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Types Of Psychics

Types Of Psychics

The 3 Psychic Types Of Lady Claire:


Psychics unlocked the gate to extra sensory perception(ESP).  A 6th sense to your ordinary 5 human senses. 

Think of the boy from the movie “The 6th sense” with Bruce Willis.  Seeing dead people is only one card of the magical deck of psychic abilities.

Clair has its roots in french etymology. “Clair” means clear or have clear.

What exactly does clear seeing mean?

Higher states of consciousness allow higher perception of spiritual foresight.

The clair’s sense through either spiritual hearing, vision, spiritual touch and so forth.

What are the names of the types of clair’s for each ability?

4 Types of Clair:

All the clair types sense objects, events, people of the past, present and future.

    • Clairvoyance – ( clear seeing ) “Voyance” is vision. Clair-Voyance = “Clear” “Vision” .
    • What clear perceiving clairvoyants see?
    • Clairvoyance is the psychic perception to rewind, fast-forward, and access current timely events.
    • Images of events, objects and people that play throughout the movie of time.
    • Information about someone even thousands of miles away!
  • Clairsentience (Clear Feeling) – Sensing objections by physical sensations of touch throughout the wheel of time.
  • Clairaudience  (clear hearing) or psychic hearing. An ability to hear messages without the physical but spiritual ears.
  • Claircognizance (clear knowing) – That “gut feeling” is your intuition surfacing above the water, hooking onto your conscious attention.  The ancient mystics unlocked their abilities which lie dormant in each of you.  Psychic Mystics & Paranormal Proof You Can’t Debunk!

Types Of Divination Tools

Tarot Cards – Divination tools reveal HUGE insights about a person’s life.  Tarot cards play powerful roles as tools of fortune..

Here’s a fact most people aren’t aware of the Tarot cards.  The word Torah of the Bible stems from “Tarot” cards!  In the ancient days scrolls of literature existed, not books!

Look at Tarot card #2 the High Priestess card.  Notice the word written over the scroll over her lap.

What does the scroll read? TORA with the hidden “H” veiled behind her robe. Coincidence?

Astrological Reading- Reading based on the stars, planets, birth date and the moment of birth.

The stars and planets are actually a psychological reflection of our mental and emotional being.

Do the planets and stars influence our emotional and thought process?

To astrologists planets and the stars vibrate energies capable of effecting our life decisions. .

NOTE, this is not always true!  Energies either influence us or have no effect at all depending on our mindful level.

A high percent of astrological readings deal with exclusively with your month’s zodiac star sign of your birth.  Not the most precise means.  Giving more information is effective for accurate targeted readings.

  • Exact date of birth
  • birth and time of conception
  • location of birth
  • alignment of planets and stars during birth

Astrologers inspect the unique position and relationship between the 7 planets and the 12 zodiacs.

Palm Reading – Known as palmistry.  A palm reader reads the line and contour of the palms revealing future information on someone’s life.

Types of psychcis beyond enigmaUseless palm reading only looks at the major lines ignoring the subtle secretions.

REAL palm reading looks at ALL the lines in your hands.  Thousands of minor line contours map the palm layout.  A true reader deciphers every cosmological code mapped on your palm

Ancient mystics knew a person’s hand is a microcosm of individual creation.   A palm reflects the universe and cosmos like ocean’s mirroring the blue sky.

Hand-reading is a discipline exploring the macro/microcosmic relationship from opposite poles.

The same as astrology illuminating the macrocosm of the planets in the heavens.

Psychometry – Touchy readers, literally.  Aura’s radiate from sentimental objects.  Objects charge a person’s bio-electromagnetic energy.  A psychometric reader operates senses by touching objects.

But what’s the main purpose of psychic powers and their tools?

Self-transformation in all aspects of your life.  The mental, physical, and emotional.

All 3 work best when balanced with each other.  This is what real psychic magick is about!

Psychic Mystics & Paranormal Proof You Can’t Debunk!

Mediums – Channelers Of Angelic or Sinister Beings?

Medium = A human shell acting as a vessel for an entity or an energy to possess.

Entities lurking in higher dimensions of reality.

What abilities do mediums conjure up?

  • Receiving information from the dead.
  • Causing so-called paranormal activities to occur
  • Channeling certain types of energies

What dangerous currents are mediums swimming in?

A quote from the credible brilliant psychic/magician

Remember that spiritualist mediums often serve as vehicles for black entities.  These entities pose as saints and advise against the perfect marriage.  Usually, they declare themselves Jesus Christ or Buddha, etc., to cheat the fools.– Samael Aun Weor, The Perfect Matrimony

Astral beings pose as saints, sages, ascended gurus lurk within the dark caves in higher dimensions of reality.

A master of your own kingdom of psychic energy doesn’t need to channel entities for whatever reason.

Which bring us to a master that works on a higher level of consciousness.

The shaman.  Psychic Mystics & Paranormal Proof You Can’t Debunk!

Are Shamans Like Mediums?

NO not at all.  Contrary to some beliefs, people believe shamans “channel” entities.  Shamans communicate. BIG difference.

Communicating with who?

Spiritual energy of nature and all it’s animal and plant kingdom of sentience.

They feel the intent or the mood of energy.

Masters of consciousness operating at extreme levels.

Shaman Abilities:

  • Exiting their physical body with their spiritual one(Out Of Body Experience)
  • Shape-shift into higher spiritual realms
  • Heal the physical body with spiritual energy
  • Full access of  dreams (Lucid Dreaming)