Love Tarot Readers: Divination Tools Replacing Mainstream Therapy

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Love Tarot Readers: Mystical Tools Replacing Mainstream Therapy

Why are some women lucky enough to get romantic Noah moments in the film “The Notebook”? 

While we can’t find a fitting match? Or we attract dirt-bags and back-stabbing cheaters?

1 Reason! Your state-of-mind!

Unfortunately I rode the same boat.

Your mind is consciousness, and what is consciousness exactly? Emotions + Mental Thoughts = Consciousness (The Mind).

My post is on how love psychics use spiritual tools to fix our psychological flaws and help locate a potential match.

There’s a reason why belief in psychic healing shot up 10% in 2001 according to Newgallop’s poll study.  Because it works.

STOP reading, if you’re not a brave face!

Are you willing to self-reflect and heal any psychological flaws within you?

Love tarot readers manifest your desires by healing psychological issues

Psychic love readers heal by transforming your consciousness into a positive state-of-mind!  Your consciousness effects reality.  A scientific FACT.

I was a Debbie-downer, effecting everyone’s mood around me.  I had to change my perceptions and way of thinking to be worthy of cupid’s arrows.

Guess what I did?  Face my psychological flaws and life brought me a sunshine soul-mate!

3 main psychological wounds a psychic love readings patches up. 

  1. Fly magnet: We fall for and attract the wrong type of guy, repeating an endless cycle. The slime-balls and douche-bags.
  2. It’s me not you: Issues that forbids someone getting too close to you. Past traumatic relationships can cause this. Major relationship road-blocks.
  3. Life in prison: Do you go out dancing at night or stay home like a hermit? Booze cruise, jazz lounges, poetry clubs etc.? Are you a party-pooper?

A therapist/psychologist helps understand yourself, reprogramming your mind.

You gain more self-awareness by fixing any issues.

The end result? Higher chance of attracting your Notebook Noah.

Psychics love readers are like therapists, but 10x times more effective!

Why are love psychics readings more effective than traditional therapists?

Psychics understand mother nature’s scientific laws and her psychological archetypes. 

They use divination tools for positive psychological changes and gain future insight!

I use Tarot cards as a divination tool.  We’ll be discussing tarot love readings, since it’s my knowledgeable area.

Tarot follow universal SCIENTIFIC principles of reality called the Hermetic Laws!

TRUE love tarot readers know the hermetic principles. Later in the post, I reveal secrets on how to simply discern frauds.

But here’s one hidden secret true tarot readers know.

Example: 2nd Hermetic Universal Law – As Above So Below

Nature’s laws are inescapable. No matter how massive or micro an object is. Science again! 

The magician tarot symbolizes the 2nd Hermetic law. One hand up, symbolizing internal subjective reality. And one hand down, symbolizing external objective reality.

Meaning what again? Consciousness EFFECTS reality!

Psychic love readers transforms your psyche through spiritual guidance. Tarot’s psychic love readings strengthen your intuition.

Positive changes occur throughout your whole mental and emotional being. Behavioral patterns and decisions transform, based on eye-opening realizations which empower your consciousness.

Scenario Of Tarot Psychic Love Readings

The psychic love reader’s job is interpret divination tool symbols and meanings. Someone practicing eventually opens doors to their psychic intuition and their clients.

Example #1: Dealing With Imbalanced Emotions

  • You Ask: “Any psychological issues I need to face?”
  • Tarot Love Reader: “The 7 of wands! This symbolizes explosive anger. Look at the 7 of wands demeanor. His eyebrows point down, indicating fiery tension. You have neglected years of bottled-up anger.”
  • You Ask: “How do I slay my anger issues?”
  • Tarot Love Reader: “The 4 of cups and the hermit! 4 of cups says you need yoga girl! Or other forms of meditation like tai chi.
  • Look at his expression. His arms folded, rejecting the cups gift offerings. Go within and self-reflect.
  • The Hermit reinforces the 4 of cups. His hood, large staff, wide background, sends out a message…
  • Call out of work and take your ASS on a retreat or a day spa! Embark on a short journey. Leave the havoc and center yourself.”

Example #2: GPS Locating A Potential Soul-mate 

  • You Ask: “Where do I find someone compatible for me?”
  • Tarot Love Reader: “3 of pentacles. This symbolizes work, learning and education. Tells me you’re attending college courses. A sexy Don Juan set his eyes on you in class.
  • You ask: “Who is he and what’s he like?”
  • Tarot Love Reader: “Knight of Wands. A knight and wand suit both symbolize the fire element. Fire + Fire = Your typical risk-taking biker bad-boy.
  • You’re a water type of personality, opposites attract. This tarot card’s expression speaks volumes. A knight rushes with a lighting-speed horse symbolizing his life on the fast track.”
  • You ask: “Will we have a future?”
  • Tarot Love Reader: “Lovers tarot. Symbolizing unification and love. Knight of wands are usually unstable. A soft heart beats in this bad boy. Or you changed his heart with your touch. “

Example #3: Back-Stabbing Lover 

  • You Ask: “Is he cheating on me?”
  • Tarot Love Reader: “7 of swords. Chances are yes. This tarot expresses deception. Notice the man holding the swords, going “behind their back”. “
  • You Ask: “Who is this person?”
  • Tarot Love Reader: “3 of Cups. This symbolizes partying and social celebrations. Maybe someone in your circle of friends. Co-worker you go out with? Mutual friend you acquainted with?

Example #4: Trouble In Paradise 

  • You Ask: “Me and the Mr. fight a lot recently, why?”
  • Tarot Love Reader: “Ah 8 of pentacles. Does your hubby work long hours? His job weights heavy baggage on his shoulders. And it’s effecting his life. So when he comes home he takes out the stress on the people around him.
  • You Ask: “What should I do?”
  • Tarot Love Reader: “5 of wands and 2 of swords. 5 of wands symbolizes sports or hobbies. Is he into racket ball or basketball? Great stress relievers. 2 of swords says seek a different path. He’s not looking back at the “past” of the town. He’ll have to reconsider a new line of work or he’ll lose his marbles. “

Questions That Spook Fake Psychic Readers. 

Even REAL psychic love readers can be scammers, how?

Does it matter if they’re genuine psychics? Like other professions, you have people who take a moral and ethical stand on their job – or you have ones that care about $$$ only. I’ve known noobs learning little in a few days and deciding to “charge” people already!…go figure.

Do NOT commit to a reading ever, unless they pass the fraud filter screening. I’d visit “free chat” online psychic sites to see who was legit.

Yes, it’s free, but not the way you think. The “free” sample chat with an online psychic is in a public chatroom. They won’t answer questions relating to personal reading.

Ask questions to gain information to see if you’re dealing with a psychic fraud. They’ll chat with you, open up to you answering questions such as ‘how long have you been doing this’. “What divination tools you use?”

“Do you use Tarot cards?” Those type of questions they answer in a public “free chat” room.

Here’s a few simple questions to quickly filter the frauds.

Question #1: “Do you understand the hermetic laws and can you name me one?”

Remember earlier, we’ve discussed one “hermetic” law ? “As Above So Below”Hermetic laws is basic knowledge for intermediate/advance psychic readers.
I can’t tell HOW important this one is. It’s why I have it as number 1. I’ve asked so many “psychics” who are clueless about their “psychic ability”.  This is why i love psychic tarot readers(more advanced ones).  They’re the most mystical out of the psychic seers.

Phony-frauds respond with: “What does that mean?”

“you can google it” (I just received this remark, one time from some smirky lady)

Question #2: “How many times do I come back for readings?” 

Phony-frauds respond with “Twice a week or as much as you want!”

Greedy money-trap to empty your wallet twice a week or more.  Life events take time to manifest.  A true psychic would advise no more than once a week, at least!

Question #3: “Can I be psychic too?” 

Fake Psychic response “No.  You must born with psychic powers.”

Make no mistake, some psychics are naturally gifted. But you know what’s funny? People who trained to unlock and polish their psychic abilities are more skilled than the naturals.  Why?

We all have psychic powers which lie dormant within our consciousness. The pineal gland is a psychic powerhouse contained located in the mid-brain.  This gland produces dreams and psychic phenomena.

Question #4 “Am I cursed? Or is possible I have bad luck?”

Fake Psychic: “Yes, a dark cloud hovers over you. A hex is on you”

I laugh at this.  Fake psychics fear monger you into emptying your pockets. Curses and hexes are real, but it takes a powerful magician. Not all psychics are magicians, but all magicians are psychics.

Question #5: “Can you get an ex-lover back for me or give me a love spell?”

Fake Psychic: “Yes of course, he’ll be under your spell!”

Most love psychics are seers but not magicians. Secondly, do you notice that problem with that?  You want to FORCE upon someones will. Who wants insincere attraction, when it’s not even real?

Any “psychic” who “promises” you a lover’s return or a full proof spell is a capital F for fraud.

Best Questions To Ask A Love Psychic Reader 

Get specific. Why? Because you’ll receive specific answers.

Closed-ended questions receive yes or no questions, obtaining little information.

Open-ended questions receive answers which flood your head with future insight. Open ended questions start as “Why” or “How”, providing laser-pointed answers. You’re opening doors to precise readings.

Example Scenario of attraction between co-workers:

Jennifer’s at her work desk filing away computer records at a corporate building. She works alongside a handsome tall green-eyed co-worker named Ronny. The break-room is your small talk time with Ron. He hands you records to file away occasionally. You notice him glancing at you multiple times throughout the 9-5 day.

Example of a bad question:

You Ask: “Will rob and I ever date?”.

Love Tarot Reader: “5 of cups. Notice the mans back turned away from the cups. This symbolize turning away from the “idea of dating”.

You see the problem here?

I don’t bother with “Will I” questions, because they provide little to 0 info. You also waste a question if you pay a reader per question.

Example of a better question:

You Ask: “Is Rob’s personality type a match for us to date?”

Love Tarot Reader: “King of Wands and 3 of cups. King of wands symbolizes his personality. Turn up the notch on teasing because he loves it. He’s adventurous, loves hiking. Mention you love woods and he’ll go acorn nuts.

10 of cups represent family celebration. Seems you’ll have a long and fruitful life with Rob. This either symbolizes a family of your own or a wedding between you 2.”

Do you see the difference? Notice you’re asking 2 questions in 1! You’re finding information about him while finding out if you 2 will hook up.