of metaphysics with which it has been hypnotized. Do you think that we have overdrawn the picture? Then read some of the teachings of these schools of the Oriental Philosophy, or listen to some of the more radical of the Western teachers preaching this philosophy.

He’s not done.  He makes a powerful compelling statement.

Another leading Western teacher, who has absorbed the teaching of certain branches of the Oriental Philosophy, and who possesses the courage of his convictions, boldly announces that “You, yourself, are the totality of being, and with your mind alone create, preserve and destroy the universe, which is your owl, mental product.” And again the last mentioned teacher states: “the entire universe is a bagatelle illustration of your own creative power, which you are now exhibiting your own introspection.”

“By their fruits shall you know them,” is a safe rule to apply to all teachings. The philosophy that teaches that the Universe is an illusion perpetrated by you (God) to amuse, entertain or fool yourself (God), can have but one result, and that is the conclusion that “everything is nothing,” and all that is necessary to do is to sit down, fold your hands and enjoy the Divine exhibition of legerdemain that you are performing for your own entertainment, and then, when the show is over, return to your state of conscious Godhood and recall with smiles the pleasant memories of the “conjure show” that you created to fool yourself with during several billions of ages. That is what it amounts to, and the result is that those accepting this philosophy thrust upon them by forceful teachers, and knowing in their hearts that they are not God, but absorbing the suggestions of “nothingness,” are driven into a state of mental apathy and negativeness, the soul sinking into a stupor from which it may not be roused for a long period of time. – Source:  https://www.sacred-texts.com/eso/ryo/ryo05.htm

This was written in early 1906!  He’s been pre-exposing these people before they were BORN!


#4 New Age Guru: Eckhart Tolle: The power of now A Guide to SPIRITUAL ENLIGHTENMENT

new age gurus echkart tolleWhere do I start with this one?Full of intellectual inspirational words and 0 practical information.

He never practiced spirituality and woke up  “enlightened” one day.  I SHIT you not.

It’s in the intro of his book >> The Power of Now.pdf

Right before he gains enlightenment, he says, “I can’t live with myself anymore”.  He admits to suicidal tendencies!

Not sure about you but I wouldn’t put a trust a man like that.

Right after his suicidal thoughts, he magically realized “Who is the I that which can’t live anymore”.

He mentions “Carl Jung” once in his guide.  BUT never talks about his work!  He never talks about shadow work, which is a HUGE part of conscious work!

Why didn’t he write that in spiritual enlightenment book? Is it lack of knowledge or did he deliberately leave it out?

Gautama buddha of our time spent a lifetime of hard spiritual soul work in order for him to open for his spiritual treasures.

new age gurus eckhart passive spirituality

Buddha ascends to a new level of spiritual attainment, battling through trials and tribulations

Yet, Eckhart barely lifts a finger to gain “enlightenment”….Let that marinate for a sec.

He preaches the watered down versions of  Christ consciousness.  He throws this word around like a rag doll.  Christ consciousness is a real thing.

New Age Christian Allegories JesusChrist is an allegory of esoteric/spiritual astrotheology and their relation to the individual.  But Eckhart makes no attempt to get nitty gritty and reveal this info.

The whole watered-down new age version of “Christhood” is in his book.

It’s vague philosophy and inspirational words with 0 practical teachings.

Sometimes their information coincidentally overlaps real spiritual metaphysics.

The next guy is the Indian version of Tolle.

#5 New Age Guru: Deepak “Chupa”Chopra

New age guru deepak chopraDeepak wrote a bunch of new age woo woo.  Here’s one of his books. How To Know God.  He talks about the 7 stages of “God”.

Here’s his list of content:

  • Stage one: God the Protector
  • Stage two: God the Almighty
  • Stage three: God of Peace
  • Stage four: God the Redeemer
  • Stage five: God the Creator
  • Stage six: God of Miracles
  • Stage seven: God of Pure Being—”I Am”

There’s no talk of chakras, energy bodies etc..Nope nothing to see here folks!  He’ll refer to theology and put his own silly illogical theories.

Here’s a section of the book called: Contacting God

The key to picking up the spiritual messages sent by God—can be developed, we have to rid ourselves of self-delusion.  Stripped down to its essentials, by seeking to know God we run into the same problem we do when we seek to know what lies outside the universe.”

But HOW do we get rid it?  This is just plain old advice with no practical teachings.  He never explains how, suspect….new age guru deepak chopra fraud hacks himself

Just read or skim through Deepak’s book.  He’ll throw around the word “quantum” like it’s a puppy’s toy.

There’s no talk of anything mystical in his book.

No mention on sacred geometry, akasha, prana, chakras, lucid dreaming, astral projection, visiting heavenly astral realms etc.?

Is this a book on  “How To Know God”?  The title is VERY misleading….. Aiii Caramba!

Let’s take a look at The Super Brain book!  Here’s a book on the powerful mysteries and abilities of the brain. 

Yet he omits the PINEAL gland

This gland is the seat of psychic phenomena.  Even 3rd grade occult students know this!  This should be BASIC knowledge for Chupacopra. New Age gurus pineal gland

Where’s that super important information in his book?  Rick Strauss wrote a book dedicated to DMT and the pineal gland which is a doorway to astral energies.

There’s not a thread of info about that in Deepak’s “Super Brain” book.  He has a book called You Are The Universe. 

Remember, we talked about you or me being God and sustaining the entire universe, cosmos. etc?

Make sure you BUY his 350($250) now meditation glasses with flashing lights!

How about a computer program animals and humans can communicate with?  The next “guru” on the list did just that!

#6 New Age Guru: Swami Nithyananda – The “SuperMan” Who’s Kryptonite Is Trouble.  

New age guru Swami NithyanandaThis guy cracks me up honestly.  Some fakeru’s are bit more clever and easily fool spiritual noobs.  They take more dissecting.

But Nithyananda self-sabotages by shooting himself in the foot.

This dude grabbed a MASSIVE following.  This guy has numerous allegations against him.

I remember the sex scandal he had with an Indian film celebrity.

Sex isn’t the issue here.

And we’re not here debating whether sex or not having sex makes you any more “spiritual”.

It’s his guilt and his pathological lies as if he did something wrong.

Not being true to yourself and putting on a facade.

He claims the video was “fabricated ”, but a video forensic team says otherwise.

Swami Nithyananda fake guru sex scandalAfter that, he publicly announces that hell stop teaching and go back into training at the ashram.

He’s was preaching HEAVY during this time.  I’ve been trying to find the video on the net, but I think it’s gone now.  It was on YouTube ages ago.

What happens about 6 months after his “training”?  He comes back with more bullshit.  In 2019 , he fled India accused of child abuse and rape this time.

He has been accused of raping a disciple over a nearly five-year period, during her stay in the ashram. In June 2018, a Karnataka trial court framed charges against Nithyananda. He faces trial under Sections 376 (rape), 377 (unnatural sex), 420 (cheating), 114 (criminal abetment), 201 (disappearance of evidence, giving false information), 120B (criminal conspiracy), and other charges under the Indian Penal Code (IPC).

Along with Nithyananda, several ashram associates are facing charges in this case.  All of the accused pleaded not guilty except for one who was absent from court.[31][32]

On 20 November 2019, Gujarat Police claimed that Nithyananda fled India after choosing not to attend several court hearings – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nithyananda

He claims to SUPERNATURAL powers.  He says he opened his third eye.  Yet he’s physically letting himself go (not spiritually) and drugged-up half the time.

new age guru cows talking to humans In 2018 he claims he wrote the perfect software program that’ll have cows and humans commincuting with each other.

We’re still waiting and it’s 2020 with no word of him.  I presume he teleported his physical body into another dimension?

#7 New Age Guru: James Schwartz

new age gurus james schwartz Before Mooji, I stumbled upon James Schwartz.  That’s when I started my journey at age 21.

I remember one quote from his videos when I was naive enough to believe his deluded teachings.

“It’s all for the self isn’t it? (He made a starting intellectual revelation looking dumbfounded).  I mean there’s really no such thing as a selfless act!  It’s all for the self”.

He’s not as big as Mooji or other neo-Advaita teachers.  He preaches the “non-duality” way of life.  It’s more abstract nonsense!

I remember one quote from his videos.

“It’s all for the self isn’t it?  I mean there’s really no such thing as a selfless act!  It’s all for the self”. (He made a starting intellectual revelation with a dumbounded look look).

New Age guru adi shankara He constantly downplays neo-Advaita teachings, but he preaches it.  So how the hell is he not “neo”?

James refers to old texts all the time preaching  neo-advaita with it.  He’s NO different from Mooji.  I’ve seen MOOKI read from old Advaita texts.

I think there’s something fishy about the old Advaita teachings Adi Shankara started.  He’s one of the first pioneers of Advaita Hinduism.

Am I saying that Adi was a fraud himself?  It’s Possible.  Maybe he was deluded.

Whatever the case, it starts a chain of an oriental chain of “I Am God” mindsets.


STOP trying to find the one perfect  intellectual “guru” and look for the experienced guides.  

What do I mean? Find someone who’s done REAL soul work!  Someone with real practical experiences of magick, shamanism, esoteric astrotheology etc.

These have some minsinfo, but they’re not in little leagues.  The little league of new age woo woo is swimming with misinformative bullshit.

If you’re lucky, you might find a message in a bottle filled with wisdom.  But it’s crumbs of knowledge which isn’t enough to get your stomach’s fill.  new age gurus occultits

I like people like William Walker Atkinson, Carlos Castaneda, Don Juan Matus, Blavatsky. Samael Aun Weor, Carl Jung, Manly P. Hall etc.

At least these people did real research and soul work.  Some of them are downright pragmatists, caring little for theory.

Some are authorities on esoteric astro theology and ancient history.  Some offer great practical advice.

These new ager’s fall in the trap of intellectual pseudo-enlightenment, inhibiting their own spiritual growth.

new age myths m.bison game over

  1. Thank you for making a post about this. I think that the new age ideology of God is indeed festering the whole spiritual community nowadays and you can’t have a differing opinion against them since they immediately attack. It’s not like the oneness ideology is not appealing to me but they violate the individuality of the people with this kind of mindset. The thing is I understand that what is the basis idea of their ideology and how they conclude to the “fact” that only silence is the thing which is inherent in us but they are merely grasping the layer of it. With their slave mentality of being captive in the process of existence and teaching that life is only a distraction for us create a very blank, purposeless and dark sense of being. I still don’t understand how certain people get drawn to this … do they even realize what some of these people are claiming? It feels like to me that they don’t and the evidence of it is that those who realized are running away from the cult or getting completely sucked out and brainwashed. Also they are speaking of spiritual topics without taking into consideration that other spiritual sources also exist outside their own box with bigger and scientifical evidences than they have on a mental and phyloshopical level. They disregard the importance of memory, biology, genetics, NDEs, astrology and past lives. They are not even accepting the possibility of the ego’s transcendence. Just think of it… being aware require two focal points to be able to compare the internal to the external. Without an energetic mind you will be never to be aware of yourself without knowing the patterns you had before so that you won’t be able to realize that you are not even your past self. Ironic that these so called guru’s once they say they found enlightement and despise the ego, then they are only giving an other point which the ego can identify with. Also if we declare that awareness emerges and it has a neutral nature to it without having any identification or attribute then how would it be able to create a world of distraction. How people are different and even siblings who grew up in the same family with the same kind of parenting style. These whole ideologies are emerging from being affraid of change… being affraid that the “you” you know now will not be the same after a year from that point. But they fail to see that change doesn’t mean that you can’t identify … you are the change , the flow itself. Your past selves are parts of the person you are today. Same goes for the soul … if you accept the fact that you are more than the body and that your life is merely a part of the being who you really are then you can see that how the ego can transcend and be a compassionate and understanding form of self awareness.
    Also I think that if God is omnipotent then I think he would come up with an idea better than fooling himself. In my opinion.

  2. Many false prophets would come in my name telling you that God does not exist but I do. Unless the false prophets are personally known to me as the son of God and the living God then they are fake

  3. What ever happened to critical thinking and discernment and the premise that spirituality is a personal journey, and not to be proselytized or pushed onto other people? I had to quit a group because one person was going on and on about one of these “gurus” like he was some sort of god (NOT). When people lose themselves by swallowing everything some guru says, they do quite the opposite- they lose their spirituality and themselves- this person surely did and not an opinion, but an observation!

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