Are Psychics Real? Psychic Proof Leaving Skeptics Scared Stupid 35

Are Psychics Real? Psychic Proof Leaving Skeptics Scared Stupid

Are Psychics Real? Psychic Proof Leaving Skeptics Scared Stupid

Healthy skepticism is salad easy to digest. But rotten skepticism is hard to swallow.

If psychics are real, then the U.S. Government would have your anwer. if psychics are fake, why they take interest?

The belief in paranormal psychics was serious enough for the U.S. C.I.A.(Central Intelligence Agency) to fund the “Stargate Project“. Are Psychics Real? Psychic Proof Leaving Skeptics Scared Stupid 37

What purpose did the Stargate project research serve the government?

Psychic paranormal powers which gives a HUGE advantage in war espionage.

The D.I.A.(Defense Intelligence Agency) is a branch of the C.I.A tree.

The name says it all “Defense”(most don’t know this information is public knowledge).

Not the first time the C.I.A funded psychic paranormal experiments.

Did you know previous researched psychic projects existed?

Psychic experiments started early 1970’s on remote viewers seeing if psychics powers are real.

Remote viewers posses the psychic ability to view distant locations NOT in physical eye view.

You can be 100’s miles away from someone and SPY on their current whereabouts.

Do you see the benefits from this ability?

A psychic ability which locates enemies world-wide! What would you do if you had that power?

Are Psychics Real? Proof Impossible To Debunk

Experiment #1: The notable psychic Nina Kulagina: The Russian Psychic Caught Live on Tap

The Russians heavily lab-rat tested human psychic abilities during the 1950’s. Eye-opening revelations came to light.

If psychics are real, The Russian psychic Nina Kulagina takes the cake. She’s known to be the real deal. Are Psychics Real? Psychic Proof Leaving Skeptics Scared Stupid 39

Word spread like wild-fire and scientists globally traveled to witness her psychic powers.

Scientists placed hidden camera’s, conducting 100’s of psychic experiments!

Mind you, every test is under a controlled environment meaning NO room for hoax/tricks.

The first of scientists performing tests on her was Soviet biologist Edward Naumov. Like most scientists, Dr. Naumov was skeptical at first.

Guess what he witnessed next which sent electric chills down his spine….

Nina hovered her palms over match sticks which instantly rolled off the table one by one!

Are Psychics Real? Psychic Proof Leaving Skeptics Scared Stupid 41William McGary worked for the U.S. investigating organization of psychic phenomena in 1970.

He packed his bags and traveled to Russia to see first-hand if the hype is true.

McGary’s research team watched Nina move several objects!

Objects including a wedding ring, placed on top of a condiment bottle moving across the table.

One test placed non-magnetic objects in plexi glass, preventing “tricks” skeptics can claim.

Tricks such as drats, wires, magnets.

And still managed to pull off her “fake psychic tricks” in a controlled environment!

An overwhelming pile-stack evidence caused nervous breakdowns to some extreme illogical skeptics lol.

She’s a gold medal runner-up in relation to psychic proof!

Experiment #2: Are Psychics Real? Dream Telepathy Research: Astonishing Mind-Blowing Results

Dream telepathy is one of history’s best hard-steel proof of psychic phenomena.

Dreams are forms of altered states of consciousness. Are Psychics Real? Psychic Proof Leaving Skeptics Scared Stupid 43

(boldminiheader)Are Psychic Real? Famous ‘Dreamer Sending and receiving Study’ by Dr. Ullman

Dr. Montague Ullman, M.D., and Dr. Stanley Krippner conducted dream telepathy research in 1960 at Maimonides Hospital in New York.

Their findings raised eyebrows YOU won’t believe…

The experiment was simple:

A dream sender draws an image and conceals the image in an envelope..

The dream receivers sleep in separate rooms which contain the concealed envelopes.

The scientists wake the dreamer 3 times during REM(Rapid Eye Movement) dream state.

The next morning scientists ask the dream receiver which vivid dreams he remembers.

The sender’s image and the dream receiver’s dream recall identically matched!

Over decades of experiments “yielding statistically significant results.”

From Dr. Ullmans Autobiography

“The early exploratory work with Laura Dale, followed by the efforts of Karlis Osis, Douglas Dean and myself to use the REM monitoring technique as a way of capturing a good yield of the night’s dreaming, thus facilitating an investigation into dream telepathy, played an important role in my decision to give up private practice in favor of a full time position in a hospital and the opportunity to shape a research program devoted solely to the pursuit of that elusive quarry, the paranormal dream.”

The next experiment below takes psychic abilities to whole other level!

Experiment #3: Are Psychics Real? Mystic Yogi Reveals His God-Like Psychic Powers

Are Psychics Real? Psychic Proof Leaving Skeptics Scared Stupid 45Swami Rama was a mystic with awe defying powers. He controlled his autonomic nervous system(regulates heartbeat, hormones etc.).

Swami Rama stopped his heart pumping blood for up to 16 seconds. He also produced 11 degrees differential on his palm.

The average person generates beta brain waves while consciously awake. He emits theta brain-waves on a unconscious level while in DEEP meditation!

One experiment includes needles, exhibits his telekinetic psychic abilities. A controlled laboratory environment was set up . He moved the needles without touching a finger 15 feet away!Are Psychics Real? Psychic Proof Leaving Skeptics Scared Stupid 47

The scientists took ALL precautions. They mummy wrapped him in thick cloth, preventing him from shaking the needles.

They strapped a nose/mouth guard on his face, preventing any breathing on the needles.

With every precaution taken, you know what happened next?

You guessed it. The needles freakin’ MOVED!

He states his intentions on why he agreed to go under scientific lab-rat testing.

“I am doing this not to show that I am a magician or a superhuman being, but to show that controlling the mind one can control one’s bodily functions, including the so-called involuntary muscles of the heart and lungs. This is done through control of the autonomic nervous system, which is involved in the development of most psychosomatic diseases” – Swami Rama

What’s up with all 3 experiments? Are these people the only ones capable of psychic powers?


How Do Psychics Work? Kept Secrets From The Public Mass View.

Secret Knowledge #1: Subconscious Dreams Are Crucial On How Psychics Work

Dreams are psychic in nature. Millions of stories over famous people predicting their own or others death. For now let’s discuss on how dreams are real psychic gateways.

Our mind is consciousness itself which splits in 2 sides(2 sides of the same coin). Are Psychics Real? Psychic Proof Leaving Skeptics Scared Stupid 49

  • The conscious: waking state, our judgement and decision making.
  • The subconscious: controls the involuntary system(heartbeat, digestion, hormone regulation etc.). Our subconscious controls 90% of our well-being, nutz!

Our subconscious gives birth to all our dreams. A realm we have minimal control over.

Carl Jung is a German Psychologist best known for studying dreams.

He claims every mythical stories and fabled creatures are psychic dream visions. Symbolic in nature. The beauty and beast story are human archetypal symbolic patterns rising from dreams.

“Myths go back to the primitive storyteller and his dreams, to men moved by the stirring of their fantasies. These people were not very different from those whom later generations called poets or philosophers. ” – Carl Jung

“Conscious use of symbols is only one aspect of a psychological fact of great importance : Man also produces symbols unconsciously and spontaneously, in the form of dreams.” – Carl Jung

Did you know dreams also provide future insight?

Lots of famous stories of people envisioning their or someone’s death.

Again dreams are a HUGE part of how psychics work. What does that mean?

Secret Knowledge #2: We’re All Psychic in different degrees.

Are Psychics Real? Psychic Proof Leaving Skeptics Scared Stupid 51

Your brain contains a brain structure located in the center. The Pineal gland which houses ALL psychic activity!

This is part of how psychics work through physiology . Ancient sages, mystics/philosophers knew the potency of the pineal’s psychic energy!

“In every man, there is an Eye of the soul which….is far more precious than ten thousand bodily eyes, for by it alone is the truth seen….The Eye of the soul….is alone naturally adapted to be resuscitated and excited by mathematical disciplines.” Plato, Republic

The pine cone is a mysterious symbolic emblem representing the pineal gland. Tons of pineal symbolism expressed as historical art, architecture, and ancient pictoglyphs.

The Catholic Pope holds a “pine-cone” engraved staff! A coincidence?

A Buddha statue with a “pine cone” head.Are Psychics Real? Psychic Proof Leaving Skeptics Scared Stupid 53

How MUCH proof do you need? Any skeptical challenges this? Smack them with this mind-blogging info!

Here’s a list school of ancient cultures with symbolic representations of the pineal gland.

  • Egyptians
  • Babylonian – Sumerians
  • Christian Gnosticism

Secret knowledge #3: 7 Ancient Universal Laws of Reality Science Rediscovers.

The true readers are real psychics that understand the SCIENTIFIC hermetic laws. Ancient primordial laws modern science is now discovering!

What Are The 7 Hermetic Laws Creating Our Reality?

Are Psychics Real? Psychic Proof Leaving Skeptics Scared Stupid 551. Principle of Mentalism: Our consciousness effects reality, thus IS reality. Everything stems from a universal mind! A scientific FACT(meme)! Matter and energy are interchangeable forms from the root of a universal mind we ALL share. We have mini minds.

2. Principle of Correspondence: Massive or tiny physical objects, doesn’t matter. Everything connects on a micro/macro level. From molecular, cellular and atomic. Nature unveils her secrets, we just need to open our eyes(meme). From the smallest particle to the biggest planet, all must bow to the same system.

3. Principle Of Vibration: Nothing rests. All atoms move in constant motion. The atoms of a chair or your body never rest. Science again rediscovers an ancient principle known long ago. Matter and energy are 2 sides of the SAME coin in different vibrational state.  Are Psychics Real? Psychic Proof Leaving Skeptics Scared Stupid 57

4. The Principle of Polarity: Everything is dual in nature. Temperature contains dual opposites, hot and cold. A battery works with positive and negative end. An atom has a positive proton and a negative electron with the neutron. We can conclude that no opposites = no reality. You NEED contrast for existence.

5. The Principle Of Rhythm: The movement of changes between the 2 polarities. Everything rises and falls. A cycle of energies. From summer to winter or day to light. Nature reveals her secrets again!

6. The Law of Cause and Effect: Every cause has its effect, and effect has its cause. Mere “chance” doesn’t exist. Roll a dice on the table and the untrained eye sees “chance”. Take a closer look! Each roll depends on muscle force, table conditions, di’s hand-held position, position of hand.

7. Law of Gender: The law of generation. The principle of gender works as generation, regeneration, and creation. Either masculine or feminine. This is the law of polarity manifested through sexual expressions. Remember the atom? The proton is positive electrical charge (masculine). And the electron is a negative magnetic charge (feminine). Remember You can’t have reality without contrast(creation)? Logical to conclude gender polarity’s creates objective reality.

How do psychics work with the hermetic principles? Yoga, Meditation, Rituals, all building focus and concentration through meditative means.

Are Psychics Real? 5 famous Psychic Predictions

Many years of pile-stacked paranormal stories impossible to debunk!

Remember, dreams give psychological insights to see in ones own or others future.

#1 American Airliner Flight 191: Man Who Foreseen A Tragedy Are Psychics Real? Psychic Proof Leaving Skeptics Scared Stupid 59

David Both kept experiencing a reoccurring dream 10 nights back to back! He dreamed a jetliner flying off a runway.

Moments later flight 191 flipped, bursting in flames.

The officials listened to his dream description. From this information, they gathered he was describing a DC-10 plane or a Boeing 727.

The 10th and final day in a row finally came. Guess what happened next? The DC Flight 191 American Airline jetliner’s engine faulted.

His premonition came true! The engine’s mechanism stopped working crashed the runway, exploding into flames.

Mark Twain’s Premonition’s

Are Psychics Real? Psychic Proof Leaving Skeptics Scared Stupid 61The famous writer Mark Twain isn’t known for psychic predictions. But eerily , he’s had a few premonitions, including his own death…..

Mark’s Dreams About His Brothers Wake

Mark dreams his brother is lying in a coffin with his sister gazing standing between 2 chairs.

Guess what happened only a FEW weeks later? His brother passed away from a boating accident.

The same funeral scenario acted out at Mark’s sister parlor.

Mark Predicts His Own Death

Did you know Mark Twain was born the night of Halley’s comet!

Just a few years before his death, he states he’ll die on the night of Halley’s comet.

And fate would have it, his premonition came true.

What’s scary is he was born and died during Halley’s comet return!

#3 Abraham Lincoln 5th United States President Dream Premonition

Abraham Lincoln had a couple of dream premonitions of his death and his body guard knew.

Lincoln had a series of premonitions which one of his body guards was aware of.

Lincoln’s dream starts in a room filled with people gathering around a dead body.

Are Psychics Real? Psychic Proof Leaving Skeptics Scared Stupid 63Lincoln asks one soldier accompanying the funeral “Who was the corpse?”
The Soldier states someone assassinated the president.
“About ten days ago, I retired very late. I had been up waiting for important dispatches from the front. I could not have been long in bed when I fell into a slumber, for I was weary.

I soon began to dream. There seemed to be a death-like stillness about me.Then I heard subdued sobs, as if a number of people were weeping.

I thought I left my bed and wandered downstairs. There the silence was broken by the same pitiful sobbing, but the mourners were invisible. I went from room to room; no living person was in sight, but the same mournful sounds of distress met me as I passed along.

I saw light in all the rooms; every object was familiar to me; but where were all the people who were grieving as if their hearts would break? I was puzzled and alarmed.

‘Who is dead in the White House?’ I demanded of one of the soldiers, ‘The President,’ was his answer; ‘he was killed by an assassin.’

Then came a loud burst of grief from the crowd, which woke me from my dream. I slept no more that night; and although it was only a dream, I have been strangely annoyed by it ever since.”

#4 Reeva’s painting of misfortune

Oscar Pistorious shot his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp on Valentine’s day 2013, thinking she was an intruder. The murder trial is still on going since 2014.Are Psychics Real? Psychic Proof Leaving Skeptics Scared Stupid 65

Reeva’s mother told newscasters she was 14 when she had a premonition of her death.

She later painted her premonition in a symbolic form.

The painting portrayed an angel standing at the bottom ladder leading to a heavenly sky.

Far off in the distance is a man pointing a gun in her direction.
Reeva’s mother is super convinced her premonitions are real.

#5 Boxer Sugar Ray Robinson Dreams Of Opponents Death The Night Before The Fight

Boxing Champ Sugar Ray Robinson made a strange prediction regarding Jimmy Dole. Jimmy Dole was set to box Robinson on June 25, 1947.

Are Psychics Real? Psychic Proof Leaving Skeptics Scared Stupid 67Sugar Ray made comments regarding a dream he had which ends up fatal for his opponent. This is just a few nights before the match!

Sugar Ray wants to cancel the fight. A priest reassures Sugar Ray he’s experiencing a meaningless dream.

The fight still happened. In the 8th round, Robinson gave Doyle a massive left hook to his head, instantly knocked out cold.

The injury turned out to be fatal than expected. Doyle ended up rushed to the hospital and never regained consciousness.