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My Top Tarot Readings Sites  + Bonus Questions To Screen Out Frauds

I’ve Sherlock Holmes investigated they hyped-up tarot reading online sites.  A few decent runner ups, but 3 take the home the gold, sliver an bronze.

Some tarot readers online are newbs (which I think is fine). that should charge accordingly to experience.  I’ve picked 3 sites, offering some type of free reading upon first time users.

A perfect chance, because I’ve listed 3 screening questions at the end only a true tarot reader knows.

Some tarot reading online sites I’ve listed below offer a sample chat or free minutes.  Use the free time to screen someone before committing.  Let’s start with my favorite psychic site #1 on my list.

 #1Champ Tarot Readings Online : Oranum

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They fair from the enchanted lands of Luximberg, Belgium.  Oranum’s kicking around the city block for 8 years now starting 2010.

Oranum’s the top kingpin fast-growing tarot reading online network with unique features they offer compares to opponents.

I couldn’t believe pop star Critstina Algeular’s music video featured Oranum!

What’s Oranum’s Special Power?  

Tarot Readings Online 3

Why is Oranum queen of my top tarot reading online sites?  She offers a cozy pillowed chat room, before committing to a reading.  Now that doesn’t mean a free reading, but a chance to screen tarot reader.

I love their 5-point rating system!  Customers reward points based on a tarot readers performance.  A ranking system ensures new comers find a right match.


Pricing: What’s Their Deal? 

Oranum offers credit based packages.

  • Free Reading (First-time Members Only) : 9.99 for $0.00 upon you put a credit/debit card number

  • In-Depth: 27.99 Credits for $33.99 Bonus:  +1.99 free

  • Awakened: 67.99 Credits for $75.99  Bonus: + 5.99 free

  • Cosmic:: 97.99 Credits for $106.99 Bonus: +7.99 free

Tarot Readings Online 4

Secret Package

  • Cheapest packet (Secret Package):17.99 for $22.99.

Tarot Readings Online 5

How do you get the secret package?  Just “X” out the original offer and this WILL pop up!  Notice the “Last Chance” offer?  Don’t sweat it because the offer magically never vanishes, sneaky bastards!


Payment Options: Choose Your Card 

Tarot Readings Online 6

No shortage on payment options for Oranum.  I don’t particularly liking giving out my credit card info. so I use Paypal.   Bitcoin payers aren’t left behind.

They just don’t take cash up-front.  I enjoy the fact that you can use best buy/walmart gift cards.  Remember, bonuses are non-refundable!


Refund Policy: 

“Customer Service may offer compensations in cases where the Subscribers suffered a financial loss and only in the extent of credits spent in the given event. Claiming that a reading did not realize cannot be the base of any refunds. The Refund Policy covers paid services only and not the events happening afterwards” – Oranum

Yes, a full refund.  But any extra fees credit card fee WILL not be refunded.   Of course anything you pay not through their paid service.

Lets say a reader tried to get to pay for any side deals mad without Oranum’s service involved.  You hated the reading and want your money back.

Now Oranum has nothing to do with refunding side deals you’ve made, a no-brainer! (Bonuses, gift cards etc, cannot be refunded)

Contact Info: Where’s Their Batcave?

  • AddressDuodecad IT Services Luxembourg S.à r.l.
    44 Avenue John F. Kennedy, Axento Office Building
    Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg, Belgium 
  • Phone: +352 26 11 18 40
    Support fax: +352 27 39 71 15 


#2Top Contender’s Tarot Readings Online: Kasamba

Tarot Readings Online 7

Straight from the Big Apple, NYC!  One of the first and longest running tarot reading sites of all time!  2nd on my list, because no free chat rooms with readers before committing paying for one.

Knowing they’re local in NYC and not some shady country with barely any law processes is comforting.

Kasamba’s the popular tarot girl every guy wants to date with a network with 4 million over 5 star ratings for her services.

They claim a 93% overall review ratings for their tarot advisers, but don’t quote me on that.

What’s Kasamba’s Special Power?

Tarot Readings Online 8

3 minutes free with any new adviser you’ve never received a tarot reading from.  Wow Kasamba, what a generous pie you are!

Ditch the old witch if you didn’t connect with your reader, and Kasamba will cover the costs.  Move to the next reader for 3 more free minutes and trying connecting with a new reader.

Pricing: What’s Their Deal? 

3 minutes free when you get credits.  IF you want to pay with Pay-pal make sure to click the above image where you see types of payments offered.

It’ll automatically switch to Paypal option. Minimum payment is $25.00.  Maximum 100 dollars.

Cheapest Rate An Adviser Charges: $1.99 per minute

Highest Rate An Adviser Charges: $30.00 per minute

Tarot Readings Online 9

Refund Policy

You’ll need to provide the session date, adviser and charge fee upon a refund request from Kasamba.  I love their generosity, giving you 7 days to submit your refund request.

As far as I know Kasamba’s the most generous with longest refundable days.


Payment Options: Choose Your Card 

Tarot Readings Online 10

Pretty much everything including Paypal.  No bitcoins though.

Kasamba’s payment options:

Credit Card: All major credit cards are accepted and can be safely submitted via our secure server.

Kasamba Account: The Kasamba account enables you to pay for Kasamba services without using your credit card. Use it to keep track of your Kasamba budget and plan for future sessions.

Transfer funds into your Kasamba account by the following method:

PayPal: Send funds to your Kasamba account via email! Simply submit the amount you want to send and whether you want to pay by credit card or from your checking account. – Kasamamba

Contact Info: Where’s Their Batcave?

  • Address: 5, 475 10th Ave, New York, NY 10018, United States
  • Phone Number: +1 Local NYC Number  (916) 571-1310 24Hour Customer Service: 877-533-6435.  
  • Email: Submit a ticket and Kasamba staff will email you:  UP to 5 days before a Kasamba writes back (really takes one day).  I would rather just phone them then wait eons.   


#3Bronze medal Tarot Readings Online: Keen

Tarot Readings Online 11

Born and breed out west in California.  Keen started in 1999 being of the biggest tarot competitors. A wide database of advisers, Keen run 100’s of tarot readers.  24/-7 tarot readers online of course.

What’s Keen’s Special Power? 

Tarot Readings Online 12

So confident in their tarot readers, they’re willing to refund you $25 dollars worth of credit.  You got to have have a reasonable complaint of course.  And you think it’s only once?

IF, another 30 days passes and you get another BAD experience, guess what?  Yep, they’ll give you another $25 credit for it.

That just shows you they’re willing to go the mile  Keen’s generous enough to give you 3 days tops after a reading to call in your complaint.


Pricing:  What’s Their Deal?

Up to the tarot reader what they charge per minute.

Cheapest tarot reader rate:  1.99 per minute

Highest Tarot Reader Rate: 25.00 per minute

Tarot Readings Online 13

Payment Options: Choose Your Card 

Tarot Readings Online 10

Of course they accept all the major big boy credit cards (mastercard,, american express, visa etc.) including your pay-pal..  No bitcoin for this either.

Contact Info: Where’s Their Batcave?

Address: 201 Mission St, Suite 200 United States City San Fran. CA

Customer Service Phone Number +1 877-533-6435
No Email Support 


3 questions to answers a true tarot reader knows

Truly advanced readers know the hidden esoteric secrets tarot.  The tarot’s true purpose is a spiritual soul application originally.

Granted not everyone will get 3/3, but even 1/3 is good indication you’re dealing with an intermediate tarot reader.

Question 1:  “what is the significance of the scroll on the high priestess card”

Tarot Readings Online 15See the scroll hidden behind the high priestess’s clothing.  You’ll see the letters T O R A, but she’s hiding an extra letter.

If you think H of the old Jewish bible the Tarot, then you’re spot on.

Even her name is the High “Priestess” look at her whole outfit she’s an exact replica of a nun! This is a theological (religious) story!

Only the most advanced or true tarot practitioner knows this treasured wisdom.

Question 2: “Do you study Hermetics in relation with tarot”

What are hermetics?  Hermetics are ancient scientific universal principles of reality in relation to our mind-body-soul.

Esoteric principles first discovered by Tarot Readings Online 16Atlanteans of ancient Atlantis as I know of.

For example, the 2nd hermetic principle is scientifically proven.

“As above so below” principle:  states that objects no matter how large or small follow the same principles.

Atoms and planets follow the orbital principles.  They create patterns which reflects through the macro-cosmic.

Look at nature’s beauty’s for evidence.

Keep your eye on a reader studying Hermetic tarot

Question 3: “Can anyone learn tarot or do you need to be born psychic?”

A more sneaky approach on finding a readers intent and integrity.

Anyone claiming you must be “born with gifts” abort ASAP, because they’re a parasite for your wallet.

Some readers focus on one thing, $$$.  Again do what you love with integrity.  An honest tarot reader elevates your consciousness!

They help unlock your own psychic awareness and over time you won’t need them anymore.  It’s like attending therapy on steroids.

A helpful reader guides your consciousness, empowering your psyche over months or years.

At some point, you’ll be knowledgeable enough to perform your own readings.