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Top 7 Quick Fix To Finding Real Tarot Readings

A quick guide in finding real tarot readings.  A number of tarot readings online offer a sample chat.


#1 A Real Tarot Reader Realizes The Mystical Essence Of Tarot 

In The Tarot.  The tarot has biblical references.  Look at the High Priestess Tarot Card.  Do you see the word engraved on a scroll which conceal partly on her lap?  The word TORA and the “H” missing.

Not a coincidence.  On your next tarot reader, ask “What does the scroll on the High Priestess card symbolize?”

#2 The Best Real Tarot Readings Are Shockingly Accurate

Real tarot readers aim around a 80% – 90% probability rate.  The rate depends on on the tarot readers skill to interpret the symbolism behind the tarot cards.

But never 100% with a few rare exceptions you won’t see.  Ask the tarot reader “Are you always right?” if they say yes, take that with a grain of salt.


#3 Real Tarot Card Readers Use The Full Deck

The tarot splits into a “major” deck of 22 cards and and 52 “minor” deck.  The experienced tarot reader takes advantage of the full deck.  Question this to seek a real tarot reading , ask “Do you use the major and minor decks?” If they answer “Yes”, you got a winner! 


#4 Time Lapse Between Readings

Good tarot readers wont see you for 2 weeks to a month.  Giving time for life’s events to blossom. Ask your tarot reader “How often do you see your clients”.  Any answer under 2 weeks is a red flag!

#5 Dragging Out Time

The fraud drags your time to fill their pockets.  Be weary if you feel the reader is “unsure” of a situation.  The true reader instantly recognizes the symbolic meanings interpreted.


#6 Best Tarot Readings Act As Mental Therapy

Real tarot readers are more like spiritual guides for your future mental and emotional well-being.  They decipher the symbols and provide insight which surround every area of your life. 

But like good therapy, sometimes you won’t need it anymore.  Ask your tarot reader if “Is this a lifetime thing?” if they reassure you yes, then you got a red flag.


#7 Anyone Can Unlock Their Psychic Intuition Through Study Of Tarot Symbolism 

Yes!  A well-respected Swiss psychiatrist/psychoanalyst Carl Jung states:

“They are psychological images, symbols with which one plays, as the unconscious seems to play with its contents.  Combine in certain ways, and the different combinations correspond to the playful development of mankind.” The images—the hanged man, the tower, the sun—“are sort of archetypal ideas, of a differentiated nature.”

Ask your psychic reader “Can anyone be a psychic tarot reader?”.  If they claim no, you know the deal.


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