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How Do Psychics Work?

How Do Psychics Work

Are psychics any different from you?

Imagine you’re in Egypt climbing at the pyramid do psychics work

Each level higher represents a deeper state of consciousness.

Some people inherit psychic gifts.

But non-gifted people like you worked up from the base bottom.

Psychic treasures dwell within dark caves of our minds.

Meditation, chanting, spiritual fasting are concentration help dig up buried treasures of psychic gems!

Are you aware the mind is a 2-sided coin of psychic consciousness?

Granted frauds exist in every profession, 10 Red Flags To Spot In Testing The Credibility of a Psychic.

How Do Psychics Work: Secret Behind All Psychic Abilities.

how do psychics workYour consciousness mind is dual 2-sided coin with 3 aspects.  2 opposing sides with the middle connecting the 2 The conscious, subconscious, and the middle

Which side contains psychic energy?  The subconscious is crucial on how psychics work.

Accessing the subconscious while conscious is a CRUCIAL step on how psychics work!

The combination of the conscious + subconscious + use of Will(desire) unlocks psychic powers.

In dreams you’re in slight control over your actions and events right?

Unless you’re lucid in a dream.

Lucid dreaming (simplest form of psychic ability) is realizing you’re dreaming while

inside your dream!  20% of the world experiences lucid dreaming.

In your mid brain you’ll discover the spirit GLAND responsible for psychic phenomena!

Which brain gland unlocks treasures of your psychic mind?

how do psychics work

The Pineal gland. A masculine gland to its spiritual feminine counterpart, the Pituitary gland(2-sided gland).

Both glands are key to psychic powers but we’ll stick with the pineal.  The pineal is better known.

The only singular gland in the mid brain with no left or right hemisphere counterparts!

Remember the psychic boy seeing dead people in the film “The 6th Sense” with Bruce Willis?

The pineal is the 6th (ESP) Extra Sensory Perception sense organ to your additional 5(ears, eyes,skin…).

The pineal gland’s job titles:

  • Controls circadian sleep cycle
  • Out Of Body Experience(Astral Projection)
  • Dreams
  • Precognition (seeing future events)
  • Aura sensing
  • Pineal’s nick names:
  • 3rd eye
  • seat of clairvoyance
  • eye of Ra [or Heru]
  • seat of the soul
  • eye of the soul(probably more accurate)

Divination tools such as the tarot help stimulate this gland – Secrets Of The Ancient Tarot Cards You Have No Clue On

The spirit molecule: DMT(DiMethylTraptamine) is a divine ingredient in the pineal gland.

DMT is an active biochemical neurotransmitter during psychic activity.

DMT mediates the pivotal experiences of deep meditation, psychosis, and near-death experiences.” DMT how do psychics work

Dr. Rick Strassman is a mad scientist compiled with concrete experiments on the pineal gland on which how psychics work.

He goes on by saying…

As we die, the life-force leaves the body through the pineal gland, releasing another flood of this psychedelic spirit molecule(DMT).

how do psychics workThe known universe is a reflection of our own mental and emotional conscious constructs.

From one of the most intelligently known German psychiatrist/philosopher states this…

Man is the microcosm of the macrocosm ; the God on earth is built on the pattern of the God in nature” – Carl Jung


How Do Psychics Work: Ancient Secret About The Pineal Gland Hidden In Plain Sight.  

A few ancient sages and philosophers the potency of the pineal gland’s psycho-spiritual energy.  Secrets Of The Ancient Tarot Cards You Have No Clue On

“in every man, there is an Eye of the soul which….is far more precious than ten thousand bodily eyes, for by it alone is the truth seen….The Eye of the soul….is alone naturally adapted to be resuscitated and excited by mathematical disciplines.” Plato, Republic

The ancients called referred the pineal as the third eye of psychic visions in relation to your 2 eyes.  how do psychics work

The knowledge on the pineal gland traces back to ancient religions!

Pineal’s etymology: “It takes its name from its pine-cone shape.”  No wonder why we celebrate the Pine Tree during X-Mas.

The Catholic Pope holding a “pine-cone” engraved staff!

A coincidence? Maybe, maybe not…

A Buddha statue with a “pine cone” head.

how do psychics workThe pine cone is a mysterious symbolic emblem representing the pineal gland. Symbolism throughout historical art, architecture, and ancient pictoglyphs.

Here’s a list school of ancient cultures with symbolic representations of the pineal gland.

  • Egyptians
  • Babylonian – Sumerians
  • Christian Gnosticism
  • Romans

Those who access and wield knowledge have power!  Many speculations on why the ancient mystics hide this knowledge.  Fear of getting it into the wrong hands?

How Do Psychics Work: Ancient Divination Tools And Their Symbolic Religious Connection.

Divination is the interpreting of symbols giving insights to future knowledge.

A method of tapping into the wisdom of the subconscious from a modern psychological view.

Divination tools main purpose is for soul transformation!  Not only for fortune telling.

Can these psychic tools predict the future?

Not 100% entirely.  The future is not set in motion.  The tarot can see the probable future by the patterns of your current circumstances.

Free will and unforeseen circumstances have their play in life.

Say your friends make plans to go out Friday night.  You know what the “plans” are for your near future.

Always a chance you may or not go free-willingly.

Remember, divination reveals the highest PROBABLE event likely to act out.

Unless free will gets invovled and changes the game by knowing your set paths paved before you.

A road map of multiple roads leading to a destination.

Here’s a fact that MOST people have no clue about…

Did you know religious stories have their root origin in some of these tools of divination?

The most popular tool for fortune telling contains the symbolism Old Testament of the Bible, The Tarot cards!

Tarot tells a magical story of symbolism and allegories of eternal consciousness of creation.  Biblical stories are not literal.   Secrets Of The Ancient Tarot Cards You Have No Clue On

how do psychics workThe cards contains images, all symbolic to their meaning.  The cards represents multiple levels of psychological-matter consciousness.

Each unique with geometrical, astrological, and numerical significance!

The Word Torah itself contains root etymology from Tarot cards.

Look at the 2nd tarot card of the high priestess holding the scrolls of scripture.  The words “Tora” and the “H” hidden behind the veil.

Notice she’s holding a scripture in her lap.  Her outfit even suggests she’s a nun or a priestess of sorts.

How does this NOT get any more spiritual?  Another coincidence…

Where’s the energy that psychics tap into come from?

The Fabric Of Reality.

The Akashic Field is a field of mental and emotional mind energy.  A canvas for creation to the sub-atomic and molecular world.

A field of informational events of the past, present and future.

Not only physical but spiritual matter as well.  ALL levels of manifestations.

Light and sound vibrating at different levels of frequencies(visible colors, xrays, radiowaves, UV rays).

Creation paints a picture on the ever-pervading Akashic canvas field.  The birth of the stars, galaxies, human life sprouts from the canvas.

The spark that jump starts atoms and drive them to form, bonding to form molecules.

Nikola Tesla was one of the most brilliant physicist/electrical engineer to ever exist in the past several centuries.

He stated this about the Akasha.

The Akasha or luminiferous ether – which is acted upon by the life-giving Prana or creative force, calling into existence, in never ending cycles, all things and phenomena.” – Nikola Tesla


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