About Us

About Us

What Is Beyond Enigma About Exactly?

Beyond Enigma is a dedicated esoteric website that indulges in the mysteries of the true ancient mystical teachings. Beyond’s passions lie teachings such as hermetic sciences, mystical yoga, occult magick, sacred geometry, metaphysics, and more esoteric knowledge

Who Runs Beyond Enigma?

Amir Latefi is a Long time practitioner of the mystical arts.  He’s been on a journey for over 13 years of learning, researching, practicing and going through hell just to break the shell out of his limited conditioned mind.  Still on his journey he continues to grow along with like minded people he connected with.  He’s engulfed by the flames of passionate spiritual desire.  35 years old, and he has a killer right wink!

How Long Has Beyond Enigma Been Around For?

Beyond enigma started out in 2015