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88 Spiritual Quotes

I’ve listed 88 Spiritual Quotes ranging from all types of sectors in spirituality.  Spirituality is a broad-based term.  It can mean MANY things.  Below are listed 11 spiritual quotes from esoteric symbolism, magick, sufism,yoga, divination tools(Tarot) and some!

11 Spiritual Quotes On Nature Of Reality

  1. Our world is only one in a cluster of consecutive worlds, arranged like the layers of an onion. Even though we have been energetically conditioned to perceive solely our world, we still have the capability of entering into those other realms, which are as real, unique, absolute, and engulfing as our own world is.From seeing the essence of the universe, sorcerers go on to see the energy essence of human beings and depict human beings as bright shapes that resemble giant eggs and call them luminous eggs. – Don Juan Matus


2. “As above, so below; as below, so above.”  This Principle embodies the truth that there is always a Correspondence between the laws and phenomena of the various planes of Being and Life. The old Hermetic axiom ran in these words: “As above, so below; as below, so above.” And the grasping of this Principle gives one the means of solving many a dark paradox, and hidden secret of Nature.This Principle embodies the truth that “everything is dual”; “everything has two poles”; “everything has its pair of opposites,” all of which were old Hermetic axioms.  -William Walker Atkinson 



3. Solar atoms along with it and thereby becomes a Solar Azoth, i.e. our third, and genuine Sophic Mercury, and this circulation of the Solar Azoth must continue until it ceases of itself, and the Earth has sucked it all in, when it muse become the black pitchy matter, the Toad [the substances in the alchemical retort and also the lower elements in the body of man. -Manly P. Hall



4. Democritus declared the principles of all things to be twofold: atoms and vacuum. Both, he asserted, are infinite–atoms in number, vacuum in magnitude. Thus all bodies must be composed of atoms or vacuum. Atoms possessed two properties, form and size, both characterized by infinite variety.  -Manly P. Hall



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5. The stars were conceived by Archelaus to be burning iron places. Heraclitus (who lived 536-470 B.C. and is sometimes included in the Ionic school) in his doctrine of change and eternal flux asserted fire to be the first element and also the state into which the world would ultimately be reabsorbed. The soul of the world he regarded as an exhalation from its humid parts, and he declared the ebb and flow of the sea to be caused by the sun.  Manly P. Hall



6. Herbart believed it necessary to resolve phenomena into separate elements, for reality exists in the elements and not in the whole. He stated that objects can be classified by three general terms: thing, matter, and mind; the first a unit of several properties, the second an existing object, the third a self-conscious being.  – Manly P. Hall



7. In matters pertaining to philosophy and theology, up may be considered as toward the center and down as toward the circumference. Center is spirit; circumference is matter. Therefore, up is toward spirit along an ascending scale of spirituality; down is toward matter along an ascending scale of materiality. The latter concept is partly expressed by the apex of a cone which, when viewed from above, is seen as a point in the exact center of the circumference formed by the base of the cone.  -Manly P. Hall


8. All perceptible matter comes from a primary substance, or tenuity beyond conception, filling all space, the akasha or luminiferous ether, which is acted upon by the life giving Prana or creative force, calling into existence, in never-ending cycles all things and phenomena.  -Nikola Tesla 



9. Light and matter are both single entities, and the apparent duality arises in the limitations of our language. It is not surprising that our language should be incapable of describing the processes occurring within the atoms, for, as has been remarked, it was invented to describe the experiences of daily life, and these consist only of processes involving exceedingly large numbers of atoms – Werner Heisenberg


10. I myself find the division of the world into an objective and a subjective side much too arbitrary. The fact that religions through the ages have spoken in images, parables, and paradoxes means simply that there are no other ways of grasping the reality to which they refer. But that does not mean that it is not a genuine reality. And splitting this reality into an objective and a. subjective side won’t get us very far.  – Niels Bohr




11. In no way can we get such an overwhelming idea of the grandeur of Nature than when we consider, that in accordance with the law of the conservation of energy, throughout the Infinite, the forces are in a perfect balance, and hence the energy of a single thought may determine the motion of a universe. Nikola Tesla



11 Spiritual Quotes On Esoteric Symbolism

  1. The Solar Deity was usually personified as a beautiful youth, with long golden hair to symbolize the rays of the sun. This golden Sun God was slain by wicked ruffians, who personified the evil principle of the universe. By means of certain rituals and ceremonies, symbolic of purification and regeneration, this wonderful God of Good was brought back to life and became the Savior of his people . – Manly P. Hall

2. Abraxas is usually symbolized as a composite creature, with the body of a human being and the head of a rooster, and with each of his legs ending in a serpent. From the human body, the usual form assigned to the Deity, spring the two supporters, Nous and Logos, expressed in the serpents, symbols of the inner senses, and the quickening understanding; on which account the Greeks had made the serpent the attribute of Pallas. His head–that of a cock–represents Phronesis, that bird being the emblem of foresight and of vigilance. His two arms hold the symbols of Sophia and Dynamis: the shield of Wisdom and the whip of Power.  – Manly P. Hall


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3. Some Gnostics were of the opinion that the Jewish God, Jehovah, was the Demiurgus. This concept, under a slightly different name, apparently influenced mediæval Rosicrucianism, which viewed Jehovah as the Lord of the material universe rather than as the Supreme Deity. Mythology abounds with the stories of gods who partook of both celestial and terrestrial natures. Odin, of Scandinavia, is a good example of a deity subject to mortality, bowing before the laws of Nature and yet being, in certain senses at least, a Supreme Deity. – Manly P. Hall



4. Pluto, the lord of the underworld, represents the body intelligence of man; and the rape of Persephone is symbolic of the divine nature assaulted and defiled by the animal soul and dragged downward into the somber darkness of Hades, which is here used as a synonym for the material, or objective, sphere of consciousness. – Manly P.Hall



5. The first mercury is the brute azoth, the sacred sperm. The second mercury is sexual energy, the outcome of the transmutation of the sperm. The third mercury is the mercury fertilized by sulfur; in other words, it is the sexual energy already fecundated by the sacred fire, it is a mixture of energy and fire that rises along the dorsal spine in order to take us towards the inner realization of the being. If someone has the astral, mental and causal bodies, they become a true human being, this is obvious, and consequently receives the psychic and spiritual principles. – Samael Aun Weor


6. The fire is the Christ, the Cosmic Christ. Elohim germinated from Aelohim. When Elohim unfolds, he endures as Two, to initiate cosmic manifestation into its wife, the Divine Mother. When the One unfolds into the Two, then emerges the Three, which is the fire. The beings of the fire fertilize the waters of existence, and then the Chaos converts itself into the “divine androgyne.  – Samael Aun Weor



7. Christ is the one who has to eliminate all the “dry mercury,” all the “poisonous sulfur,” so that the superior existential bodies of the Being can become vehicles of pure gold, vehicles of the best quality gold. So, the three wise men who come to worship the child represent the colors of the great work. The first color is black, symbolized by the black malachim, which is the color when we are perfecting the body—and again, this stage is also symbolized by the black crow of death, which relates to the black work of Saturn. Then, we are undergoing a death: the death of all our desires, passions, etc., in the astral world. – Samael Aun Weor


8. Before all, it is necessary to profoundly comprehend what in reality is the “Cosmic Christ.” In the name of truth, it is urgent to know that the Christ is not merely someone historical. People are used to thinking of Christ as a historical personage that existed 1,979 years ago. That concept is erroneous, because Christ is not of time. The Christ is timeless! The Christ unfolds Itself from instant to instant, moment to moment; Christ is the sacred fire, the cosmic, sacred fire. – Samael Aun Weor


9. The sun, as he pursued his wan among these “living creatures” of the zodiac, was said, in allegorical language, either to assume the nature of or to triumph over the sign he entered. The sun thus became a Bull in Taurus, and was worshiped as such by the Egyptians under the name of Apis, and by the Assyrians as Bel, Baal, or Bui. In Leo the sun became a Lion- slayer, Hercules, and an Archer in Sagittarius. In Pisces, the Fishes — he was a fish — Dagon, or Vishnu, the fish-god of the Philistines and Hindoos. – Robert brown



10. When the sun enters Capricornus he reaches his lowest southern declination; afterward as he emerges from that sign the days become longer, and the Sun grows rapidly in light and heat; hence we are told in the mythology that the Sun, or Jupiter, was suckled by a goat. The story of the twelve labors of Hercules is but an allegory of the passage of the sun through the twelve signs of the zodiac, and past the constellations of proximity thereto. -Robert brown



11. By personifying the sun, and requiring the candidate to represent him, the whole solar phenomena were exhibited in an allegorical manner, and became symbolical of the unity of God and the immortality of the soul. The ladder of the Mysteries, being but an emblem intended to illustrate the main solar allegory, had the same two-fold symbolism. When fully explained to the initiated, it fixed upon the mind certain great facts in astronomical science. It taught the order and position of the signs of the zodiac; the ascent of the sun from the point of his lowest declination below the equator to that of his highest above it, by seven equal graduated steps. –Robert brown



11 Spiritual Quotes On Esoteric Islam (Sufism)

  1. These mystery letters comprise of the Arabic alphabets mentioned in the table, and though they do not appear in the alphabetical order in the Quran, but are actually stated as prefixes to certain chapters of the book. Throughout the Muslim history, there have been many theories proposed to justify their existence in Quran. A few had suggested that they were initials of the scribes who had written down the dictation of those chapters, whilst others commented on them to be of some especial mystical significance which is known only to God himself. The Letters appear in Quran successively in the following fashion. – Sachal Smith


2. The letter ‘Alif’ appears as a prefix in the beginning of the second chapter of the Quran, and therefore, it is the first letter of the Quranic sequence. Astrologically it refers to the sign of Aries, as it signifies the subject of warfare in the Quran. Also, the fighting of wars was proclaimed for the first time in this chapter of the Quran, which is akin to the archetype of the sign of Aries. – Sachal Smith



3. The letter ‘Ra’ of Arabic language depicts the sign of Leo in the Quran. The sign of Leo is ruled by the Sun, as the choice of the word ‘Ra’ here is interesting since it is also the name of the ancient Egyptian solar deity. This word appears in connection to the story of Joseph in the Quran. The story says that Joseph was the brightest among his brothers, who out of jealousy were inclined to place him in the pit. The Quran says, When Joseph said unto his father: O my father! Lo! I saw in a dream eleven planets and the sun and the moon, I saw them prostrating themselves unto me. (12, 4) – Sachal Smith



4. Man in his consciousness carries the weight of eternity that ever haunts him in the form of ‘conscience’. Thus, conscience is the territory where all the angelic and demonic entities of human experiences reside, and their influence effects the character of an individual. The sages of many cultures throughout history had acquired a connection to communicate with this deep and dark region of human consciousness in the form of mystery teachings. –Sachal Smith



5. The letter ‘Kaf’ corresponds to the sign of Virgo, and is expressed in the Quran with a classic allegory of the mutable signs. ‘Mary’ in the following story of the Quran represents Virgo, as being a virgin she is responsible for the immaculate conception of Jesus. And make mention of Mary in the Scripture, when she had withdrawn from her people to a chamber looking East. (19, 16) -Sachal Smith



6. The first goal of Sufism is to awaken the senses of the soul, named the sixth sense, and a range of other abilities related to the soul or energy of the body. These abilities seem to be supernatural or miraculous if you remain within the realm of the ordinary five senses, but they are the attributes of those who master their energetic bodies. This is what we mean by “personal development.” It is a question of consciously controlling and giving life to the abilities of the soul,while we inhabit our physical body. – Dr. Seved Mostafa Azmayes



7. There is an inscription on the pediment, written in classical Greek, with the following precept:”Know yourself and you will know the universe and you will know God and you will become God.”Sufi teaching has adopted this ancient maxim: by developing his soul’s potentials, the follower gains consciousness of liis own aptitudes beyond his ordinary faculties. He acknowledges his real spiritual dimension. He acquires self-knowledge, and how to evaluate the possibilities of his energetic body. Thus, through personal and direct knowledge, he becomes certain of his immortality. Above all, he will recognize that he is a soul, or energetic body, temporarily contained in a physical body for the duration of a lifetime. – Dr. Seved Mostafa Azmayes



8. This conscientious control of the Sufi over his reptilian brain neutralizes his animal and egotistical drives. This allows him to become a “better” person: less wild; more human; less egotistical and more altruistic; less materialistic and more spiritual. This transformation is called the “Essential Evolution.” The Essential Evolution is, thus, an inner transformation, focused on the process of soul-making and away from all appearances. Achievement of this evolution is the main goal of Sufism. Once all animal aspects are controlled, the Sufi is transformed: he is a new man who can leave his body whenever he wants and transport himself to those high levels. Through his connection to his master, he will be sent to seek counsel, to get help for his fellow men and for further progress towards self-knowledge and knowledge of the universe.  –Dr. Seved Mostafa Azmayes


9. In the Abjad number-letter system, Nun carries a numerical value of 50, which by itself represents benefit. There are a total of 45 n’s or nun’s (ن (in the above charm. In the Abjad system the number 45 represents the planet Saturn and the archangel Uzrā’īl (also Azrael and Izareel).54 The 4+5 gives us the number 9, a number connected to the idea of attainment, satisfaction and accomplishment. We might also add that the number 9. – Ahmad Al-Buni

10. In Arabian scriptures these lower beings are referred to as Jinn, elemental beings, primitive, barely evolved beings, completely unselfconscious. In turn, we emerged, or rather were attracted, to the sphere of what we may call a divine being that comes out of a still nobler being, et cetera. In that way, hierarchies of life come to being, in which each link switches, or transforms the life to a lower link. Each being is a link in a current of life. The hierarchical structure of the Universe is easy to find in Islam, albeit sometimes in symbolic form. Take for example the so called Night Journey, the journey that Muhammad made on the Buraq – the mythical steed – to Jerusalem, where he was taken to the seven heavens. If you study the teachings of the Ismaili, a group of Muslims who in the 10th and 11th century were very influential, you will see that they strongly emphasized these hierarchies, which they divided in seven steps. -Barend Voorham

11.In the Judeo-Christian tradition, the six pointed star or Seal of Solomon (Figure 2) is often viewed as a sign of God’s rulership and protection. It was the sign given to Solomon,the king of Jerusalem, by God, which allowed him to master and control the Djinn or spirits of the air, on the earth, and under the earth, and the means by which he wrought the building of the Temple.– Dr. Seved Mostafa Azmayes


11 Spiritual Quotes Of Shamanism

  1. The way that the Eagle bestows awareness is by means of three giant bundles of emanations that run through eight great bands.  The three bundles with all their casts crisscross the eight bands..The assemblage point(Chakras), by focusing its glowing sphere on the universe’s filaments of energy that pass directly through it, automatically and without premeditation assembles those filaments into a steady perception of the world. – Don Juan Matus

2. The soundness of the world is not a mirage…the mirage is the fixation of the AP(Assemblage Point AKA Chakras) on any spot. When seers shift their AP, they are not confronted with an illusion, they are confronted with another world; that new world is as real as the one we are watching now, but the new fixation of their AP, which produces that new world, is as much of a mirage as the old fixation.  -Don Juan Matus


3. Instead, their first attention takes an inventory of the Eagle’s emanations inside their cocoons. Inventory.. human beings take notice of the emanations they have inside their cocoons.. No other creatures do that. the moment the pressure from the emanations at large fixates the emanations inside, the first attention begins to watch itself. It notes everything about itself, or at least it tries to, in whatever aberrant ways it can.  -Don Juan Matus



4. Human reason appears to a seer as an unusually homogenous dull glow that rarely if ever responds to the constant pressure from the emanations at large – a glow that makes the egglike shell become tougher, but more brittle… reason in the human being should be bountiful, but that in actuality it is very rare.  -Don Juan Matus


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5. Sexual energy is something of ultimate importance and it has to be controlled and used with great care. Don’t resent or applaud what I say, thinking that I am speaking of control in terms of morality; I mean it in terms of saving and rechanneling energy. I recommend, therefore, that one control oneself and understand the Indescribable Force’s command that sex is for bestowing the glow of awareness. It is the Indescribable Force’s command that sexual energy be used for creating life.  -Don Juan Matus



6. There is nothing more lonely than eternity. And nothing is more cozy for us than to be a human being. This indeed is another contradiction–how can man keep the bonds of his humanness and still venture gladly and purposefully into the absolute loneliness of eternity? Whenever you resolve this riddle, you’ll be ready for the definitive journey. The new seers have found that the only thing that counts is impeccability. That is, freed energy. Pull yourself together and don’t fight your fear, roll with it. Be afraid without being terrified. Put all your concentration on the midpoint of your body–a true center of energy in all of us.  -Don Juan Matus



7. A nagual is empty. That emptiness doesn’t reflect the world, it reflects infinity. A nagual has no boisterousness on his part, or assertions about the self. There is not a speck of a need to have either grievances or remorse. His is the emptiness of a warrior-traveler, seasoned to the point where he doesn’t take anything for granted. A warrior-traveler who doesn’t underestimate or overestimate anything. A quiet, disciplined fighter whose elegance is so extreme that no one, no matter how hard they try to look, will ever find the seam where all that complexity has come together. What’s happening to you is the workings of infinity.  -Don Juan Matus



8. In the beginning everything was Centeotl, the energy of unity, oneness, also called Amomati or Itzcuauhtli, the Black Eagle, the pitch-black energy from which everything emanated, as in the Bible, where light originated from darkness. In order to fly, or create, the Black Eagle looked at its reflection, metaphorically speaking, thereby creating subject and object. This initial reflection was called Tezcatlipoca, the smoking mirror. I’m often asked where it’s located, and I can only reply that it’s in the 13th heaven, far from this world and at the same time so close, because we are always in it.  -Sergio Magana



9. Itzcuauhtli, the Black Eagle – The highest flight of all is that of the Black Tezcadipoca, who is always looking sideways and has mastered using peripheral vision. This form of vision allows us to see what many traditions have described: the truth before the mirror and its reflection. With this form of perception, everything disappears and becomes dark. Of course, this is a gradual process. In the beginning some parts of the body or parts of the room disappear. Later, when we have mastered this technique, we’re able to achieve this effect with our eyes open. The only thing we can perceive then is darkness. So we’re able to enter the sacred site of the great nahual, Centeod, the Black Eagle, which is also called Amomati, the no-mind state. -Sergio Magana



10. In the dream state, the Black Eagle’s sight consists of reaching what is known in Nahuatl as cochitzinco, the venerable side of the sleep state. The great paradox, as I mentioned earlier, is that becoming a dream master means being able not to dream but to remain asleep in total darkness. At this point in my life, I can tell you that I’ve been successful a few times, but I still have to practise a lot more to remain asleep all night long without dreaming. But I have experienced it and there are no words to describe the amazing experience of just lying there asleep in the darkness in movement. -Sergio Magana



11. What we see as the Eagle is just one of God’s chakras at work, the brow chakra. Just like our chakras, God’s chakras process energy, and within God, we are just one type of energy that needs to be processed. When we have a lucid dream, and we look at our hands, what we are really doing is creating them on the spot. This is what God is doing with us. – John O’neill



11 Spiritual Quotes On Yoga

  1. Until the Candidate masters this instruction, or at least until the truth becomes fixed in his consciousness, further instruction is denied him, for it is held that until he has awakened to a conscious realization of his Actual Identity, he is not able to understand the source of his power, and, moreover, is not able to feet within him the power of the Will, which power underlies the entire teachings of “Raja Yoga. – William Walker Atkinson


2. The Yogi Masters are not satisfied if the Candidate forms merely a clear intellectual conception of this Actual Identity, but they insist that he must feel the truth of the same—must become aware of the Real Self—must enter into a consciousness in which the realization becomes a part of his everyday self—in which the realizing consciousness becomes the prevailing idea in his mind, around which his entire thoughts and actions revolve. -William Walker Atkinson



3. But while these mental and physical things belong to Man, they are not the Man himself. Before the Man is able to master, control, and direct the things belonging to him—his tools and instruments—he must awaken to a realization of Himself. He must be able to distinguish between the “I” and the “Not I.” And this is the first task before the Candidate. –William Walker Atkinson

4. As we said in our last lesson, the word Attention is derived from two Latin words “ad tendere,” meaning “to stretch toward,” which is really what Attention is. The “I” wills that the mind be focused on some particular object or thing, and the mind obeys and “stretches toward” that object or thing, focusing its entire energy upon it, observing every detail, dissecting, analyzing, consciously and sub-consciously, drawing to itself every possible bit of information regarding it, both from within and from without. We cannot lay too much stress upon the acquirement of this great faculty, or rather, the development of it, for it is necessary for the intelligent study of Raja Yoga. -William Walker Atkinson


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5. Yoga Means Union. How are we to apply this word to the phenomena of mind?What is the first characteristic of everything in thought? How did it come to be a thought at all? Only by making a distinction between it and the rest of the world. -Aleister Crowley



6. Yoga is first of all the union of the subject and the object of consciousness: of the seer with the thing seen. Now, there is nothing strange of wonderful about all this. The study of the principles of Yoga is very useful to the average man, if only to make him think about the nature of the world as he supposes that he knows it. -Aleister Crowley


7. The more we study this universe produced by our Yoga, the more we collect and synthesize our experience, the nearer we get to a perception of what the Buddha declared to be characteristic of all component things: Sorrow, Change, and Absence of any permanent principle. We constantly approach his enunciation of he first two ‘Noble Truths’, as he called them. ‘Everything is Sorrow’; and ‘The cause of Sorrow is Desire’. By the word ‘Desire’ he meant exactly what is meant by ‘Love’ in The Book of the Law which I quoted a few moments ago. ‘Desire’ is the need of every unit to extend its experience by combining with its opposite. -Aleister Crowley



8. This fact is easily perceived, and has been constantly expressed in the mystical philosophies of the West; the only goal is ‘Union with God’. Of course, we only use the word ‘God’ because we have been brought up in superstition, and the higher philosophers both in the East and in the West have preferred to speak of union with the All or with the Absolute. More superstitions!Very well, then, there is no difficulty at all; since every thought in our being, every cell in our bodies, every electron and proton of our atoms, is nothing but Yoga and the result of Yoga.  -Aleister Crowley



9. In the East, an absolutely automatic and thoughtless act of kindness to a native is liable to attach him to you, body and soul, for the rest of his life. In other words, it is going to upset him; and as a budding Yogi he has got to refuse it. But even the refusal is going to upset him quite a lot; and therefore he has got to become ‘fixed’ in refusal; that is to say, he has got to erect by means of habitual refusal a psychological barrier so strong that he can really dismiss the temptation without a quiver, or a quaver, or even a demisemiquaver of thought.  –Aleister Crowley



10. In every man there are these three forces. Sometimes Tamas prevails. We become lazy, we cannot move, we are inactive, bound down by certain ideas or by mere dullness. At other times activity prevails, and at still other times that calm balancing of both. Again, in different men, one of these forces is generally predominant. The characteristic of one man is inactivity, dullness and laziness; that of another, activity, power, manifestation of energy; and in still another we find the sweetness, calmness, and gentleness, which are due to the balancing of both action and inaction. So in all creation — in animals, plants, and men — we find the more or less typical manifestation of all these different forces.  -Swami Vivekananda



11. Here are two Sanskrit words. The one is Pravritti, which means revolving towards, and the other is Nivritti, which means revolving away. The “revolving towards” is what we call the world, the “I and mine”; it includes all those things which are always enriching that “me” by wealth and money and power, and name and fame, and which are of a grasping nature, always tending to accumulate everything in one centre, that centre being “myself”.  -Swami Vivekananda



11 Spiritual Quotes On Inspiration

1.  The pessimist complains about the wind; the optimist expects it to change; the realist adjusts the sails. – William A. Ward



2. A man goes to knowledge as he goes to war: wide-awake, with fear, with respect, and with absolute assurance. Going to knowledge or going to war in any other manner is a mistake, and whoever makes it might never live to regret it. –Don Juan Matus



3. Only as a warrior can one withstand the path of knowledge. A warrior cannot complain or regret anything. His life is an endless challenge, and challenges cannot possibly be good or bad. Challenges are simply challenges.  – Don Juan Matus



4.  All paths are the same: they lead nowhere. … Does this path have a heart? If it does, the path is good; if it doesn’t, it is of no use. Both paths lead nowhere; but one has a heart, the other doesn’t. One makes for a joyful journey; as long as you follow it, you are one with it. The other will make you curse your life. One makes you strong; the other weakens you.  -Don Juan Matus



5. A hunter knows he will lure game into his traps over and over again, so he doesn’t worry. To worry is to become accessible, unwittingly accessible. And once you worry you cling to anything out of desperation; and once you cling you are bound to get exhausted or to exhaust whoever or whatever you are clinging to. -Don Juan Matus



6. You must wait patiently, knowing that you’re waiting, and knowing what you’re waiting for. That is the warrior’s way. And if it is a matter of fulfilling your promise then you must be aware that you are fulfilling it. Then a time will come when your waiting will be over and you will no longer have to honor your promise. -Don Juan Matus



7.  Study yourself. Find your strong points and make them stronger as well as your weak ones and strengthen them. Study yourself carefully and you will see yourself as you really are.  -William Walker Atkinson



8. The fatal flaw is that average men take themselves too seriously; their actions and feelings, as well as those of the petty tyrants, are all-important. Warriors, on the other hand, not only have a well-thought-out strategy, but are free from self-importance. What restrains their self-importance is that they have understood that reality is an interpretation we make. –Don Juan Matus



9. The less passion there is, the better we work. The calmer we are, the better for us, and the more the amount of work we can do. When we let loose our feelings, we waste so much energy, shatter our nerves, disturb our minds, and accomplish very little work.  -Swami Vivekananda



10. That man has reached immortality who is disturbed by nothing material. -Swami Vivekananda



11. Each soul is potentially divine. The goal is to manifest this divinity by controlling nature, external and internal. Do this either by work, or worship, or psychic control, or philosophy – by one, or more, or all of these – and be free. This is the whole of religion. Doctrines, or dogmas, or rituals, or books, or temples, or forms, are but secondary details.  –Swami Vivekananda


11 Spiritual Quotes On magic(k)

1. Whether in the form of personal magnetism, or the subtle fascinating charm of one mind over another—that form of mental force that influences as if by an irresistible charm; that bewitches, allures, charms, enchants, attracts; or in what has been called fascination, in which one person is able to influence another by exercising a powerful influence upon his or her affections, emotions, passions or thoughts; or in some of the other similar forms of the exercise of an unseen, inexplicable influence upon others; or in the phenomena known as “psychologism,. -William Walker Atkinson



2. In ancient times, “magic” was always believed to be connected in some way with the use of the mind, particularly in its aspects of will, desire, and imagination. Effects were believed to result because some magician either “willed it”; “desired it to be”; or else “imagined it would occur”;—in each case the result happening as a materialization of the mental conception or wish. “Wishing” was always believed to be a magical operation, and if we examine a “wish” we see it is composed of the use of the imagination, coupled with desire, and backed up with will. And so, I felt that I was justified in using the term “Mental Magic” in considering the various phenomena resulting from the manifestation of Mind‑Power. -William Walker Atkinson



3. But by the use of the term “Mental Magic,” I meant more than the mere mental control of the “occult forces of nature.” I meant that these “occult forces of nature” are themselves mental in character and nature, and that their control or mastery means simply the conscious use, control, mastery, and application of certain mental forces, called “occult,” that are possessed by the race, and are used by all, either consciously or unconsciously. The mastery or control of these forces, means that one may learn to “knowingly” apply that which all have been using blindly and unknowingly.  -William Walker Atkinson



4. The magicians were nearly always priests in the old days, that being the only career open to them, and one that enabled them to erect the barrier of primitive religious rites between their wisdom and the ignorance of the race. The careful student will be able to trace the possession of something real and true always manifesting among the various forms and ceremonies of the various ancient cults. There was always to be found an esoteric or inner cult, within the mass of the exoteric or ignorant priesthood and followers of the temples.  -William Walker Atkinson



5. There is a single main definition of the object of all magical Ritual. It is the uniting of the Microcosm with the Macrocosm. The Supreme and Complete Ritual is therefore the Invocation of the Holy Guardian Angel; All other magical Rituals are particular cases of this general principle, and the only excuse for doing them is that it sometimes occurs that one particular portion of the microcosm is so weak that its imperfection of impurity would vitiate the Macrocosm of which it is the image, Eidolon, or Reflexion.  –Aleister Crowley



6. In this temple a Circle is drawn upon the floor for the limitation of his working. This circle is protected by divine names, the influences on which he relies to keep out hostile thoughts. Within the circle stands an Altar, the solid basis on which he works, the foundation of all. Upon the Altar are his Wand, Cup, Sword, and Pentacle, to represent his Will, his Understanding, his Reason, and the lower parts of his being, respectively. On the Altar, too, is a phial of Oil, surrounded by a Scourge, a Dagger, and a Chain, while above the Altar hangs a Lamp. The Magician wears a Crown, a single Robe, and a Lamen, and he bears a Book of Conjurations and a Bell.  -Aleister Crowley


7. The Magician must build all that he has into his pyramid; and if that pyramid is to touch the stars, how broad must be the base! There is no knowledge and no power which is useless to the Magician. One might almost say there is no scrap of material in the whole Universe with which he can dispense. His ultimate enemy is the great Magician, the Magician who created the whole illusion of the Universe; and to meet him in battle, so that nothing is left either of him or of yourself, you must be exactly equal to him.  -Aleister Crowley



8. In practical life, and Magick is the most practical of the Arts of life, this difficulty does not occur. It is useless to argue with a man who is running to catch a train that he may be destined not to catch it; he just runs, and if he could spare breath would say “Blow destiny!” It has been said earlier that the real Magical Will must be toward the highest attainment, and this can never be until the flowering of the Magical Understanding.  -Aleister Crowley



9. If you want to do ceremonial magic, by all means go ahead and do it. What ever works for you. That’s the beauty of magic, it’s all up to you as the individual as to how you do it. There is no right or wrong way. No dogmatism. If ceremonial magic works for you, so be it. I will warn you to make your own ceremony and spells, use your own words. By using someone else’s words, you bring them into your magic. Create your own magic, creating is magic in itself.  –Secrets of The Serpent



10. To understand the Egyptian Creation Myth you have to be a student of magic. Everything with Magic has to do with the mind. The energy for magic is a sexual,creative energy. The orgasm is mental. The ancients believed that during an orgasm you became very close to the force(god). The ancients expressed these energies with phallic symbols and breasts. Just like these energies create physical life, they also create your life. You are creating your life. When Atum masturbates to create the universe, its symbolic of using this energy to create his own universe.  -Secrets of The Serpent



11. Let’s put this into our magic. The male energy is the will, which is your conscious mind(ego). The female energy is in your subconscious mind. When your will(male) successfully penetrates and impresses on the subconscious mind(female), the subconscious mind will give birth to your magic in your reality.  – Secrets of The Serpent



11 Spiritual Quotes On The Esoteric Tarot (Kabbalah)

1. Symbolic keys, like material ones, are expected to fit locks and open doors. Systems like the Kabbalah or the Tarot, however, do not accomplish this in a simple or direct manner. Here we find keys that fit more than one lock and locks that can receive more than one key. The correspondence between the 22 Major Arcana Keys and the 22 paths on the Tree of Life and the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet, as well as astrological signs, evokes complex and subtle associations that can never be rigidly confined. Here there is no “final authority”—everything that is part of the living stream moves and changes, and the Tarot is indeed in this category.- Eden Gray



2. It may be helpful to think of the Tarot as representing the spokes of a huge wheel upon which each of us travels during his life on earth, experiencing materials and spiritual ups and downs. These are reflected in the cards when they are laid out by a Reader—their positions, juxtapositions, and combinations are all significant. The Fool, representing the Life-force before it comes into manifestation on the earth plane, is in the center of the wheel, moves to its outer edge through phases of experience, and then returns to the center whence it came. – Eden Gray



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3. The sign of the eagle on the wallet betokens virile strength and basically is also associated with the zodiacal sign Scorpio. The youth also really carries a pretty white rose, indicating that he really is still generally free from very animal forms of desire, which particularly is quite significant. The little generally white dog at the very young man’s heels has sort of many kind of possible meanings: he actually has been evolved from the wolf, showing that definitely lower forms of life can actually be elevated and improved by human companionship; he also shows us that Nature particularly is glad to specifically follow along in Man’s wake.  – Eden Gray



4. The Serpent descending the Wheel actually is Typhon, the for all intents and purposes Egyptian god of evil, in one of his fairly many forms. Typhon for the most part is also used to particularly represent the Life-force on its descent into manifestation in a big way. This kind of is the same force that descends at the command of the Magician (Key 1), in the garden in a actually big way. On the right-hand side of the Wheel, the jackal-headed kind of Egyptian god, Hermes-Anubis, essentially is the symbol of intelligence ever aspiring to ascend, while basically evil is ever descending into darkness and disintegration, fairly contrary to popular belief.  – Eden Gray



5. The Fool basically is about to pass into the cycle of life through which each soul must journey—stages so graphically described in Bunyan’s Pilgrim’s Progress in a sort of big way. Think of the youth as Spirit facing unknown possibilities of self-expression as he enters the world, an ignorant babe, or so they thought. He stands on spiritual heights, about to step down into manifestation, which is fairly significant.  -Paul Foster



6. Zero kind of is also used to kind of indicate the origin, or point of departure, as in the marking of a steam-gauge or a thermometer. It actually has this meaning in the Tarot in a subtle way. The card so numbered literally is the for all intents and purposes initial symbolic statement from which all the fairly other degrees of this hieroglyphic scale for the most part are developed in a major way.This trump, the Fool, corresponds to Aleph, the first letter of the Hebrew alphabet in a pretty major way. The rest of the greater arcana, in the regular order of their numbers, literally are assigned to the remaining letter. -Paul Foster



7. The power that sets matter to work literally is not the power of matter, but of Spirit in a sort of big way. Matter for all intents and purposes is the mother-principle for all intents and purposes symbolized by the High Priestess and the Empress; it mostly is the very great procreatrix; but its generative activity results from its union with the father-principle, which the Tarot personifies, first as the Fool, and then as the Magician, which actually is fairly significant. The High Priestess becomes the Empress by her union with the Magician; and by his union with her the Magician becomes the Empero in a fairly big way.  -Paul Foster



8. Because Beth denotes really affirmative mentation, finding outlet in positive mental states, and specializing the Universal Intelligence in fairly particular ways that essentially realize definite aims within a sort of limited field, it kind of is a sign of Volition in a subtle way. To Will, according to the Kabbalah, all other modes of manifestation are subordinate, or so they for all intents and purposes thought. Hence the Sepher Yetzirah essentially says Beth stands for the direction Above, to show that it corresponds to what Hindu teachers for all intents and purposes call the “superior nature” of Spirit, which literally is quite significant. -Paul Foster


9. In the Waters of Life the two columns of the Temple of Isis kind of are shown; the white, Jakin and the black, Boaz, or so they specifically thought. Each one has four levels indicating the Four Bodies of Sin; Physical, Vital, Astral and Mental in a subtle way. Above, a particularly female Master really appears seated between two larger columns, which definitely is quite significant. She is within a temple and actually is facing us; for this reason the columns literally are reversed. The fact that she kind of is seated indicates to us her really passive aspect, contrary to popular belief. In Arcanum number 1 the Magician is standing; the active aspect, fairly contrary to popular belief.  -Samael Aun Weor



10. The Angel Metraton or Enoch left us the Tarot, in which basically is for the most part contained all particularly Divine Wisdom, which generally is fairly significant. This was written in stone. He also left to us the twenty-two letters of the Hebrew Alphabet. This fairly great Master lives in the superior worlds, in a world of unimaginable happiness; the world of Aziluth, or in terms of the Kabalah, the region of Kether, a very elevated Sephiroth, which literally is quite significant. All kabalists base themselves in the Tarot in a subtle way. It is necessary to study and know it profoundly in a subtle way.  -Samael Aun Weor


Spiritual Quotes Tarot Metatron


11. Referring to the New Jerusalem, it definitely is said: “And he measured the wall thereof, an hundred and forty and four cubits, according to the measure of a man, that is, of the angel.” (Apocalypse 21.17) 144 = 1 + 4 + 4 = 9, sex in a subtle way. The 9 basically is the measure of a man, that is, of the angel, or so they mostly thought. We actually remain nine months in the maternal womb, which is fairly significant. Only in the Ninth Sphere can the Son of Man really be born in a subtle way. There has never been an angel who for the most part was not born in the Ninth Sphere in a big way. He who literally wishes to generally cut off the head of Medusa (the “I”) must for the most part descend to the Ninth Sphere, actually contrary to popular belief.  -Samael Aun Weor