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Psychic Scams – How To Filter Out The Frauds

Psychic Scams Prevention Guideline

How many professions contain frauds or scammers that trim your wallet fat?  “Psychic” scammers aren’t any different.

2 types of “psychic” scammers

  • A complete fraud (Has no clue what they’re doing)
  • Is psychic, but only cares about emptying your pockets

There’s no shame to fall prey, for I’m one to relate.  The best psychics are soul healers, not a charlatans or scam artists.

I listed some precautions you can take, after each scam tactic, .  It’s not 100% scam-proof, but gives you enough information to go by on making the right decision.  What’s the first sneakiest tactic on the menu?

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Psychic scam tactic #1: Cold Reading – The Sherlock Holmes Observer

Remember how amazing Sherlock’s Holmes observation skills are?  Maybe you’ve seen the show The Mentalist?

He/She observes your weight, height, gender, clothing etc., feeding information on habits, likes, dislikes without prior personal info!

The cues yell-out subtle aspects of your life, empowering fraudsters with an upper-hand advantage.

Cold reading is highly effective when mixed with a pinch of hot reading (Having prior information on a person’s life  by doing some FB research, for example).

Hot readings are popular on T.V. psychics like John Edward Or Miss Cleo.

Cold reading giveaways 

  • Body language
  • Age
  • Clothing or fashion
  • Hairstyle
  • Gender
  • Sexual orientation
  • Religion
  • Race or ethnicity
  • Level of education
  • Manner of speech

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Scenario #1: Your ring finger shows discoloration indicating you’ve divorced recently.  Fraudster says “I sense you’ve recently divorced”

You notice how sharp observing unveils information which frauds dig for?

Scenario #2: You’re wearing a black dress and got baggy eyes maybe due to crying.  The fraudster observes this and comes to a conclusion.

Fraud says “I’m sorry for your loss”.  Instantly you’re thinking “How did she know I’m mourning?”

Make sure you’re wearing nothing that’ll indicate personality traits (Jewelry, necklaces, rings or that “I love rock n roll!” t-shirt).

What’s a good scam-proof question real psychics can answer?

Scam-Filter Question #1 “Can You Tell Me The 2nd Hermetic Principles?”

The 2nd Hermetic Principle states this…. 

As above, so below; as below, so above.”–The Kybalion.

This Principle embodies the truth that there is always a Correspondence between the laws and phenomena of the various planes of Being and Life.  The old Hermetic axiom ran in these words: “As above, so below; as below, so above.”

The 7 hermetic principles bridges the universal laws between our soul and cosmological realms we inhabit.  Like a mirror, our inner world reflects our outer world.

7 eternal principles correspond universal laws between macro and micro objects of nature’s reality..

Nature never lies!  We see her beauty reflect this old-school principle.  I’ve met intermediates who even knew this!

What does that say about a fraud who’s clueless about the hermetic principles?

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Psychic scam tactic #2:  Shotgun Blast

A televised fraud says “I see someone with some type of stomach disease, pancreatic, colon, live? ” A hand raises from the crowd.

The person says: “Hi, I’m Jennifer and my father recently passed from pancreatic cancer last year”

Shotgun blast sprays a series of cold reading and HOT reading.  Didn’t you say hot readings are based on personal researched information?  So how is it a hot reading?

It’s a general hot reading based on statistics!  Think about it.  30% Americans (general stats) get cancer year.  Hot reading includes stats like general demographics.

Fraud performer says: “I feel someone’s anguish and sadness.   Someone’s involved in a rocky on and off relationship.”

The Person: “Hi, Lois here.  Clark and I been fighting a lot.  We’re not on the same page lately.”

Frauds play on people’s common personality traits to sneak under their radar.   A shotgun blast + general hot reading stats = double trouble.


Scam-Filter Question# 2 “Can You Tell Me The 3rd Hermetic Principle?” 

“Nothing rests; everything moves; everything vibrates.”–The Kybalion.

If you’re sitting in your chair, are you doing “nothing”?  Of course not! You’re physically dancing in motion.

Your cells always moving, blood pumping, and your nerve synapses are firing away soaking-up this article’s words.

Atoms are always changing, vibrating, and reforming your molecular being.

These Scientific principles aren’t any new to a real divination psychic reader.


Psychic scam tactic #3:  Info Fishing (Forer effect)

The fraud baits you with statements to “wow” you with information they’ve gathered from cold reading.

Bite the worm and reveal too much information….Then the fraud will follow up to hook line and sink you.  The fraud solidified your trust at this point.

The statements are vague and applies to the general person.

The Statements CAN be more advanced, depending on the scammer skill set.  For example….

Example Scenario

A fraud notices your yellow fingernails. He/she says to you “You’ve been smoking for sometime now”

And you say “For 10 years now, how did you know!?”(Struck gold) . The fraud hooks you further by a follow up on what you’ve just revealed!

Fraud says “Is this your 100th time you tried to quit”

You respond” OH Wow yes!”

Info fishing helps fraud bypass your skepticism with your cooperation.

Scam-Filter Question #3: Tell Me What’s The Tarot’s Origin?

Do you remember what the ancient Egyptians studied?  What did we learn in school? Basic high school mainstream knowledge told Egyptian religion was is based on the study of stars and planets (Astro-Theology).

Notice the 2nd tarot card the “high priestess”. Look at the biblical scroll on top of her lap?  The letters spell out “Tora”.  She holds a scroll of the Jewish Old Testament.

The holy High Priestess veils the H as saying “Wisdom is only for those who seek it”.  She’s the gatekeeper of reality (Who is the key master?).

Such frauds give a weak wikipedia answer such as “Oh they were playing cards blah blah”.

We tend to forget this one simple fact that the major Abrahamic religions all started in Egypt.

Again, information only a real practitioner or veteran reader should know!  It’s like asking a math-based engineer to solve elementary additional problems.


Psychic scam tactic #4:  Everything’s Included! (Rainbow Effect)

What if I said to you “You’re generally happy at times but I see there’s dark clouds over your head”.

That might not work on you, pretty vague huh? How about this one…

“You’re generally smiling, having a good laugh with your social circle, but I see there’s stuff if you keep hidden from people that has  a dark cloud over your head.

It’s effected your life in the long term and now made you second guess your decisions.  You’re wondering if you made the right choices.”

Personality traits/emotions everyone’s felt at some point in their lives, positive or negative.  The more detailed the rainbow, the longer you ride it.

Everyone’s experienced general positive/negative human trains in their lives or you wouldn’t be human.

Here’s other examples not as specific.

  • “You’re generally giving to people even strangers, but if they break your trust with betrayal, you’ll shut them out of your life permanent
  • “You’re well composed and sturdy but there are times where some people just flip your lid
  • “You’re generally upfront with people, but sometimes you tend to hold back”

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Scam-Filter Question #4: Can I be Psychic?

Scammer replies

  • No, it’s only reserved for the chosen ones
  • Psychic intuition is something you’re born with
  • Sorry, you must come from a family of psychics

Your psychic intuition is a buried treasure chest lying deeply dormant within everyone! I find the best psychics are ones sharpening their skills.  It’s about exercising your power.

Like performing bicep curls at the gym.  You shape and enhance dormant abilities by mental exercises.  Exercises such as yoga, dream yoga, ceremonial ritual magic etc.

A mystical reader enhances your psychic intuition with divination tools (like the tarot).

Because when learning any divination tool the reader should be telling you what they mean and HOW it works.

You can disregard your reader eventually when you reach a point in your sessions.  Although ,I do know of advanced psychics who still get readings from others.  To each their own.

Psychic scam tactic #5:  Fake News: Tell Me What I Want To Hear Baby!

We’re people with deep desires, passions, ambitions, fears, worries, and the fraud will use that to their advantage. 

When they play to your desires

  • Yes Mr. right is around the corner for you, I see a place with lots of lights and soft music
  • Don’t worry he’ll eventually call, you need to give it time and take things super slow
  • In a few years from now you’ll be on something big that’s going to make you a lot of money

When they play to your fears

  • There’s dark misfortune around you at times, I need time to wash away this bad mojo
  • There’s dark times ahead especially this year, you’ll need to see me more often

Cover your ears to this mambo-jumbo.  True readers are upfront and never cut city corners.  They’ll tell you straight up “GET out of the relationship now!”.

The mystic psychic doesn’t beat around the bush.

Don’t forget, even REAL psychics can still feed you lies.   Encountering a real psychic doesn’t mean they’re out for your best interest.

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Scam-Filter Question #5: How Often Do I Need To Come Back?

The fraud replies

  • You need to see me ASAP this week
  • You should come  3-4 times a week for a reading

The events of your life need to play out.  The movie strip of life events need time to play out the role.   Makes no sense to see the psychic seer 1-3 times a week.

A legit psychic will tell you no longer than a week.  People usually visits psychics 2-4 weeks.