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4400-Year old UnLooted Egyptian Tomb Discovered

Why Is The New Discovered Tomb One Of A Kind?

Archaeologist Waziri and his team unearthed a mind-blowing discovery in November in Saqqara, Egypt! What makes the newly discovered tomb one a kind? 

The first tomb which NEVER been looted.  It’s been kept hidden with all its secrets this whole time, until now.

The tomb is well preserved and believed to be originally from the 5th Egyptian dynasty under the pharaoh kings.It took ONE months just to pry the entrance open, just now entering and Discovering its Magical Secrets.

The tomb owner served King Neferirkare, ruling the 5th dynasty.

Who’s Tomb Is it?

The tomb belongs to high priest “Wahtye,” al-Anani states the priest served during the reign of King Nefer-Ir-Ka-Re and was the king’s adviser and holy boat inspector.

Al-Anani (Antiquity MInister) says the tomb walls are decorated with wine, sailing, pottery making etc.  They found 5 more burial shafts recently discovered but barely investigated.

“This shaft should lead to a coffin or a sarcophagus of the owner of the tomb,” Said Wahtye.

Which Dynasty Is The Tomb From?

The 5th dynasty started around 500 B.C. to about 2,350 B.C., according to the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

“Its near-perfect condition makes it “one of a kind in the last decade,” Mr. Waziri said.  They’re expecting more discoveries in January as they explore further.  They’ve found 45 statues in the grave.

Ending Thoughts 

According to Manly P hall (Freemason historian) states pyramids, tombs etc. contain a supernatural purpose.

The Great Pyramid was not a lighthouse, an observatory, or a tomb, but the first temple of the Mysteries, the first structure erected as a repository for
those secret truths which are the certain foundation of all arts and sciences. It was the perfect emblem of the microcosm and the macrocosm and, according to the secret teachings, the tomb of Osiris, the black god of the Nile. Osiris represents a certain manifestation of solar energy, and therefore his house or tomb is emblematic of the universe within which he is entombed and upon the cross of which he is crucified.The Secret Teaching Of All Ages

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