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I don’t trust many tarot cards, why?  Because they LACK esoteric symbolism.  Especially for beginner tarot cards!

Why’s esoteric symbolism an important puzzle piece?  Tarot’s an ocean full of esoteric astro-theology.  What’s astro-theology (religious)?

Tarot fuels your psychic consciousness, sky-rocketing your sense perceptions and razor sharp intuition.

A Few Things To Keep In Mind When You’re A Newbie In Tarot 

  • Does it contain universal symbolism of astro-theology?
  • Who’s the creator? Are they credible?
  • Are they laminate? (Do NOT get, most are cheaper than China’s products)

When esoteric-chip cookies are missing from the mason jar, I view their “Tarot” useless (Or anyone tarot cards for that matter).

For example, I had 0 clue tarot breathes biblical symbolism at first!  The Jewish Bible (Old Testament) is the Tarot!  Torah stems from Tarot.

The High Priestess veils the “Torah” scroll implying she’s full of biblical old-school wisdom!

She hides the last Torah letter “H”.  Crucial beginner info!

I can rant your head off for hours on tarot symbolism, but I’ll save you the torture.

I present you tonight’s main course; My top beginner tarot cards!


1. Rider Wait (Original!): My Reigning Champ For Beginner Tarot Cards

Beginner tarot deck rider waite The imagery in Rider-Waite is heavenly matched for beginner tarot card readers.

Chocolate cream-filled esoteric symbolism, quickly boosting a beginner’s intuition.

Do NOT get the “Radiant” version, why?  A few minor faults I’ve noticed…

The empress’s crown remains one star short.  Hmm….important, why?

The 12-crowned star symbolizes our 12 constellation zodiac. 

The orb she holds represents our sun’s path through the 12 month constellation.

If our destiny are star-written, then we overwrite the twilight sky.

A minor fault for the Rider-Waite Radiant version, yet a BIG problem.

Rider-Waite perfectly bridges your conscious/subconscious/unconscious.

Edward Rider’s part of the Hermetic Order of the Golden dawn (Organization of psychic/magickal, yoga, ritual practices).

For every great man, lies behind a greater woman.

Pamela Colman Smith(Mystic-occultist) drew the art for Rider-Waite.

The divine imagery is a beginner’s dream. Her art inflames with rich symbolism.

Sasha Graham’s: A Black Belt Rider-Waite Guide 

Only a handful of books which babbles esoteric symbolism.

Remember, Tarot tree grew from an astro-theological seed.

Lacking valuable astro-esoteric information, tells me creators playing make-believe.

Out of all the tarot books, Sasha takes the cake for esoteric/practical beginner’s information.  An endless stream of esoteric goodies on Rider-Waite.

She discusses esoteric astrology and mystical Judaism (kabbalah).

Sarah shovels deeper than anyone I’ve read. “Llewellyn ‘s Complete Book of the Rider-Waite Smith Tarot.

Here’s a little sneak peak:

“Human possibility exists outside, above and beyond the conscious and subconscious mind.” 

“Tarot opens and active dialogue between the conscious and subconscious mind through symbols.” 

“Kabbalah is an ancient Hebraic mystical system.  The Kabbalistic Tree of Life is a visual representation of the divine manifestation of life on earth.”  – Llewellyn’s Complete Book of the Rider-Waite Tarot 

Use her book as a universal guide.  Even for the tarot cards I’ve listed below, why?  Most guides limit their explanations (lazy man’s guide), lacking crucial info.

What I Don’t Like About Rider-Waite.

I feel the Rider-Waite is a little bit cryptic.  But again, the symbolism is eye candy (especially compared to other beginner tarot cards) for your subconscious.

And tons of searchable online information, it reigns king as number 1.  If only Rider-Waite dumped more astrology like the 2nd on my list next up!


2. Gilded Tarot: The Space Cadet (Astral) Beginner Tarot Cards

I truly love this tarot imagery.  The Gilded Tarot is breathtaking for beginner tarot card readers.  The magic/mystery illustrations lifts you in the astral realm.

I know, not a Rider-Waite replica, but astrally majestic nonetheless.  

Take a quick look at the fool.  The Rider-Waite’s fool’s wheels represents the 12 zodiacs.   Ciro’s Marchetti’s tarot isn’t so subtle.

The imagery screams volumes of esoteric principles.  Juggling the zodiac constellation, the fool leaps in the void of creation at their fingertips.

The fool is anything but a fool, more of a trickster if anything.

An Esoteric Buffet Of All You Can Eat Symbolism 

The magician reveals his creative tools.  From fool to magician, the descending of consciousness begins.

4 elements (Fire, Water, Wind, Earth) of existence grasping in his palms.  The tools symbolize 1 of the 4 elements.

Notice his hands holding a 3 dimensional infinity symbol.  In Rider-Waite the infinity symbol hovers above the magicians head.

I just love this magician’s art imagery.  The magician shouts “Manifest my will…infinite creation of the 4 elements!”.  Not as subtle like Rider-Waite.

What I Don’t Like About The Gilded Tarot

Too astrologically literal.  If only this was incorporated with Rider-waite, then I’d say we found the perfect beginner tarot cards.

I’d love to see the zodiac on the fool’s wheels ( A more balanced literal/symbolic appeal).

Yes, I know, they say there is “no such thing” as the perfect holy grail of cards but one day!

Maybe the 3rd on my list below is the holy grail of tarot for you, for you bible lovers.


3. Morgan-Greer 70’s Biblical-Style Beginners Tarot Cards

A Rider-Waite replicate wearing a more artistic/poetic theme.  A jail free border-less deck, giving a fluid and unrestricted look.

The imagery reminds me of a hipster look striding in bell-bottoms jeans.  The cards themselves feel glossy and slippery smooth.

The illustrations emit a renaissance feel.  More like Leonardo Da vinci or Vincent Van Goh style type.

They package in 2 different sizes.   One version is little bigger than a pack of playing cards.  The symbolism is simple-minded, yet intricate.

Morgan Greer wears a few edition like the tin-can one.

Comes with a pamphlet of instructions (way too general, need to get a Sasha’s universal guide as I stated earlier).

Morgan-Greer Gets Medieval On You!

Morgan-Greer tarot cards portrays a more biblical tone, minus the astro of the Gilded tarot.   Glue your eyes to “lovers” tarot card.

The lovers represents the biblical story of Adam & Eve!

You clearly notice the artists’s biblical influence of lovers tarot.  Standing in “garden” of Eden embracing each other.

In the original Rider-Waite tarot, the lovers stand open field with an angel above.  A similar look to the Robin Wood Deck.

The Morgan-Greer deck drives you into a world of enchantment.  I feel like Frodo from Lord of the Rings.

The “big” picture of Morgan-Greer hijacks your undivided attention.  A 3-D Imax version of the Rider-Waite with its own unique twist.

Ladies Who Love a Disco Mustache Men

If you’re a woman who’s head over heels for mustaches, then maybe you want to dance with this one ladies :P. 

Similar to playing cards.  Royal playing characters either tilt heads either left or right.

Egypt, one of the earliest known of tarot, had hieroglyphs that look either left and right.  Coincidence?

What I Don’t Like About Morgan-Greer

I don’t like the fact that some people are omitted like from the devil card here.

Why this drops to my number 3 on the chart.

The High Priestess makes no mentions of the Torah here.

I believe it wasn’t trying to convey too much obvious symbolism, letting your intuition do the work.

Why I think it’s great for beginners, with the help of Llewellyn’s Complete Book of the Rider-Waite as a tour guide.



4. Robin-Wood Deck: Nature’s Wild Beginner Tarot Cards

I LOVE this deck!  I think nature, forest, enchantment with this deck.  Created of course by the infamous Robin Wood, prince of tarot.

All done by ink and prismacolor pencil.  Again, “pagan/nature oriented” claimed by the author.

The tarot labels really stand out.  Robin makes sure your eyes are walking the right track.  I think it’s cute how it’s all old school scroll like.

Grab a machete, because it’s jungle out there.  An open world to nature and he beauty.

Rider-Waite’s High Priestess sits between 2 pillars as the e-motional (energy in motion) river flows behind her.

Robin’s pillar’s are trees (notice the dualism of ying- yang symbolized here)

What I Don’t Like About Robin-Wood

Esoterically symbolic, but incorrect.  The magician stands between 2 pillars as well!  Remind you of someone?  The high priestess standing between the 2 pillars or in this case the trees.

I do like the symbolism in here but one thing I don’t like that the magician contains 2 pillars, why does it matter?

Because the magician is the sign of UNITY.  The masculine emanation of the infinite hermaphroditic fool.

The high priestess’s number is…..so why the 2 pillars for the magician?  I know I’m nit picky, but you got to be when it comes to tarot!


Final Thoughts

Again, as long as you have Sarah’s guide; you’re pretty much set.

Her guide is fully equipped to empower your will and mental/emotional psyche.

Stop time wasting, move your ass and start learning tarot at its true core, REALLY (as far as a psyche-spiritual tool) understanding the magickal symbolism behind the curtains!