Tarot Card Readers: Biblical Torah Originates From Tarot Cards

Tarot Card Readers:  Biblical Torah Originates From Tarot Cards 1

Tarot Card Readers: The Religious Secrets Of Tarot Kept Hidden From Public’s Eye

In the beginning my skepticism about tarot was rock solid. That skepticism chipped away after eye revealing readings which I’ve experienced first hand.

I put years research while practicing tarot and guess what? The most mystical ancient proofreading truths BLEW my mind. Strap your seat-belt, it’s going to be a bumpy ride.

Psychic tarot readings reveal life’s future creation patterns(paths) through symbolic imagery.

Tarot card readings provide insight on your life’s future paths. A future GPS road map.

Real tarot card readings ties in with numerology, astrology, geometry.

The universe reflects our consciousness, creating the reality around us! Tarot Card Readers

RC Henry, A physics/astronomy professor at Johns Hopkins University states:

“Mind no longer appears to be an accidental intruder into the realm of matter, we ought rather hail it as the creator and governor of the realm of matter. Get over it, and accept the inarguable conclusion. The universe is immaterial-mental and spiritual.”

ONE Mind-blowing fact that really stunned me into oblivion….

The tarot tells the creation story of the universe!

Tarot Card Readers

Ancient Secrets Of Psychic Tarot Reading

#1 The Ones Who Know The Jewish Bible “Torah” Comes From Tarot , Are Real Psychic Readers!

The tarot is a biblical story! Look at the High Priestess tarot card. Notice the word engraved in the Tarot Card Readersscroll concealed partly on her lap. The scrolls reveals the letters “T O R A“. Her dress conceals one letter to complete the puzzle. The letter “H”!

My logic says “no coincidence” What do you think? Please lets not retort to irrational conclusions! An obvious reference to the biblical Torah. The linguistics is nearly even the same!

Still not convinced? How about the fact ancient civilization like Egypt and Sumeria contain ancient tarot pictoglyphs? Don’t believe me, read further below!

#2 Ancient Civilizations Containing Tarot Inscribed Relics.

Ancient relics over 10,000 years old contain different tarot card reading versions.

See the world tarot? The last tarot card #22. Notice the cylinder seal with the bull. The tarot deck is obviously depicting this ancient seal.

Tarot Card Readers:  Biblical Torah Originates From Tarot Cards 2Some glyphs believed to draw back to caveman times.

Other ancient civilizations contained their own tarot version. India is one example.

Here’s a Mesopotamia cylinder seal depicting one old-school tarot version. See the hanged man? Striking similarities between the 2.

#3 Hollywood Conceals Tarot Within Movies

The Matrix

Tarot cards Contain Symbolism In HollyWood Films

The Matrix. Morpheus

In Greek mythology Morpheus is the dream God.

The God who awakens others still sleeping in the dream(matrix).

The 2nd tarot card the “The Magician” positioning his hands in the same manner as Morpheus. Tarot Card Readers

Maybe I’m over-analyzing and he happens to mimic the magician tarot. Not as obvious in “The Matrix”. But the next film I reveal is TOO obvious!

9 the movie

The popular anime sci-fi film number 9 is another example of tarot card reading symbolism. The film cover is obviously referencing the “9” tarot card.

Look at both cards…do you see the obvious ploy? You have a movie named “9”. Even the number matches the image! No tarot out of the 72 Tarot Card Readerscard deck, contains obvious similarities.

What if they called the movie “18” with the same image as tarot hermit 9? Then we can say it could be mere coincidence. But that’s not the case here is it?

  1. The film cover of 9 resembles the image of the hermit tarot
  2. They BOTH are number 9

Knight Of Cups 

Knight of Cups is a drama filled film starring Christian Bale who plays a screenwriter. He’s a wild outgoing bad-boy womanizer with cash flowing pockets.

Can the title be any more obvious? “The Knight Of Cups” Tarot Card Readers:  Biblical Torah Originates From Tarot Cards 3

The movie has NOTHING to do with psychic tarot reading in a literal sense. But everything related to tarot card reading symbolism. Not one slight mention of tarot in the Knights Of Cups.

The main character is a depressed screenwriter representing the knight of cups. Cups is the element of water, in turn means emotions. Cups is a natural artistic element. so it makes sense the main character is a screenwriter.

I. The Moon – Della, a young rebellious woman.

II. The Hanged Man – Barry, his brother.

III. The Hermit – Tonio, no ethics playboy.

IV. Judgment – His ex-wife

V. The Tower – Helen, a serene model.

VI. The High Priestess – Karen (Teresa Palmer), a playful high spirited stripper.

VII. Death – Elizabeth (Natalie Portman), a married woman he has a bond with and ends up impregnating her.

VIII. Freedom – Isabel (Isabel Lucas), an innocent helping him move forward with his life.

#4 secret: 52 card playing deck comes from Tarot cards

The dealer shuffles at the poker table unaware of the decks tarot card reading signifigance.

The 52 playing cards and 56 minor arcanum contain shocking similarities.

The Major Arcana (greater secrets), or trump cards, consists of 22 cards containing no suits. Tarot card readers use view the major psychological or major life changing events.

The Minor Arcana (lesser secrets) is where the 52 card playing deck originated from. The minor consist of 56 cards with 4 court cards for each suit. Kings, Queens, Knights, Pages. More day to day mundane events of your life.

Psychic tarot reader sees the suits related to the 4 elements. And each tarot suit signifies the playing cards suits.

  • Diamonds = Pentacle – Element Earth
  • Hearts = Cups – Element Water
  • Clubs = Wands – Element Fire
  • Spades = Sword – Element Air

We don’t see frequent jokers in card games unless presented as a “wild” card.  Tarot Card Readers:  Biblical Torah Originates From Tarot Cards 4

The joker card is the fool tarot’s equivalent. Odd that a massive chunk of card games play without the joker card.

Remember, “The Fool” isn’t a minor arcanum tarot card member, but from the greater 22 major arcanum.

Could that be the reason the jokers isn’t included in plenty of card playing games?

#5 secret: Psychic Tarot Reading Takes Root From Subconscious Dreams

Dreams are the tarot imagery we experience every night. Dreams drench in symbolism exactly like the tarot cards.

Dreams signify symbols relating to our waking life.

Most psychic visions occur in dream. Tarot Card Readers You remember Calpurnia’s dream of Julius Caesar’s death?

She dreamt of a Caesar statue gashed in blood. A few weeks later Brutus murdered him falling in betrayal.

Brilliant Swiss psychologist, Carl Jung states dreams symbolize the human psyche.

This is ONLY one form of how dreams give future visions.

Did you know dreams are mostly advice from your subconscious? The subconscious nature is 100% psychic!

Dreams contain tons of tarot card symbolize meanings. Multiple dreams meanings depend on a person’s character type.

For example, lets take the shy stay at home quiet type vs the wild speed demon party go’er. Both men dream about riding a horse swiftly along a puddle filled path.

The same dream can give different messages!

  • The message for the shy quiet type “You need speed up and take charge, get aggressive with life!”
  • The message for the wild crazy boy type “You need to slow down, you’re moving too fast!”

This is the tip of the iceberg.  Below I go into the principles of reality which the tarot symbolically/visually represent.

Laws of reality consist of 7 Main hermetic principles.

If anyone wants to validate the proof of these laws, just look at the 2nd image. The 2nd hermetic law “As above So Below” is an ancient proverb known by our ancient ancestors who were powerful mystics.

Tarot Card Readers:  Biblical Torah Originates From Tarot Cards 5
The tarot is solely based on these principles! Here’s the 2nd hermetic law expressed as tarot. The magician the 2nd tarot card labeled with number 1. The Fool is 0, being before the magician tarot.

The one hand up and one hand down symbolizes the 2nd hermetic scientific law of OUR reality!
A true psychic tarot reader knows nature’s secret laws, frauds wouldn’t. Always ask if the reader to confirm if you’re dealing with a fake psychic scam.

Tarot Card Readers Unlock Your Intuition

Tarot Card Readers:  Biblical Torah Originates From Tarot Cards 6Given time, isn’t logical to say that you’re finally understanding how tarot works?

The true tarot reader IS temporary. Psychic tarot readings isn’t a life time relationship with your reader. The training wheels should be off by then.

It may take a year or less! You may not time to teach yourself tarot, but the best tarot reader unlock your intuitions with each reading. The true readers wants reassurance you understand the general and specific life tarot symbols.

The fake psychic claims psychic abilities are “inherit” or you must be BORN with it. Complete BS. The best psychics polish their rock edged beginner skills to a fine gem.

Think of it like therapy. Some go to therapy to work out psychological problems. But at a point we should be understanding our own inner working with the AID of therapist.

You reach a stage of understanding your own psychological workings without a therapist. The training wheels come off again and you become your own therapist. The tarot works the same exact way!

A well-respected Swiss psychiatrist/psychoanalyst Carl Jung states:

“Archetypal images, as universal patterns or motifs come from the collective unconscious, are the basic content of religions, mythologies, legends and fairty tales. ”

Tarot Card Readers Are Mystical Therapists

Tarot Card ReadersPeople are usually ruled by their stars. The tarot helps you RULE the stars. Tarot deeply effects your subconscious mind, which in turn effects your conscious mind.

I talked earlier on how psychics unlock your intuition. That’s NOT the best part.

The best tarot card readers guide your mental and emotional well-being. They decipher symbols which provide life guidance and enlightenment.

After that, why would we need tarot anymore when you’re in 100% of your life?

Remember, tarot is a temporary psychological tool!

Fake tarot readers will try to get your wallet to hang around for life, please don’t fall in this victim trap!


Tarot Card Readers Are Shockingly Accurate Tarot Card Readers:  Biblical Torah Originates From Tarot Cards 7

Real tarot card readers aim around a 80% – 90% probability rate. The rate depends on the readers subconscious alignment aka the realm of psychic energy.

Why is there a % difference?

There’s level of psychic abilities. Most readers are not full seers. full seers exist which peer into your path of choice. A rare breed of psychic mystics. Mystics transcended into their godhead nature, probably not doing tarot readings.

But genuine tarot card readers are close, especially ones in tune more with their spiritual selves. You might find that rare pearl.