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9 Different Magician Tarot Cards

I’ve came across some of sweetest looking magician tarot cards.  They’re not in any particular order.  But I will say the astrotheological/cosmo types are my favorites.  They’re all mostly tarot card decks, except for a few which are just beautiful portraits. (Sorry, just the art, no deck for sale).

1. Tarot Made Easy – Barbara Moore

Barbara moore and Eugene Smith are responsible for this deck which was published in 2016.  She’s got over 10 publications of tarot cards and decks.  I like the nature theme behind it and how he has his altar with the 4 elements.   You notice the infinity sign subtly tied his red hood around his neck.  Read Amazon Reviews.

2.The Magician Tarot Art Psychedelic Art Nouveau Bohemian Goddess Art

The magician seems he’s on another dimensional plane.  It almost reminds me of the thoth deck but not as psychedelic”.  The ouroboros around his waistline is prominent along with the infinity sign above his head.  And I love the glimmering effects of gold and red working together.  I notice he enters between 2 type of pillars similar to the high priestess card.

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3. The Magician – Celtic Tarot by Courtney Davis & Helena Paterson

One of my favorites as far as an esoteric theme.  You see the 12 zodiac surrounding the Magus?  Take a quick gander peek at flower of life of the 2 intersection triangle pertaining to the hermetic principle “As Above So Below”.  The magus himself resembles a Christhood.  You know what’s unique about this one?  The water element is in the middle and the earth element is a 6 pointed star encompassing all the other elements within it.  One of my favorites as far as an esoteric theme.  Read Amazon Reviews.

4. Kazanlar Tarot Deck

The Sufi looking magician looks like an ancient portrait on the wall.  An old ancient persian or middle eastern theme.  There seems to be some type of Arabic writing on the sides, but I can’t personally translate it.  A bit subtle with the infinity sign worn as a hat.  The table altar contains the elements are hard to see.  The cup and sword are noticeable.   Reminds me of an abstract painting.  Read Amazon Reviews.

5. The Gendron Tarot Cards – By Melania

This tarot deck is filled with animals.  You got a crow on her shoulder, and a dove on the table.  Not to mention the black cat on the bottom right.  I like the unique necklace of the one eye.  The eclipse right above her head emphasizing the 2nd hermetic principle.  This card reminds me of the High Priestess a well.  It’s like the magus in here is walking between 2 pillars, resembling the 2nd tarot High Priestess tarot card.  Read Amazon Reviews.


6. Napo Tarot Deck Cards – By Napo Author, Better Lopez

This one is very vibrant and colorful.  Something that would come out of the circus.  This  one had my at first sight,  because I do love vibrant tarot cards/art.  If this card was a piece of candy I’d go ham on it, lol.  Also the magician tarot card here has that “fool” tarot feel.  There’s a very subtle difference between the fool and the magician.  That’s why you’ll see a lot of tarot with the magician and fool almost being the same being.  But then again all the archetypes of Tarot essentially come from the same source.  They’re different personality types of our mental/emotional aka personal being.  Read Amazon Reviews.

7. Hopeless Fountain Kingdom

If you love that royalty majestic card, then you’ve came to the right deck.   My favorite part of this magician tarot card is the beings that incarnate all over the one magus figure.  The 2 girls playing with the apple that stems the moon and sun, almost like the sun card is within this the magician card.  There’s more figures surrounding him holding some alchemical elixirs.  You have double dragons occupying the corner of the decks.  The one elixir he holds up shows what looks like a trinity being with 3 faces holding 3 serpent caduceus.

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8. Tarot of the Sephiroth

I like how the 4 elements surround this one.  This is one of the more cosmic or astro type of tarot magician card.  The Earth element is symbolized by the 6 pointed star instead of the 5 like in the original Rider-Waite magician.  You see the ankh in the middle with the lunar horns above its head.  If the moon is on its left then I’d conclude that the sun is the yellow part naturally shining with the nightly sky.  The surrounding wheel can be seen as the 12 zodiacs.  Read Amazon Reviews.


9. Cosmic Tarot Deck (78 Tarot Cards/Cs78)

I love the ray beams shooting out the eye of this magician.  You have your trinity represented by the triangle which connects they physical eyes to the pineal gland AKA spiritual eye of sight.  Another cosmic type of tarot showing the light stars behind the magician.   Of course you have the 4 elements on the altar.  The infinity sign crowned on the forehead is pretty freakin cool!  Read Amazon Reviews.


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