Occult Symbols

Why Are Occult Symbols Portrayed Throughout Movies And Media

Why Are Occult Symbols Portrayed Throughout Movie Medias

Ancient occult symbols existed throughout our history, but also hide in plain sight. Monuments world-wide marked with esoteric symbols.

What do these esoteric symbols mean and how do they affect our consciousness?

Our Own Government is even affiliated with these type of psychic mind control.  Here’s on example of hidden symbols in plain sight, symbolizing the Pineal gland(Eye Of God within the human brain)  .

More here on the CIA’s Branch Of Paranormal Research, The Start-Gate Project.

How Are Symbols, Numbers, Shapes, Geometry Interconnected?

A number creates a shape, a point to another point, creating more dimensions and so forth.Shapes are natural as we see them in the natural world. No denying that.  symbols of geometry help focus the mind.

Repeating rituals, mantra affirmations, meditations, helps condition the mind into beliefs.

Practices unlocking certain aspects of the minds psyche. Programming that hinders consciousness through mass emotional manipulation(fear-mongering) (meme). since emotion is a very powerful energy.

Numbers and symbols are intimately connected. 2 points make a line and 3 make a triangle.

It’s all interconnected. Lets take a quick look at symbols. When people see the pentagram, it’s the work of the devil. This is how powerful music and media affect our beliefs to the point that we mistaken them for reality.

Symbols used in movie and media do one thing only…TO fool you into believe it’s all the devils work. foozball is of da devil“.  I think mama said it best.

Highly observable throughout nature. Is Satan working his devilish ways? Didn’t God create everything in the Book of Genesis?

Symbols advertised over and over again or obviously going to effect your mind, especially influences that induce fear, or animal desires in your subconscious.

Eliphas Levi, some “magician” of the 18 century claimed that the upside down pentagram is “evil”. Of course many “occult” so called authorities after that just rehashed his beliefs. HELL, even the right side up pentagram is seen as evil!

Look at this horror fear mongering movie of occult symbols called “Hideaway”.

In the beginning scene when he’s performing a sacrificial ritual. Why would they do this? Just for shits and giggles?

The funny thing is that upside down pentagrams use to be associated with evil. But notice how even right side up associates with blood murder in the scene? Coincidence right! 

Right-side Up Pentagram

Lets examine the pentagram for what it is at its bare essential (without silly human symbolic representations given to it)

Right-side up pentagram means the energetic blueprints of reality or high spiritual aspect, which correlates to the conscious mind(if we are to give its first symbolic human meaning).

These are energetic geometrical blueprints complimenting other side of reality for it to exist! What is the other side of reality? Energy! 

Inverted Pentagram

Correlates to the subconscious mind of human psyche. Also and the manifestation into “matter”.

We call this mother nature because it births the right side up pentagram energy into objective existence.

But is matter just physical? No. Matter exists on higher levels of reality(x rays, sound waves, other atomic energies).

Higher degree energies can be seen as the electrical masculine force (Right-side Up Pentagram).

And lower degrees as magnetic(Inverted pentagram), but ultimately the background is a feminine force.

Yet one can’t do without the other because its the same energy, again in different degrees.

Just like hot and cold, where a temperature is a temperature. It’s only the degree that changes(2 sides of the same coin)

Every physical matter(Inverted Pentagram-Conscious Mind) has its geometrical energetic blueprint (Upright Pentagram, Subconscious Mind), which it gives birth to.

Just as a mother to child. Nature reflects its principles and expresses them throughout human and animal evolution. Both energies exist symbiotically with ranging degrees in between .

We can see this example with food. Food is literally light energy atomically reconfigured.

We literally eat light. Sunlight hits the grass, the grass converts light into another form of energy.

Gets eaten by the animal, into another form of energy and we eat the the animal.

Even though the meat still contains that “light” energy it’s more on the spectrum of physical matter.

Notice both interconnected but not separate. Now you can see the degrees of energy at play!

All stemming from light energy. NO one can deny this fact. Nothing mystical or EVIL about it! It’s pure FEAR-mongering.

So, inverted pentagram truly mean in terms of consciousness?

Correlates to human desire or will, manifesting his/her reality.

The conscious will is an energy which the subconscious responds to and acts according to.

The conscious is like the seed, and subconscious is the garden. You can grow flowers or you can grow weeds. 

Here’s examples of corporate use of symbols associating geometrical shapes with their brands.

Look at all these brands associated geometrical symbols with their companies.

The use of repetitive symbols with associations of triggers of emotional imbalance is  truly the work of baneful magick at work.

A war on your mind is the most powerful weapon, because it shapes your beliefs and become a slave of mass hypnotic conditioning.