Cydonia Mars Is An Exact Replicate Of The Stonehenge 35

Cydonia Mars Is An Exact Replicate Of The Stonehenge

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Cydonia Mars And The Stonehenge Connection

Was there a lost civilization on Mars which intimately links with older civilizations from ancient Earth?

Cydonia Mars is one of the most remarkable landmarks on our neighboring red planet.

In 1976, The Mars Viking Orbiter photographed what seemed to be a series of artificial structures whichCydonia Mars And The Stonehenge Connection included pyramidal figures, a 5 star pyramid, and an ancient sphinx type of face.

Richard Hoagland (Ex NASA consultant) believes that the images show artificial structure, created by a higher intelligence.

Richard claims that there are artificial buildings on Mars, an ancient race of intelligent beings once built ancient sites.

Cydonia Mars contain structures which parallel some of the ancient sites on Earth.

The ancient Stonehenge of England coincidentally contains these geographical markers which resemble the features on Cydonia Mars.

Back in 1991 it occurred to me that Avebury circle, (see figure 5) with its earthen rampart and ditch, is a depiction of the Cydonia crater on Mars, suggesting that Silbury Hill (figure 6 below) – along with other features in the area – might be an analog model or ‘mirror’ representation of the key features of Cydonia.

There are a few distinct features between Cydonia Mars and the Avebury Stonehenge Circles, which dates back to 3,000 B.C.

If you scale the measurements between the 2 locations and scale it down to 14:1, these structuresCydonia Mars And The Stonehenge Connection, Avebury Circles coincidentally line up perfectly.

Working with the large scale UK Ordnance Survey map of the region, I then carefully measured the two sets of items in question and found them to be stunningly proportionate.

That is to say, when the Cydonia mound-and-crater complex is reduced by a ratio of approximately 14:1, i.e. fourteen miles in Cydonia equals one mile at Avebury, it fits exactly on Avebury/Silbury

Cydonia Mars And The Stonehenge Connection: Parallel Features Between The 2

Let’s star with the corresponding structures between our red neighboring little planet and Earth.

Avebury Complex = Cydonia Complex
StoneHenge = Crater
Obelisks (now gone). = White pits
Silbury Hill = Spiral mound
Cherhill Tumuli = City
Bishops Cannings Tumuli = D&M Pyramid

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9 millions cubic feet of material taken from a different location to construct Silbury Hill, which was Cydonia Mars And The Stonehenge Connection, Comparing the 2 maps interestingly made into a spiral mound.

Mary Bennet realized the US Geological Survey Tanaka 2003 map shows different material mined from different locations which compromise the spiral mounds.

The positional degree of the spiral mound and the Stonehenge in comparison with the spiral mound and the crater is a complete mind-blowing.

Both structures fall 19.4 degrees, which mirror those 2 landmarks.

Cydonia Mars And The Stonehenge Connection: 4 Roads Which Both Locations Have And Match

All roads lead to Mars and Earth in which perfectly mirror each other which all form tangent between Cydonia and the Stonehenge. Cydonia Mars And The Stonehenge Connection Map Overlay Comparison

The tangent roads run parallel to each other, crisscrossing to the south of the spiral mound and spiral hill.

The roads tangent (pass to the side of) the south of the spiral mound/Silbury Hill, to the southern rim of the Cydonia crater/Avebury circle, the south-east corner of the five-sided pyramid and to the north-east corner of the location of the City.

It appears that tangents are strongly implied both on Cydonia and in the Avebury analog. And interestingly, the lines cross at the northern tangent of the Beckhampton roundabout (traffic circle).

Cydonia Mars And The Stonehenge Connection: The Face Of Mars 

Is it just another coincidence we see the face of mars in Cydonia along with pyramidal type structures.

Cydonia Mars And The Stonehenge Connection face of mars

Along with the keyhole glyph of mars, the face of mars is one of the most symmetrical anomalies ever to be discovered on Mars.

The chances of this anomaly is probably one of a gazillion for such a vast landscape have unimaginable proportional symmetry.

Careful examination of the image provides additional evidence supporting the hypothesis that the Face is a highly symmetrical and geometrically regular structure. The top corners of the A-B-C-D rectangle frames two rounded corners on the Face. As shown in Figure 11 the corners also appear to have the same

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Symmetry/bisymmetry is extremely prevalent in nature and in smaller structures, but megalithic structures like a pyramid or a sphinx are a different matter.Cydonia Mars And The Stonehenge Connection symmetrical geometry artificial design

Big massive natural isometric/bisymmetrical structures don’t really exist, especially ones that have a high degree of symmetry, which can only point out artificial creation?

Could this be have a naturally occurring structure?

Of course it could’ve been, but the chances of this being a natural formation is a snowball’s chance in hell.

Thee odds of the symmetry to exist on such a large massive structure is completely astronomical (gazillion to 1)

Using repeatable geometrical constructions based on clearly resolved features the Face appears to fit a consistently expressed geometrical model based on rectangles having a long to short side ratio of 4/3, i.e., by rectangles diagonally bisected by 3-4-5 right triangles.

When we look for anything in massive structures, we look for the isometrics/bisymmetry which the face of mars perfectly fits the criteria. Cydonia Mars And The Stonehenge Connection geometrical figures face of mars

The face of mars contains not one, but 2 highly symmetrical structures as the face appears to be helmet.

If we run imaginary lines between the 2, we can see the geometrical relationship they form between each other, given the erosion seen on the left side of the face.

The Avebury and Cydonia aren’t the only structures that have an interplanetary connection between 2 ancient civilizations.

Does the face of Mars have have any connection to any ancient artifacts/glyphs of our planet Earth?

You bet your ass there is!

The ancient Olmec helmets seem to be an exact replica of the face of Mars.

The ancient race of Olmecs date back around 2500 years ago with no written records but art and inscriptions of myths which closely relate the Aztecs/Mayans.

This ancient civilization left a cryptic trail of sheer mystery. Cydonia Mars And The Stonehenge Connection olmec heads

Some suggest that the Olmecs were the first to occupy the Americas.

Some suggest the Olmecs migrated from the ancient east and were the first to occupy the Americas.

Other megalithic heads were discovered in the intervening years, all with African facial features. This is not necessarily to suggest that the founders or leaders of Olmec civilization came directly from Africa, since many original populations of countries like Cambodia and the Philippines have similar characteristics. These might have been brought along when the first humans entered the Americas from Asia.